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Certain Ways How To Gain Your First 1,000 Instagram Followers?

Instagram is the best platform to earn money and grow your audience. Here are some of the important tips on how to gain your first 1,000 followers on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today with 2 billion active users per month. If you want to become famous on Instagram, gaining new followers is crucial.

More Followers, More Success!

To gain a new following can be challenging for an individual, small businesses. Without a brand, it’s tough to compete with other giants in the market. But, with the help of the right strategy, hard work, optimization, and consistency, any business can grow its audience.

When you come across different blogs or tips for how to grow your followers on Instagram. Mostly tricks work on the bigger accounts not on new accounts. It is very tough to complete the 1,000 followers milestone on your IG profile.

People pay less attention to the small Instagram accounts. But, with the help of hard work and smart strategies, any business or brand of any size can grow its audience on Instagram.

Getting engaging followers takes good time and a lot of effort. First 1,000 followers can be tricky but when you follow the right strategic techniques you can gain your Instagram followers easily.

Benefits of Growing Your Instagram Followers

In terms of branding and connection, Instagram is the #1 social media platform in the world. There are a lot of benefits to growing your Instagram followers:

  • Users can generate more sales
  • Reach a wider audience for potential customers
  • You can allow Brand Awareness
  • Become a source of Credibility

It’s not easy to get your free Instagram followers. But with the help of our How to Get Your First 1,000 Instagram Followers guide, you can get them the right way.

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Types of Instagram Followers

There are mainly three types of Instagram followers, and you should avoid the first two.

Fake Followers

Fake Instagram followers are generally fake accounts or bots to expand your follower count base. These types of followers do not interact with any activity. These are kind of dead followers that are of no use and give a very bad impression on the IG algorithm.

Ghost Followers

Inactive users of your IG profile are ‘ghost’ followers. Like Fake ones, they are not engaging with any of your content. They do not perform any role in your engagement metrics. You can clean your ghost followers from your account for good growth.

Organic Followers

Organic followers on Instagram are the active audience that plays a very significant role in the engagement of your profile. You should only focus on these authentic followers to give your account a good boost in terms of reach, followers, and engagement.

Organic IG followers are of three main categories. All three are important and you should pay attention to each of them.

  • Customers: These followers are the ones who have made purchases with you and want some updates and offers in the future. You should focus on offers and discounts for your products on IG regularly to reach new audiences as well.
  • Competitors: Your organic followers follow other accounts as well which can be your competitor brands or influencers. Before making any purchase with you they will do some research or compare other factors with the brand’s products. You should use quality content with specific hashtags to improve your visibility to be a part of this group of followers.
  • Influencers: You can reach to Micro or Nano Influencers in your niche to attract new people. They can lead to the right partnerships and sales increment.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram

These are some of the important tips for ‘How To Get More Followers on Instagram’:

  1. Make your account ‘Business Profile’.
  2. You should ‘Find Your Audience’.
  3. Choose the right theme
  4. Optimize your IG profile and Bio well
  5. Engage Your Followers More frequently
  6. Connect with friends & family to increase engagement
  7. Start a conversation
  8. Be consistent with your content
  9. Use proper hashtags
  10. Post your IG posts at the right time of the day
  11. Don’t follow for follow
  12. Link your social media everywhere
  13. Don’t spam
  14. Interact with users interested in your niche
  15. Go live
  16. Try Instagram Promotions or Sponsored Ads

If you are new to Instagram marketing, these tips can be challenging but if you follow these with consistency, they can provide you with good growth and audience.

Tips to Gain Your First 1,000 Instagram Followers

Reaching those first 1,000 followers on any social media network is one of the hardest parts. Let’s talk about ‘tips to gain your first 1,000 Instagram Followers’ in detail:

1.  Make Your IG account into ‘Business Profile’

With your personal profile, you can host your business page and there is nothing wrong with it. But with this, you are mission a lot of features offered by Business accounts on Instagram.

