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How to Create Amazon Seller Account without GST Number

Would you like to know how to create Amazon seller account without GST number? In this blog post, we are going to inform you about that.

In India, the GST (Goods and Services Tax) has become a critical aspect of online selling.

It has a tremendous impact on the way businesses price their products and report their profits.

However, what if you want to sell on Amazon but do not have a GST number?

Fortunately, in certain cases, you can understand how to create Amazon Seller Account without GST number.

This blog post will explain how.

Why You Might Want to Learn How to Create an Amazon Seller Account without GST Number

There could be numerous reasons for you to learn how to create an Amazon Seller Account without GST.

Perhaps you’re a small business that isn’t required to register for GST, or you’re an individual who wants to sell used items or handmade crafts that fall under non-taxable items.

In any case, it’s crucial to recognize that Amazon does allow individuals and merchants to sell without GST under specific conditions.

Steps on How to Create an Amazon Seller Account without GST

The provision to open a seller account without a GST number is subject to certain terms and conditions.

This concession is primarily given to those who sell items that are GST-exempt in nature. Books and some handicrafts are examples of such items.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to opening a seller account without GST:

* Open the Official Amazon Seller Homepage.

* Click on ‘Start Selling’.

* Fill in the required details.

* When filling in details for the ‘Tax Details’ step, select ‘Individual’ in the ‘Tax classification’ option.

* For the ‘GST Details’ section, select the checkbox stating, ‘I have ‘GST Exemption’.

Complete the remaining steps as prompted by Amazon and submit your registration for review.

Alternatives to Consider

If the goods you wish to sell don’t fall under non-taxable items, you might find creating an Amazon seller account without a GST temporarily limiting.

However, you can always broaden your horizons by seeking out GST-exempt products, which can be a great alternative.

Insights and Tips

Knowing how to create Amazon seller account without GST number shouldn’t be seen as a way to evade the tax system, but rather a valid option for those selling non-taxable goods.

Seamless online selling involves adhering to local business laws and ethical practices.

Success in this process comes from meticulous planning and understanding of what you are selling.

Be clear about whether the goods are subject to GST, and always be ready to embrace changes and updates to the tax system and e-commerce policies.


We hope after reading this blog post, you have aware of the reality of How to create Amazon Seller Account without GST number.

Starting your journey as an Amazon seller without a GST doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

By offering GST-exempt items on the platform, you can still take part in the e-commerce boom.

Make sure you adhere to all directives and guidelines to make your business activities as ethical and as lawful as possible.

Keep researching, keep learning, and start selling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I sell any product on Amazon without GST?

Answer: No, only GST-exempt goods like books or certain handicrafts can be sold without GST on Amazon.

Question: Can I shift to taxable goods after starting with non-taxable goods on Amazon?

Answer: Yes, but you will need a GST number to do so, as Amazon requires GST registration for selling taxable goods.

Question: Is it possible to get a GST number after starting as a non-GST seller on Amazon?

Answer: Yes, you can acquire a GST number and update your Amazon seller account information on the platform accordingly.

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