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Meta Inc. is working on a new feature that will improve its users’ video-calling experience 

WhatsApp, the leading messaging platform, is set to revolutionize the video-calling experience with the introduction of a new screen-sharing feature.

This latest addition aims to enhance communication among users by allowing them to share their screens during video calls, fostering real-time visual collaboration and interaction.

The new screen-sharing feature on WhatsApp enables users to seamlessly share their smartphone screens with friends, family, or colleagues while on a video call. 

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Whether it’s to showcase important documents, provide step-by-step instructions, or simply share moments from a favorite video, the feature provides a dynamic and interactive medium for virtual conversations.

By integrating screen sharing into its video calling functionality, WhatsApp addresses the increasing need for efficient remote communication and collaboration. 

The feature is expected to be particularly beneficial for businesses, educational institutions, and remote teams, as it enables users to provide visual demonstrations, conduct presentations, or offer remote support effortlessly.

To activate the screen-sharing feature, users can simply initiate a video call with their contact and then select the screen-sharing option from the call toolbar. 

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Once selected, the user’s screen will be shared in real-time with the call participants, creating an engaging and interactive experience.

Users can choose to share their entire screen or specific applications, giving them the flexibility to display only what they intend to share while maintaining the confidentiality of other information on their device.

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