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Google Rolled Out 3 New Features to Strengthen Responsive Display Ads

Google is coming out with three new features which would provide help for responsive display ads which are designed for bettering the functionality and reporting capabilities.

Video Assets for Helping Responsive Display Ads

Responsive display ads before didn’t have the feature of incorporating video assets but with the latest feature which is rolled out by Google, video assets can now be added into the responsive display ads.

Google Rolled Out 3 New Features to Strengthen Responsive Display Ads

This new feature has further provided a newly expanded reach to better inventory for responsive ads.

With this feature, advertisers are getting the chance to select up to 5 videos from their YouTube Channel which they can use for displaying it in a responsive display ad.

The capability will be similar for both responsive display ads and responsive ads with video assets which would include scale ad creation, testing, and optimization.

Responsive Display Ads with Combinations Report

Google has now introduced a new combinations report which is for providing insights into the performance across different creative asset combinations.

Cpmbinations Reports

By the help of this new report, you will get to know your top performing asset combinations which are coming through your responsive ads.

The new report comes along with separate sections which are dedicated to various combinations purely based on images, text, dynamic feeds, and videos.

You will need to click View Ad details in the Ads table and then move to select the combinations to tab for accessing the combinations report in your Google Ads.

Ad Strength Scorecard for Responsive Ads

This new feature of Google will provide a scorecard for measuring how well your responsive display ads are set up before letting it go live.

Google Rolled Out 3 New Features to Strengthen Responsive Display Ads

The checkpoint of Google Scorecard will be an optimal number of unique headlines, images, and descriptions.

And it would also provide some further recommendations which could be known by clicking through the next steps which are provided in the scorecard.

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