Social media is included in the digital marketing courses which are important for new businesses and marketers. It offers so much potential but it also has pitfalls. There is no right way to use social media; on the contrary, there is a wrong way. Whether the blame falls on the company for posting the wrong creative that is not engaging or the audiences for commenting, there is plenty of room for negativity here.

Fortunately, even when you make mistakes, there are ways to make it up to your readers. Whether it’s a post going wrong or leaving a customer question unanswered, you can always bounce back.

The best way to avoid blunders and create a successful campaign is to know what not to do. Discussed below are some of the examples of social media fails that could cost you a lot:

1. Forgetting to Edit

Would you ever publish an eBook without proofreading and editing? So why send a tweet or post creative on social media without doing the same?

Everything your brand posts to social media becomes a part of your digital marketing footprint. Even content you delete hangs around your consumer memories for a long time. Miscommunication or misleading information can change your brand image.

2. Putting Your Post In One Social Media Platform

Many digital marketers assume that the best place for posting videos and creative is Facebook. The trouble with limiting yourself to Facebook, despite its popularity is you will miss out on connections. Different social media platforms are designed to meet the requirements of a specific audience. Just as your business has a target, so does Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp. LinkedIn, for example, is for professionals and B2B marketing. Rather than followers and subscribers, your network with connections for professional reasons and don’t display
leisure activities as you do on Instagram and Facebook which draws a younger crowd.

The best way to overcome this problem is by branching out. You don’t need to have an account on every platform but you must choose 4-5 social media platforms and post regularly for engaging customers. You must also interact with customers whenever possible.

3. Marketing Without A Strategy

As a business plan outlines your goals and becomes the roadmap for success, likewise a social media strategy does pretty much the same. It doesn’t matter how great your content is if your audience is not interested in reading those creative.
Some of the things which your strategy should include are:
 Content schedule
 The target audience for each platform you use
 Communication tactics
 Time invested
 Metric tool management

4. Ignoring Negative Feedback

One of the worst mistakes a digital marketer can make is ignoring their customer concerns. Negative feedback brings the experiences of your customers to your attention and ignoring those feedbacks can bring your brand image down. When a consumer has a problem with your product or service, an apology should be made. Not all companies have 100% money-back guarantees, but they should all guarantee common courtesy at least. Be honest with your customers and if possible, offer recompense where necessary.

All these tricks and tips can be learned easily by joining a digital marketing course where you will be taught in-depth about what social media exactly is and how to handle it like any other marketing tool. It requires a strategy and confidence in the driver's seat. Create successful social media campaigns and avoid failure with a digital marketing course from DIDM.

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