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Top Famous Indian Bloggers with Highest Earnings in 2024

Famous Indian Bloggers: Blogging offers you a platform where you can express yourself easily with the help of your expertise, knowledge, or experience. It offers you a free hand and you can write anything you want which you want to read your user. 

Blogging is an art and you need to master it with experience.

Blogging is a rich platform that is widely used in the world to earn money and earning through blogging is immense if you have a successful blog. 

If you believe, there are now over 600 million blogs in the world and these blogs generate around 7.5 million blog posts each day, it’s kind of amazing right? If you are searching for the country with the highest number of bloggers in the world, it’s the United States. 

In India, there are 6.7 million people who post blogs on blogging sites, and 12 million blogging with the help of social media as per the research of SerpWatch. India has a great place in blogging and offers great knowledge to its users.

Blogging is also best for those who are searching for platforms to work from home to earn money. 

Now, let’s dive deep and cover the topic of how to become a successful blogger and what is the future of blogging in India.

How to Become a Successful Blogger in India?

How to become a successful blogger

When you want to become a successful blogger in India, check what niche you have expertise in and what is your target audience. If you find the perfect niche for you the next step is to know your target audience, and walla you have found the perfect blog for you. As these two things are the most important and then it’s time for some other things which we are discussing here:

Create High-Quality User Understandable Content: 

When you find your niche, it’s time to create some high-quality content for your audience. You should write your heart out in your content which connects with your users and provide the answers as per the interests and requirements. 

In India, people are emotional, and professional as well. That is why, do your good research and make the content as per the emotions that can satisfy your reader for their questions. User understandability is very necessary when it comes to blogging in India

Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines:

Optimize your blog as per the search engine rules and regulations. Search engine optimization is the technique of digital marketing that is used to optimize the blog for search engines. Blogging success is totally dependent upon the optimization part if your blog is not listed on search engines it will not reach your target audience whether you have written high-quality content or not.

Engage With Your Audience:

Yes, it is very important to engage with your audience. You should write engaging headlines and content for your audience that captivate their attention. Always use clear calls to action by which users know what they are signing up for. Always engage with your customers in a friendly manner whether it’s on your post or ads. Make them your loyal followers or customers.

Blogs can be very great for your business. Blogs impact on the sales of business and can be very beneficial for your audience.

Stick to the Consistency:

When you are in the field of blogging, it is very important to maintain proper consistency as it builds trust among your audience. It also provides the search engines and algorithms that you are developing new content on a regular basis.

Blog Monetization:

When you are in the blogging business, you want to earn money from blogging as well. There are many monetization platforms available for websites and blogs. Adsense is one of the most popular monetization platforms for bloggers to earn money. You can also earn money with the help of Affiliate Marketing.

These are some of the important practices you should follow when you want to become a successful Indian Blogger with a Good Income. 

Top Richest Indian Bloggers & The Popular Indian Blogs

Top Indian Bloggers and Popular Indian Blogs

Exploring India’s Best Blogging Titans

If you want to know about the Top Indian Bloggers in 2024, this list is made for you. These bloggers write in their chosen niches and make a huge money out of it. They build their content with great determination, and the right values and make one of the top-notch blogs that help their readers gain knowledge. 

Blogs can help you make multiple levels of earnings like other related websites, and affiliate marketing. We are giving you the idea of their real blogging earning which makes them one of the Richest Indian Bloggers with Popular Indian Blogs.

These are the top Indian Blogs and Bloggers You Must Follow:

Indian Number One Blogger

1. Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is one of the top Indian bloggers who is regarded as the father of Indian Blogging. He found a lot of success with his blog, Digital Inspiration a.k.a labnol.org.

He has expertise in technology and builds content to simplify complex concepts and give easy solutions to his followers. His tech blogs cover topics related to technology, tutorials, hacks, and how-to guides for tech enthusiasts and learners.

Amit Agarwal is an IIT graduate and has previously worked with Goldman Sachs. He quit his job to start his technology blog in 2004 and it turned out to be a huge success and started earning money from blogs in lakhs.

He is one of the top tech bloggers in India. A big share of the income in blogging comes from affiliate marketing, and as per the reports, he is one of the top Indian bloggers who comes in the category of earning about 20,00,000 INR to 30,00,000 per month.

Revenue of Labnol.org: The monthly revenue is about $40000 to $70000 (roughly 20 Lakhs). The yearly revenue is around 2 crore rupees.

Revenue share: Except digital inspiration blog, he earns money with his multiple plugins for Google, Mail, and other platforms. These popular tools are premium and make him the owner of millions of dollars. Crazy right?

