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5 Tips On How To Be A Good Copywriter?

There are a few skills that are easy to learn but quite difficult to master. Copywriting is one of those skills. Copywriters are silent rainmakers that get paid handsomely because of their ability to sell through their written words.
Well, we all have seen regular copywriters making average income everywhere but there are really very few copywriters in the marketplace who are good at what they do. In this article, I’m going to share with you 5 tips on how to be a good copywriter. Make sure to not skip reading any.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a form of content writing that persuades people to take some sort of action. The action could be anything. For eg:- To download the free book’s PDF, to sign up for our newsletter, to click on the link given in YouTube’s description box. 

The primary purpose of copywriting is to derive action. 

Can copywriting be learned?

Well, the real & honest answer to that is ‘YES’. It can be learned. Copywriting is a learnable skill that can surely be acquired by anyone, no matter at which stage of his career he is present. 

Following are the 5 tips worth knowing about “How To Be A Good Copywriter”?

Here are the 5 tips you can follow to become an exceptionally great copywriter:

  1. Start Reading Books – Yeah you can acquire copywriting-related knowledge by reading articles written on the subject & by watching YouTube videos too but by doing that, you will just become one of the other regular copywriters who we have got no shortage in the marketplace. There are plenty of them already available.

    In order to be outstandingly great, you’ll have to read a few copywriting books.So, start reading books on the subject of Copywriting.

    Numerous great books have been written on Copywriting that is still a must-read today. One of them is Ogilvy On Advertising. By reading such books, you will get to know about the mindset of a copywriter. About how he thinks while writing, how he perceives his readers, & so on.
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    The other fascinating reads on copywriting are – Breakthrough advertising, Scientific advertising, Great Leads, How to write a copy that sells, Cashvertising, etc. We can use chatGPT AI tool to write amazing content ideas.
  2. Start hand copying successful sales letters – This is by far the best activity to spend your time on in order to become a champion copywriter. I don’t know why people underestimate this activity so much.

If you will hand copy successful sales letters previously written by acknowledged copywriters of their time even for just one month continuously, you will be far ahead of 90% of the copywriters selling their services in the marketplace.

Of course, you will get bored hand copying tedious sales messages every day but eventually, before long, you will start to think like a great copywriter (Like the one whose words you were copying out) & that’s what your ultimate aim should be in your journey to become a good copywriter.

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You can find successful sales letters to hand copy here at swiped.co, which is a great website for copywriters & marketers to get inspired.

  1. Start writing – Well, you’ve obtained enough knowledge. Now is the time to actually write a copy. For some time, put your laptop away from you and pick up a pen & a piece of paper.

    You practiced copywriting by hand-copying sales letters on paper. So, it would be good if you start off first by writing a sales page for an imaginary XYZ company using pen and paper.

    Write daily, and compare your copy to the sales letters you were hand-copying earlier. The time you’ll feel like “Yeah, I’m slightly better”, at that time you can consider typing instead of writing. Till that time, don’t even think of it.
  2. Make a portfolio – Include the advertising copies that you have written so far in a portfolio. Make your portfolio easy to skim by the prospects.

    The easiest and most effective way to develop a portfolio is through Google docs. If you don’t know how to make a portfolio using google docs, make sure you watch this video.
  3. Start scoring gigs – You have successfully completed the above-mentioned steps. Now, the time has come to score gigs & earn some money.

    There are many ways to score gigs. There are multiple freelancing platforms out there like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru.com, Fiverr, people per hour, & many more.

    List your copywriting services on any of these platforms and find people who are looking for those services that you are offering. Once you find them, send them a personalized text telling them how you can help them.
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    By getting personal & not seeming robotic-like many of the freelancers out there who just copy and paste the same text to the inboxes of employers, you will stand out from the crowd. Thus, increasing your chances to get hired.

    Now, the gig scoring process could be a little hectic for you in the beginning because you will see multiple freelancers bidding on the same job where you have applied but as soon you’ll progress, this won’t be much of a trouble as you already have spent a ton of time doing the same and bidding & scoring will come out as an interesting part for you now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a degree in order to get started as a copywriter?

The answer to that question is NO. Copywriting is a skill & it should not be treated as a typical job for which you need a degree.

Do copywriters get paid well?

We all know one of the highest income earners in the world are closers (if they are good at what they do). Copywriters are no different than closers. The thing is that they sell through written words. So, yeah as a copywriter there is a very high chance you’ll get paid very well.

Tip To Remember

The reason you’re bidding on those freelancing platforms is that you have to sharpen your skill to sell your high-ticket services. 

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Make sure that your goal in mind is to get out of the platform as soon as possible & would be to start your own service-based business.

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