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Top Social Media Influencers in India (2024)

Social Media Influencers in India are the people with knowledge, and style who are very popular among people and represent India globally. 

They are building content regularly that represents our culture, interests, social causes, fun, and many other important topics. 

Social media is a vibrant place and influencers in India use different social media platforms to emerge their voices, talents, and knowledge for the betterment of the world. 

These social media influencers use these platforms to influence consumer behavior, and people’s opinions, and become an identity with millions of followers . These niche-based followers can become a driving force to make a change in a particular industry and can have a lot of profit and amaze people.

Here’s a look at some of the top social media influencers in India who are making waves in this digital arena:

Top Indian Entertainment Influencers on Social Media

Top Indian Entertainment Influencers on Social Media

Entertainment is a field that is not an easy task when you are a social media influencer in India. You have to work hard and uniquely to make trends and engage the audience. These creators and influencers in our list have worked so hard to be on the top lists by giving a variety of content to the entertainment industry. Here’s a list of some of the top Indian Entertainment Influencers on Social Media:

1. Bhuvan Bam (@bhuvan.bam22)

Bhuvan is a YouTube sensation and entertainment influencer known for his channel ‘BB Ki Vines’. He is famous for his witty unique style of comedy, humorous content, and portraying multiple characters himself. He has a very good sense of comic timing and style which made him one of the most popular influencers in India.

2. Ashish Chanchlani (@ashishchanchlani)

He is a leading YouTuber and influencer, who is known for his channel ‘Ashish Chanchlani Vines’ and gained fame. He features his videos on comedy, social messages, humor, and fun that are loved by a vast audience. 

3. Prajakta Koli (@mostlysane) 

Prajakta Koli is a YouTuber, and Indian social media influencer who creates lifestyle, beauty, and comedy content for its audience. She is known by MostlySane and she posts videos on various topics, and situations that helped her gain a massive following across different social media platforms.

4. Amit Bhadana (@amitbhadana)

Amit Bhadana is a famous YouTuber who is known for his comedy and humorous videos that are loved by young ones. He creates videos that reflect Indian society and culture. Amit’s content connects with his audience and makes him a favorite among others.

5. Zakir Khan (@zakirkhan_208)

Zakir Khan is a stand-up comedian, writer, and social media influencer who has gained fame through his intelligent skills of storytelling and connecting directly with his audience. His content is mostly inspired by real-life experiences that help him to gain a loyal fan base.

6. Nikunj Lotia (@beyounick)

Nikunj known and popular as Be YouNick, is a YouTuber and social media influencer in India who creates funny and engaging videos. He makes videos on creative concepts and humor that provide him success in the entertainment space. 

7. Saloni Gaur (@salonayy)

Saloni is a comedian cum social media influencers who create funny, humorous and mimics videos on various topics like social issues and current affairs which makes her a popular figure in the influencing industry. Najma Aapi is her online persona which is loved by a lot of audiences.

Top Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers in India

Top Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers in India

These fashion influencers and lifestyle influencers have taken social media by storm with their charm and confidence and set trends for millions out there. Check our list:

1. Komal Pandey (@komalpandeyofficial)

She is a leading fashion influencer in India and is known for her bold and innovative style. Komal is mainly into fashion influencing and creating fashion tips and styling videos for her audience. She also has her fashion blog named ‘The College Couture’ which was started in 2015.

2. Aashna Shroff (@aashnashroff)

She is a leading blogger and influencer and is known for her blog ‘The Snob Journal’ to covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics. Aashna has an Instagram account where she shares her personal style, beauty routines, and travel experiences with her audience. The main attraction is her captivating videos.

3. Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl)

One of the popular fashion bloggers and Indian Lifestyle influencers is known as That Boho Girl.

She is influenced by her bohemian style and her content features mainly outfit ideas, travel stories, and beauty hacks for her young and trendy audience. 

