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Meta Launches a New Assistant Meta AI across India, Built With Llama 3

Meta has finally launched its advanced AI assistant, Meta AI on various platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. This update is specifically for Indian Users. 

The news was announced on June 23, and Meta AI aims to enhance user experience by assisting in various tasks like learning, creativity, and communication. 

The new assistant is built with Llama 3 technology to improve performance and capabilities.

Meta AI New Update

What Can Meta AI Do?

Meta AI debuts in India with English language support to offer powerful generative AI-enabled capabilities for search, assistance, and information retrieval. The new assistant called Meta AI is designed to help users with a variety of functions and tasks:

  • Task Assistance: Meta AI can offer restaurant recommendations, travel suggestions, and event planning help within messaging platforms or group chats.
  • Educational Support: The Meta AI can generate study materials, such as multiple-choice tests to help you in exam preparations and competitions.
  • Creative Tools: One of the unique and notable features is ‘Imagine’ which is a text-to-generator tool that allows users to create visual content based on text descriptions for tasks like designing mood boards or party invitations.
  • Social Media Integration: Users can easily interact with Meta AI to obtain additional information about posts they find interesting while browsing content.
  • Animation and Collaboration: The AI can animate static images and facilitate collaborative editing of image prompts.

This integration of new features aims to streamline user experiences without requiring additional app installation or subscription fees which sets it apart from its competitors like Google Gemini and Microsoft Capilot.

Context and Comparison

This Meta launch of the new assistant comes among the wave of AI advancements in India. Recently, Google also introduced its AI chatbot Gemini in nine Indian languages, and Indian company OLA launched Krutrim which is a family of large language models that helps to cater to the local population.

Ryan Cairns, Meta’s VP of Engineering, highlighted the Meta AI assistant’s seamless integration within existing apps, emphasizing its accessibility and cost-free use. He also said that during the beta testing, educational inquiries emerged as a popular use case that underscores the AI’s utility beyond basic tasks.

Meta’s Fundamental AI Research Team known as FAIR also released five new AI models last week including image-to-text and text-to-music generation, as well as a technique for detecting AI-generated speech.

Rollout and Availability

Meta AI was first unveiled at the Connect conference in September 2023 and initially introduced in many countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. After successful testing phases, it was piloted with select users in India in April but the full-scale deployment was delayed possibly due to the Lok Sabha elections.

Now the Meta AI assistance is fully operational across multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram in India that integrates real-time search functionalities powered by Bing and Google.

Users can gather information directly from their Facebook feeds or engage in interactive queries. While Meta AI is available on these platforms, the standalone Meta AI website (Meta.AI) is currently inaccessible to users in India.

In Conclusion,

Meta is very enthusiastic about the new assistant Meta AI about the potential impact of this technology on users and their daily experiences. The company is looking forward to how it will shape interactions and productivity in this modern digital landscape of AI technology.

For those who are interested and keen to explore how Meta AI can transform their digital interactions, now is the time to dive into this innovative tool and experience the future of AI-powered assistance.

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