If you make your profile a Business one, you are allowed to access the audience insight which will help you understand your audience well. You can understand about demographics, region, and other important things about your followers.

You can use these insights to make new strategies for your IG account in the future.

2.  Find Your Audience

You should describe your profile as your ideal audience wants to see. Before starting your account, know about what your ideal customers look like and what they follow. This will give you an idea for your account.

For Example, if you’re a food vlogger, look for food-based accounts and food vloggers. This will provide you with the audience criteria. You should find those accounts and creators that post regularly and have high engagement on their posts.

You can comment on these accounts’ posts, follow their followers, or interact with them and get their attention to make a connection.

To gain your first 1,000 followers on Instagram, it is important to find the right audience. You should always check for the posts that perform better in your audience.

3.  Choose a theme

The first step is to have an Instagram account and the second one is to find the theme of your content. Make sure to choose the theme that suits your business or personality. Consistency on your theme is the key to increasing your first 1,000 Instagram Followers.

To post daily, you can not post your selfies, or holiday pictures on your Instagram Account because your followers may not want to see this type of content. If your account is related to cooking, yoga, exercises, or any other theme, users want to see the relevant content.

If I am following someone for cooking then I want to see great cooking recipes, not holiday pictures!

When you break the theme, you can notice a decrease in your follower count. Influencers can give this kind of content related to their life, as people want to know about their daily routine, life. They are famous and users follow them for a long time. This will not work with the new IG account.

Be consistent in your theme.

4.  Optimize your IG profile well

If you are in a race to get 1,000 new Instagram Followers, ensure your profile is fully optimized. This will help for credibility and clickability which directly helps in more ‘follow’.

How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile?

Make Your Instagram Bio Unique

When a new user comes to your profile, they will check your bio first and that is why it should be unique and fine-tuned. It should be related to your target audience and when the user relates with it, they will surely hit the ‘follow’ button. What are the main things you want to highlight, include them in your bio and make it count in just 150 characters.

Include a strong follow-up ‘call to action’ (hashtag, clickable, link, or contact info) for your audience.

Professional Profile Photo

For good interaction, use only high-quality, eye-catching professional photos. You can use high-quality brand logos as well. These images can describe your credibility and make a first good impression.


For credibility, allow users or visitors to click on your website. You should always mention your website in your bio to learn more about you.

Highlights, Reels, and Stories

Regularly make updates to your profile to engage with your audience. With different formats of interaction, engage with your audience.

These techniques are very effective in terms of gaining new followers.

5.  Connect with friends & family

If you are new to your IG or Instagram Business Account, you should always check your friends and family profiles already on the same platform. You can search for them with the help of your contact list. Follow your friends and family first and ask them to follow you.

Your friends and family should be your first followers. They will surely engage with your posts and provide you with good reach.

The first few hundred followers are mainly the trickiest part of growing on Instagram. So start by following your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and everyone you know.

6.  Engage with Your Followers Regularly

For good reach and engagement, you should frequently engage with your followers with interesting titles and captions. You should use the right hashtags in your posts as well.

Always engage with your followers and follow them as well. Like their content and leave some comments on their posts.

You should only make content that your followers want to see and popular with your audience. This can increase engagement rate which helps in better reach and get you new Instagram Followers.

7.  Start a conversation

When you know about your IG audience and your content, it’s time to take another step towards getting your first 1000 Instagram Followers.

You should have conversations with your followers to give them an idea about how your content is providing value in their lives. The best way to do that is by asking questions.

You can ask questions in your post or do polls in stories where people love to engage. Don’t think from the first day you will get a lot of engagement. Instagram takes a lot of effort and consistency. But in the end, you will succeed for sure.

You can also engage with other people and in most cases, that person starts following you and engages in your content also.

You can start the conversation by sending a good introduction message in their DM. These methods are time-consuming but can provide you with real connections.

8.  Be consistent with your content

Consistency is the key to success when you are trying to get success on any social media platform. You should always be consistent with your content by which there is a chance that your followers follow your content or posts daily.