4. Roshni Bhatia (@thechiquefactor)

She is popular for her Instagram handle The Chique Factor which celebrates her elegant fashion sense. She is an Indian Influencer who shares her styling tips, beauty advice, and lifestyle content that inspires her followers to embrace style and fashion with pure elegance.

5. Ankush Bahuguna (@ankushbahuguna)

He is the first Indian male beauty influencer who is known for his elegant beauty content, styling tips, and fashion sense. Ankush has a passion for writing, and creating content. He also shares comedy content on his Instagram and YouTube handles and is a professional actor.

6. Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

She is a fashion editor, content creator, and Indian Fashion Influencer who graduated from NIFT. Kusha is also famous for her youth-centric and high-society aunties comedy videos. Her social media accounts are garnered with multiple genres and she is famous for her impeccable comic timing and incredible fashion sense.

7. Siddharth Batra (@siddharth993batra)

He is an Indian fashion social media influencer who breaks the stereotypes with his bold and experimental style. He loved to wear quirky outfits and amaze people with grooming tips. Siddharth is known to encourage men to embrace fashion and beauty.

These beauty and lifestyle social media influencers of India have harnessed the power of various social media platforms to build their base of followers and connect with audiences and customers. They use these platforms to create impactful content to influence beauty and lifestyle trends to drive growth and conversions.

Top Food And Health Influencers of India

Top Food And Health Influencers of India

1. Karan Dua (Dil Se Foodie)

Karan has a strong follower base on Instagram and YouTube and is famous for his name Dil Se Foodie. Karan Dua shares various cooking tutorials, and street food videos on his channel and you can see his love for food through his videos. He also shares reviews of foods and also one of the most loved food influencers in India.

2. Ranveer Brar (@ranveer.brar)

In the food industry, everybody knows Ranveer Brar as he is a celebrity chef and influencer in India. He shares mixes of traditional and modern recipes and cooking tips on his channels. He also shares culinary stories and provides many instant tips and ideas on Instagram. His way of talking and sense of cooking is loved in every household in India. He made engaging content based on his expertise made him one of the best food influencers in India.

3. Kabita Singh (@kabitaskitchen)

She is an excellent cook and a treasure of various Indian recipes and tips. Kabita is known for her easy-to-follow recipes and provides great kitchen and culinary tips on her Instagram. You will fall in love with her simple cooking process videos. She has a warm personality makes engaging content as able to provide easy-to-follow content for complex recipes as well. She is very famous among food enthusiasts.

4. Luke Coutinho (@luke_coutinho)

Luke is a famous health influencer, lifestyle coach, and founder of the Luke Coutinho signature You Care Wellness Program. With his social media platforms, he shares a wealth of information on nutrition, fitness, and various diseases like (diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and some rare metabolic syndromes). Luke Coutinho is popular because of his lifestyle medicine and integrative medicines.

5. Sapna Vyas (@coachsapna)

Sapna Vyas is a fitness trainer and health influencer and has over 2M+ followers on Instagram. She shares motivational content on weight loss and offers many healthy living tips. She shares easy-to-follow fitness routines an also a celebrity fitness trainer and famous social media influencer in India.

6. Vivek Mittal (@fittubertips)

Vivek is famous as a Fit Tuber on Social Media and he is a fitness enthusiast in India. He shares fitness tips, and health-related videos on Instagram, and YouTube. Vivek is famous on the internet as he shares health videos on workout tips, product reviews, and various homemade recipes that are used in every Indian home. He has won many awards and recognitions as well.

7. Gaurav Taneja (@taneja.gaurav)

Gaurav is also known as Flying Beast and is very famous on social media platforms as a fitness influencer. He has a massive base of followers on multiple platforms and has a YouTube Channel named ‘Fit Muscle TV’. He is also a former AirAsia pilot, an IITian, and a Bodybuilder. Gaurav has had a very inspiring journey and become one of India’s top social media influencers because of his consistency and strength.


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