      • Mail merge for Gmail

      • Email Sheets on Schedule

      • Google Drive Auditor

      • Gmail Address Extractor

      • Twitter Bots

      • Save Gmail to Google Drive

      • Google Form Notification

      • Document Studio

      • Email Studio for Gmail and many other

    He is a multi-millionaire in India with the best tech blog to provide the best technology solutions.

    2. Harsh Agrawal

    Harsh Agrawal has a blog named ShoutMeLoud that offers guidance related to monetization strategies and content optimization. 

    Harsh Agrawal started blogging in September 2008, and he is an engineer by profession. He said that he is an accidental blogger and with great dedication and effort he built a multi-millions blog that generates over 1.5 million visitors in a month.

    This blog is about technology blogging, freelancing for business, digital marketing, how-to guides for SEO, blogs, starting your blogs from scratch, and many more.

    The blog of Harsh Agrawal, an Indian Blogger, is research-based and provides information from many sources. He is a good speaker as well and got a chance to speak at various international conferences in Las Vegas, Slovenia, Milan, and others.

    He said the best thing about blogging is that if he had gone for the 9-6 job, he would be making only $40-$50k per year. But with the ShoutMeLoud, he is making $40-$50k per month.

    Revenue of ShoutMeLoud: As per the Adsense Income Report until Feb 2019, he has made over approx. 3.4 million INR. He has other sources of income as well like Affiliate Marketing, YouTube, and others.

    Revenue Share of Harsh Agrawal: He also shares reports regarding his YouTube videos, and affiliate marketing to describe his overall revenue share to guide young talents.

    He is making over $30000-$50000 per year with affiliate marketing.

    3. Pritam Nagrale

    Pritam Nagrale is an Indian Blogger has the blog name MoneyConnexion which has emerged as one of the top financial blogs of Indian Blogging. 

    He is an AI expert and Digital Entrepreneur. He started his affiliate marketing career in 2004 and started blogging in 2009 for people to know some extra income sources. But after many failed attempts he started his successful blogs MoneyConnexion and SureJob.

    He wrote content related to practical and actionable ways to make money online via blogging and affiliate marketing. 

    Pritam Nagrale is a founder of the digital marketing classroom training channel DMaticDigital as well. He mainly writes about AI, Digital Marketing, Blogging, How to Make Money Online, Financing, and many others.

    Revenue of MoneyConnexion: He has made more than 2 million US Dollars from blogging only as he receives over 2 M+ visitors on Moneyconnexion.

    Revenue of Pritam Nagrale: He is making money from multiple sources like Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube videos, and a Digital marketing agency. He has over 203k subscribers on his YouTube Channel and earns lakhs from affiliate marketing.

    4. Faisal Farooqui

    Faisal Farooqui is one of the prominent bloggers who is known for his great contribution to the online world. He developed a consumer review and rating website in the year 2000, MouthShut.Com, that offers consumer reviews in India. He finds immense popularity for his insightful articles that are built with engaging content. He writes on various topics and shares reviews, valuable information, tips, and other important topics that catch the attention of the audience.

    Faisal Farooqui has a unique way of writing with the help of deep research and understanding of the topic and provides something valuable to readers around the globe. His review website helps businesses to benefit by learning from customer feedback. This brings honesty in shopping and encourages people to speak up for what they believe in and what is not right.

    Revenue of MouthShut: He has made more than $20 million US Dollars from blogging only as he receives over 2 M+ visitors on MouthShut.Com.

    5. Shradha Sharma

    Shradha Sharma is the founder and CEO of the blog YourStroy.Com which is all about storytelling related to the stories of entrepreneurs. She started blogging about the entrepreneurial journey of startups and businesses in India in the year 2008. She was a journalist then with CNBC TV18 and started her own to make a difference in society.

    With the help of the YourStory platform, Shradha Sharma has created a space for aspiring entrepreneurs to share their stories and experiences with the largest audience. The vision behind the idea is to inspire the young generation. This platform played a very significant role in shaping the startup culture and ecosystem in India. Your story is one of the most trusted sources of inspiration and information for entrepreneurs and innovators.

    Revenue of YourStory: The annual revenue of Yourstory media is $6.93M in the year 2022. This is a very successful India blog that generates millions of revenue each year.

    6. Ankit Singla

    He is a Master Indian Blogger who created MasterBlogging which is one of the top Indian blogs related to blogging, how to make money with blogs, in-depth guides, and tutorials.

    He has great expertise in blogging and public speaking. He is one of the top missions to help people to build successful blogs to earn money. He built some of the best resources to help people with blogging and each guide will provide you with informative knowledge step by step.

    His Blog MasterBlogging with Ankit Singla is a combination of passion and expertise. He has great experience in digital marketing as well and shares great insights and blogging tips with SEO tactics in his blog. 

    He also shares different ways to earn money with the help of content. His blog is a valuable resource for new bloggers, guiding gaining success with online platforms.

