Social Selling

Digital Marketing course describing how to effectively use your content for the selling online via social media. B2B prospecting is hard as ever, and a significant shortfall lies in the failure to understand B2B buyers’ mentalities. Buyers don’t like the idea of being sold to by a stranger, and they also don’t like buying online.

And that’s where content comes into effect. Sharing a piece of content that strikes a chord with your buyers can contribute greatly to the success of your social selling.

Content helps you builds build trust, credibility and engage with potential customers through social platforms in an approach known as social selling.

What content is more efficient?

There are many social media platforms and you need to choose the ones that will suit your business best. After choosing from those, start engaging and influencing customers.

From the B2B orientated platform LinkedIn to real-time networks like Twitter to visual platforms such as Instagram, the key to social selling is to know which channels provide the best opportunity to target your customers.

The type of content that you must use will depend on your audience, your niche and where
on which platform you are sharing it, but some to consider are:

  • Blogs and Articles
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Relevant news stories
  • Stats and facts

Given below are three amazing techniques to churn that effective content for B2B social selling:

1. Don’t Miss Out On the Call-to-Action Button

Often, a call-to-action (CTA) is overlooked but putting a CTA button at the end of your content is an effective B2B content strategy.

Content with no call-to-action may earn you clicks but will not help you generate leads. It is only going to leave your visitors wondering what comes after that which might turn off your potential customers. So, figure out how you can use CTA.

2. Humanizing Your Content

Step into the shoes of a buyer for once and see if you like the idea of talking to a bot? This brings us to the third point on our list and that is humanizing your content.

B2B buyers do not like communicating with sellers corporate social media or promoted ads on social platforms. Think on how to get people to carry on these messages and take the next steps that will delight your B2B buyers. This will in turn earn you meetings and sales funnel progression.

3. Cut Out Unrelated Angles

Do not go above and beyond to confuse your customers. Instead, invest time in figuring out what your buyers can relate to and once you identify it, you have found out how to keep your customers engaged. So, simply roll forward.

So, work with your team to build a great content strategy that will help your potential customers relate to it and you can generate revenue from it.