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The new AI note-taking app from Google is here

Google has recently revealed a personalized AI-driven note-taking application called NotebookLM. 

The app aims to enhance learning efficiency and was initially announced as Project Tailwind during the Google I/O event in May. 

Currently an experimental product under Google Labs, NotebookLM utilizes a robust language model and is currently compatible with Google Docs, with support for additional formats to be added in the future. 

Currently, the app is only accessible to users in the United States, who can join a waiting list to gain access. 

Google describes NotebookLM as an innovative tool that leverages language models and existing content to provide valuable insights quickly. 

It serves as a virtual research assistant capable of summarizing information, explaining complex concepts, and creating new connections based on selected sources.

What makes NotebookLM different from other AI applications?

Google’s NotebookLM aims to address a significant issue faced by AI systems like ChatGPT and Bard known as ‘hallucination’, where a language model generates incorrect information and presents it as accurate. 

Google tackles this problem through ‘source-grounding’, a process that tailors the AI to your specific knowledge. 

By analyzing your notes and sources, the language model can provide answers. 

However, Google emphasizes the importance of verifying the AI’s responses with the original source material and advises against unquestioningly relying on the application.

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NotebookLM can do what?

NotebookLM by Google offers three primary functionalities to users:

Summarize and extract key information

By uploading a Google Doc to NotebookLM, users can generate a summary that includes essential topics and relevant questions.

Source-based questioning

Users have the ability to ask questions related to the content of their uploaded documents in NotebookLM. 

For instance, a biographer can upload research notes and inquire about the interactions between Houdini and Conan Doyle.

Idea generation

NotebookLM enables users to generate fresh ideas using their uploaded documents. 

For instance, a content creator can upload ideas for a new video and request the AI to generate a script based on those ideas.

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