Instagram algorithms control who sees your content and when that is why you have to be consistent as it offers you the chance to reach a wider audience than those who are not consistent.

You should post your content in reels, stories, photos, and others. Always check the quality of your content before sharing. Good quality content is important for good engagement which means it can get shared and reach new followers.

When your users see your content daily that means you are on your mind when they search for your services. Without consistency, if you do not go to your followers’ feeds daily then you may lose the proper connection with them.

People want to engage with those accounts and see posts that engage with people more frequently.

9.  Use proper hashtags

Hashtags are very important for your reels and photos on Instagram. They can help you find new people. With the right hashtags you can appear in search and other users may find you easily.

On every post, you can add up to 30 hashtags and relevant hashtags can be your success mantra. You should use hashtags related to your industry, topic, or business you want to relate to.

Research and find the best hashtags that suit your personality, business, and industry. Note them anywhere on your phone like messages, or notes. Use the combination of 10-12 hashtags in your posts regularly.

For our post, hashtags can be #instagramfollowers #instagram #socialmediamarketing #beconsistent

10.              Post your IG posts at the right time of day

Yes, there are some of the peak times of the day when you post, it gets high engagement. You should use this time to post your best content of the day.

In the morning from 7 AM to 9 AM,

In the early afternoon from 11 AM to 2 PM

In the Mid-evening from 5 PM to 7 PM.

Try posting during these times. These are the peak activity timing on Instagram when it has a high rush.

11.              Don’t follow for follow

You should use the tactics of follow/unfollow. There are many blogs are there that suggest following your competitor’s followers and they will follow you back and unfollow others who don’t follow you back techniques.

You should not do it, instead, you should put your time and efforts into making good quality relevant content for your followers. follow/unfollow methods cannot provide you success on Instagram.

You should be realistic and patient and keep going with your work. In any business, everything is not going to happen overnight or on the first day. Be consistent in engaging with your people, and build a collection of nice posts for your IG profile.

12.              Link your social media everywhere

Link your Instagram account everywhere. You can not know where you will get the opportunity in the future. You should be prepared for it.

This way makes it easier to find you from different platforms. You can add your IG account on YouTube. In the banner and posts on Facebook, you can give the path of your IG account.

If you have a blog or website, link your social media accounts to it or you can use extensions as well to show the current feed or recent posts.

You should let people know that you have an Instagram account.

13.              Don’t spam

You should link your social media everywhere but don’t spam for it. If you post on Facebook or Twitter anything with a link to her Instagram and skiing people to follow your profile every few hours.

A high chance is there that people find you irritating and unfollow you on Facebook or Twitter as well. Self-promotion is good, but be reasonable at the same time as it can have opposite effects too.

Use high-quality content. When people interact with you by themselves then approach them with self-promotion.

14.              Use the competition to get the target audience

It is great to get your audience from your competitors’ page. The audience of your competitor’s page is one there because of niche interest or market. They want to see that type of content on their feed.

Interact with them on your competitors’ page by connecting with them in the comments or by having a conversation. You can apply the same method to their follower’s profiles. Like their images, and comment on their pics to start a conversation. If you can convert these audiences to your account, they will be your long-lasting followers.

You can always ask your competitor for a healthy shoutout by connecting with them in Messenger. Many of your competitors may not reply to your DMs but those who can help you might be a great help to gain some new followers.

15.              Go live

It is one of the ways to interact with your audience. Going live provides you the platform to interact with your users directly who are interested. By this method, you can interact with them in-depth way and can get close to them to make them your potential followers.

You can use the live option to offer new updates or giveaways as well. Instagram Live is a great feature to have some new potential followers. You should use the live section well by making it more interesting by which new users are attracted.

Use all the features of Instagram in the right ways. This will surely help you in having your first 1,000 Instagram followers very soon.

16.              Try Instagram Promotions and Ads

To promote your Instagram and how to get your first 1,000 followers on Instagram, you can get started with Instagram Promotions and Ads. This feature will help you to reach your new audience by multiplying your reach. If you have the budget, promote your brand or profile among a new audience of similar interest.

