Anchor Text Signal Suggestions Brought by Google Patent Update

Google Display Network

There was one post about an enhancement to anchor text for inbound links when I was surfing over the internet. The inbound links instead of using the anchor text itself use the surrounding text. There is a huge involvement of this term if it has been in use. (learn more about Anchor text with best […]

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The Best Way to Improve Your Domain Authority

the best way to improve your domain authority

People who use websites naturally wants their website or domain should have good domain authority score. Like any metric, Domain Authority could be also altered and misused too in a wrong context or way.   The Reason Behind Increasing Your Domain Authority   This could sound like a weird question for someone who must be […]

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The Comments Upvotes and Downvotes are been Tested by Facebook

Upvotes and Downvotes Comment

Hopefully, users will soon see the upvoting and downvoting on comments over Facebook. As Facebook recently has been seen spotting the testing for users to upvote and downvote in comments.   The test made by Facebook right now is only limited to the Android application. As usual, this is common when any tests in this […]

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Google My Business to Let Businesses add Short Names and Short URLs

Google My Business

A new feature is coming for the Google My Business users which will let you create a short name and short URL for your businesses. This will help Google MY Business users in making their business profile reach in a greater way to potential customers. (Learn digital marketing with best digital marketing course in Noida) […]

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Is Link Building Not in Picture Anymore?

Link Building

There is no second thought about link building was hurt by the leftover and remains of black hat tactics which included link farms, paid link schemes, hidden links, and spammy content. But soon after the introduction of Google’s Penguin algorithm updates in 2012 for keeping a check on these tactics and then the focus was […]

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Google My Business Suggests Positive Reviews to be Shared as Posts

Google My Business2

A new feature is soon launching by Google My Business which would help business owners to showcase positive reviews. Google My Business would now automatically suggest positive reviews to you which you could share as customer testimonials via Google Posts. (How to work with Google My Business? learn best digital marketing course in Noida)   […]

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Top 7 Benefits Of Joining Digital Marketing Course In Gurgaon

Advantages of doing Digital Marketing Course

The persons who are even a little in touch with the latest happening around the world should be knowing about the demand for the digital marketing course or digital marketing course in Gurgaon and the persons having the skills of digital marketing. The market related to digital marketing is booming and the business and brands […]

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Video Advertisers gets Facebook Premium Ad Offering

Video Advertising

Facebook Premium Ad is coming out with Showcase named program which is a premium ad program giving advertisers to target the highest quality videos. The Ads which would be put by the feature of Showcase would be shown up in Facebook Watch, which is hosting the Facebook top tier of original and publisher content. These […]

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Google Ads to Introduce ‘Recommended Columns’

Google Ads

Google Ads is revealing another “prescribed segments” include that will show commendable sections of information. Revealing segments will be prescribed to clients dependent on their crusade and record settings. As per Google, when a sponsor make changes to battle settings, it will prompt section proposals “For instance, on the off chance that you begin utilizing […]

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