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Google My Business to Let Businesses add Short Names and Short URLs

A new feature is coming for the Google My Business users which will let you create a short name and short URL for your businesses. This will help Google MY Business users in making their business profile reach in a greater way to potential customers. (Learn digital marketing with best digital marketing course in Noida)

Now Businesses could easily use these short URLs and short names on their business materials like cards, posters, brochures, etc, which would help their customers easily find the business and review it and also find the contact information, directions and much more about the business.

The format which would be provided for the URL is g.page/[yourcustomername] in which at least five characters is required for the name. Users will be taken to the Google Business listings in Google Maps when they navigate to the short URL.


  • What is a Short name in Google My Business?
  • How to get Google My Business short name?



What is a short name in Google My Business?


According to Google, a short name is a unique shorter name for your business that would be used for representing your business, brand, location or any other related description. As for example, you could use your business name along with your location, which could be your city or neighborhood and it was provided in the Google help document.


Short Name is for which Business


Any Google My Business verified users can create a short name or customized name according to their preference. But you must be aware of the fact that this feature is still rolling out and could not be accessible to all business accounts yet. (learn what is local SEO with digital marketing institute in Noida)


How to Get Google My Business Short Name?


The first thing which you will need to do is to sign in to your page from your computer. Then you will need to select the location for which you want to create a short name. The left-hand side menu lets you click the info tab and then proceed to add a short name for the profile.


Google My Business2


This is the section from which you could start entering your short name is not less than five characters and not more than 32 characters. Your short name will show pending status after applying for it. When it is ready your short URL will show on your Profile. (learn steps to choose the best digital marketing course in Noida)


When doing it through the mobile, you will need to open the application and then select profile and then you will have to navigate to add profile short name. After saving the changes you made, the status of the short name will show pending till the time it is approved to display on your profile.

The bulk users will need to claim the short names and short URLs individual per listing.




Businesses use these profile for helping out their customers find them, and learn more about their business by reading their reviews. Next time you could easily direct your customers your short name and short URL, thus making it easier for your users to learn about you and leave reviews on your Google My Business page.


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