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6G will be introduced by 2030 by the Indian government

The Indian government is setting its sights on the future of wireless connectivity with its plans to introduce 6G by the year 2030. 

This announcement was recently made by officials at the Ministry of Communications, who are working on a roadmap for the development and rollout of the technology.

While 5G technology is still in the process of being implemented in India, the government is already thinking ahead to the next stage of wireless connectivity. 

6G is expected to offer even faster speeds and lower latency than its predecessor, with the potential to enable new applications and services that are not yet possible with 5G.

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According to a report by Live Mint, the Indian government is aiming to have 6G available for commercial use by 2030, although the rollout will likely be gradual and will depend on the availability of the necessary infrastructure and technology.

The development of 6G is expected to require significant investment in research and development, as well as in the deployment of new infrastructure such as satellite networks and fiber-optic cables. 

The government will also need to work closely with telecom companies and other stakeholders to ensure that the technology is deployed in a way that is both effective and equitable.

While the introduction of 6G is still several years away, the Indian government’s commitment to investing in the next generation of wireless technology is a promising sign for the country’s future development and growth.

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According to the Indian government, they are the first ones in the whole world who are planning to carry out 6G services this soon as the remaining countries are busy refining their 5G structures only. It has been cited that 6G will be 1000x faster than 5G.

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