Will Digital Marketing Ever Rule the World?

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What is the future of Digital Marketing? or Is Digital Marketing ever going to rule the world? This is a query that we constantly receive in our emails. As the Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing is the number one organization in the digital marketing education sector, people from all walks of life who want to test their hands doing digital marketing, rely on us to answer this question. The reason we believe they think of this question statement maybe is due to the massive trend of digital marketing that is occurring currently. You see there is a massive trend in implementing digital marketing strategies going on, not just in India but around the world. 

The execution of digital marketing strategies is at its peak and day by day companies are hiring more and more digital marketing executives and specialists so that they could bring ideas together and help the company attract customers to their products and services digitally.

This is the same level of the trend that occurred in the early 1990s with engineering. 

During that time, companies were on the lookout to hire engineers of several types and there was a scarcity of engineers in the Indian market. 

During the 1990s, the trend went on well, and a growing number of people did B.Tech and became engineers to fill the shortage of engineers. 

Digital Marketing

But after the early 2000s, things took an opposite turn, a large number of engineers were being produced by Indian colleges and universities, and there were fewer opportunities available for young graduates to score as the dearth of engineers has already been filled.

Now, people who were evident of this thing, think that something same is going to happen in the digital marketing industry. 

They believe that at current times, it is popular but in the future, it might lose its importance.

What also could be the situation is that they are thinking about making a future in digital marketing. 

Still, they are skeptical about whether a digital marketing future would be bright. 

If you are also one of those people who are doubtful about the future of digital marketing then this blog post is for you only. 

After reading this blog post, your doubts about the future of digital marketing will be cleared.

What’d your future in digital marketing be like? Is it ever going to rule the world?

Well, we would like you to answer this question. 

Have you noticed that everything in the world is going digital? 

The special person that a doctor used to hire just 8-10 years back to book appointments for his patients is not that much required anymore because of online appointment applications like ‘Practo’. 

Digital Marketing

Even on the government side, to get our Voter ID card or PAN Card made, earlier we had no options but to stand in long queues for multiple hours but nowadays as everything has gone digital, we apply for that sitting in the comfort of our homes and get them in hand without even moving out once. 

The reason we are telling you this is to let you know that the more things are going to move digital, the more the digital marketing industry is going to thrive and the more bright your future in digital marketing would be. 

Additionally, while the digital marketing future is certainly bright, simultaneously, the digital marketing course that helps us to learn digital marketing is also around three months, so you have got nothing to lose. 

Digital Marketing is constantly changing, which brings us to the point that it is not the whole digital marketing industry that is going to rule the world but the future trends in digital marketing that are going to.

Digital Marketing Future Trends that will Rule the World

Here are digital marketing future trends you should know about if you are serious about making a future in digital marketing.

Personalized Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Future Trend No.1

Personalized Digital Marketing is something that very few people consider doing. Not because it is ineffective but because it takes an enormous amount of hard work for the person who is doing it.

Personalized Digital Marketing means giving personal attention to the person who is reading your piece of marketing content, by people here we mean your target audience.

Being personalized means knowing your audience in and out completely. 

Digital Marketing

Every human being in this world seeks attention from others and if your business will recognize this and give the utmost attention to people in the first place, you will win the customers before your competitors, that’s for sure. 

This requires you as a digital marketer to visit every place online where your target audience hangs out. 

In general and specific forums, questions and answers platforms, Facebook groups, etc. 

It needs you to put a lot of deep work in place to know your audience intimately. 

This is the reason why so many people decide to not do it because of the effort one needs to put in. 

But if you want to become an efficient digital marketer, especially in the upcoming times, you need to put the effort. 

There is no need for you to worry, once you will start seeing the results, you will enjoy doing it.

Voice Search | Digital Marketing Future Trend No. 2

The second digital marketing future trend is something that people neglected when it was launched by Google in May 2012. 

They thought it is there just for a temporary basis and people are going to forget about it after a brief time. But what happened was the opposite of what has been expected. 

Google voice search is now contributing to one-third of all the searches that are being made online. 

Digital Marketing

It has created a huge impact. The majority of people that it has impacted are those living in rural areas of India, the villagers.

The villagers who were earlier hesitant to even use a smartphone as they didn’t know how to type, now could search for whatever they wanted by using their voice. 

The trend for Voice Search will continue to rise in the future. Voice search will contribute a lot to the future of digital marketing.

Video Advertising | Digital Marketing Future Trend No. 3

Videos are way too popular in today’s times. The person who visits YouTube to watch one video ends up watching 5 videos back to back.

Because generally, in a written piece of content we get information that adds value to our lives. (By the way, just to let you know, consuming written pieces of content is by far the best way to acquire in-depth knowledge) 

But through videos, you not only get information but also entertainment which is called infotainment.

People love watching videos because it does not make them do much hard work to consume information. They get it seamlessly, also while multitasking. 

Because of people’s love for videos, there is a huge rise in video advertising and it will continue to grow like this. 

If you are thinking of making a future in digital marketing, then you need to consider putting much emphasis on video advertising.


The future of digital marketing is vast as analyzed and predicted by many marketing specialists in the world. 

And now let’s come to the question of whether digital marketing will ever rule the world or not.

The one-word answer to that question would be “Yes”, it will. 

But we here, don’t mean it will be the only top industry in the world. 

As we know, not just one but a handful of industries rock in the marketplace at the same time.

Like at current times, the two rocking industries are Digital Marketing and Data Science

In the digital marketing industry as well, there will be huge outgoings and some shortcomings but there is one thing that we can assure you of, the Digital Marketing Industry is never going to lose its importance.

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