Sponsored ads are a great way to reach new audiences and get potential followers as well. We have all followed many Instagram accounts after coming across sponsored ads of similar interest.


Q. What is the secret of getting more Instagram followers?

If you are in search of any secret potion for getting popular on Instagram, there aren’t any. For followers and engagement, you have to do hard work to gain them. Be consistent in your work and give the content that your users want to see enough to gain more followers.

Some of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram are:

  1. Use a high-quality account image.
  2. Know about your audience and theme.
  3. Optimize your Bio well.
  4. Relevant hashtags are very important.
  5. Engage with your community regularly
  6. Sponsored ads are always best.

Q. How to get 10,000 followers on Instagram?

If you become successful in getting your first 1,000 followers on Instagram, you can move forward toward the next goal of 10,000. It is not an easy task as according to the stats, only 15% of all users manage to get followers between 10,000 to 50,000.

Use all the similar techniques, you have used to get 1,000 Instagram followers but in the long run. Post relevant and engaging content as per the previous insights. Do not become spammy or desperate. Spice it up your content with different new evergreen content mixtures to have new followers.

Connect with the audience more often and provide offers to your customers.

Your 1,000 followers on Instagram is an achievement but to get 10,000 followers on Instagram is just something else.

Q. How does the Instagram Algorithm work?

The main three key factors of the Instagram Algorithm are:

  • The creator’s relationship with followers
  • Content relevancy
  • Content consistency

These three points are the main factors of the algorithm but not all the factors. There are a lot of other factors that also work. To understand the entire algorithm of Instagram, you need time and patience.

Q. How to post content that offers great engagement?

For good engagement, only strong captions are not enough, your posted content is equally as important. Instagram is a place where users want to see content that is good to the eyes, entertaining, or business interest.

If you are in the race to get 1,000 followers on Instagram, you should always encourage your existing potential followers. These are some of the different types of content and caption ideas that help you get more Instagram Followers:

  • Offer-based posts
  • Question-based posts
  • Funny stories
  • Instagram Live
  • Tag-a-friend posts
  • Suggestion-based Posts
  • Ask me anything (AMA) posts
  • Host Any Contest
  • Behind-the-scenes posts and reels
  • Post on the theme ‘before and after’
  • Follow trends of Instagram

Q. What are the right ways to get on the top search results?

If you are on Instagram’s top search result, it is the Jackpot. Instagram Algorithms need proper attention and time to invest. But there are some ways by which you can get on the top search results on Instagram.

  • Post at the right time: With the help of an Instagram Business Account, check the insights and find at what time most of the followers are online and give you good engagement. If you don’t have a business account, look at all your posts check which ones get proper engagement, and work accordingly. In your Business Account, if you find a trend in time, use that time to post the most relevant content of yours.
  • High-quality images are the aces to get on the top search results page of Instagram.
  • Relevant hashtags related to your niche: Use relevant and not-so-popular hashtags for your content. If you use the most popular hashtag in your content, it will become very hard to get on the top search results.
  • Tag people or brands: When you post any image or reel, you should tag other people or brands if they are in your images. It will push them a notification about the recent post, and open the opportunity to engage with your post or reshare it too.
  • Maintain good relationships with big accounts: if you don’t have any relationship with any big account, make some and start interacting with them. Maintaining a good and healthy relationship is a great way to increase your reach. When these accounts with the top no. of followers engage with your posts or content, there are more chances to get to the top on the search results page on Instagram.

Conclusion on How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Instagram

Always remember, that building a successful Instagram presence or brand takes a good amount of time, effort, dedication, and consistent work. You should focus on how to create valuable content for your Instagram feed. Always give time to engage with your audience in unique ways this will help you grow your IG account organically.

After doing all these techniques, wait for the algorithm to consider you as one of the right candidates for that particular niche or industry. Instagram will surely promote your reels and provide you with reach. This will help you build your community with strong followers to achieve sustainable success.

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