    Revenue of Master Blogging: The monthly revenue is about $40000 to $60000.

    7. Ankur Warikoo

    Ankur Warikoo is a digital Entrepreneur based in India who has a place among top content creators. He is a bestselling author who offers digital courses online and serves as an educator. 

    He has been an entrepreneur since 2008 but creating content since 2005. He has over 10 Million followers across all popular social media platforms. He is the founder of Groupon Nearbuy and currently working on an educational startup.

    Ankur Warikoo’s blog represents all about entrepreneurship, investing, and mentorship. He is a great guide towards personal growth, entrepreneurship, and leadership. He inspires his readers to pursue their passions and follow the path of creating content. 

    He has a great authentic style of writing that connects audiences deeply and fosters a beautiful sense of connection with his community.

    Net Worth of Ankur Warikoo: Ankur Warikoo’s dedication has paid off with remarkable success, evident in his net worth of $15 million.

    8. Deepak Kanakraju

    Deepak is a famous blogger and he has been in the digital marketing industry since 2008. He has a successful blog named DigitalDeepak. He writes mainly about digital marketing and his blog is ranked as one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India.

    His blog teaches young entrepreneurs about digital marketing and he has a big name in online courses as well that equip marketers and entrepreneurs with top marketing techniques of the digital marketing world for having great growth.

    Deepak Kanakraju has a pragmatic approach and offers data-driven insights to everyone helps marketers a lot and earned him a dedicated following in this digital ecosystem. In today’s time, he also helps young entrepreneurs grow, launching, and monetizing podcasts.

    Revenue of Digital Deepak: At the current time, Deepak has a monthly revenue of over one crore which is around 100k USD. This revenue is combined from various digital products and services offered by him.

    9. Kulwant Nagi

    Kulwant Nagi is one of the prominent bloggers in India who launched his work in 2011 with SaaS Ultra. He is among India’s best-paid bloggers and offers knowledge related to digital marketing strategies. If you want to learn about SEO, Content Marketing, Professional Networking, and others. 

    He is an affiliate marketer, blogger, and international speaker who has a monthly income of roughly about 7,00,000 INR. If you want to learn about WordPress, Blogging, and money-making services from online platforms, you should follow Kulwant Nagi’s Blog. 

    Kulwant Nagi will help you make your blog better and how to make money out of it. He has been featured on Huffington Post, YourStory, ProBlogger, Neil Patel, and many others.

    Revenue: He has made over 7,00,000 INR per month.


    Q. Who are the top Indian Bloggers?

    India’s top Bloggers are:

        1. Amit Agrawal
        2. Harsh Agrawal
        3. Pritam Nagrale
        4. Faisal Farooqui
        5. Shradha Sharma
        6.  Ankit Singla
        7. Ankur Warikoo
        8. Deepak Kanakraju
        9. Kulwant Nagi

      Q. What are niches covered by Top Indian Bloggers?

      Indian bloggers are known for their deep writing skills and they covered every topic in detail. Most of the successful Indiab bloggers use niches like technology, finance, and entrepreneurship. Some other categories are business, entertainment, blogging, and other. If you want to start your blogging journey, you should consider these niches as well.

      Q. Is there any earning potential in the Indian Blogging Genre?

      Yes, there are a lot of earning possibilities when you choose the right approach with consistency. Blogging is all about the right content and consistency. If you follow the rules, you will also find success in Indian Blogging. There are a lot of high-paying niches available on which you can write about. With the help of applying your expertise in the content and giving high-quality content to your audience will provide you with reach and recognition. For blogging, it is important to understand some of the digital marketing concepts, you must focus on that area as well.

      Q. Why Indian Bloggers are so successful?

      The success is not dependent upon the country, it is dependent upon the quality you are providing. If your blogs have quality content by which your users find the answers they are searching for, your blog will definitely find the top rankings. You should focus on content quality and marketing strategies when you are doing blogging. If you follow these rules with consistency, you can have good reach and engagement.

      Q. Who is the successful Indian Number One Blogger?

      Amit Agrawal and Harsh Agrawal are very successful Indian number-one bloggers.


      Thats it!

      This is the list of top Indian Bloggers who are earning great with the help of blogging and they have created some of India’s Top Blogs and Websites. If you are a blogger, or who is interested in reading about technology, finance, and success, you should follow every blog that we’ve mentioned above. 

      They are normal people like us but with the help of high-quality writing style, and proper consistency they have become successful in their niches. You should focus on solving the intent of the search query about the user. If they find the answer they are looking for on your website. Your content automatically gains rankings in the search results. For that, you need to have good knowledge of blogging and digital marketing.

      If you want to learn about in-depth blogging, and how to become successful in blogging, and digital marketing, you should enroll in one of the top digital marketing institutes in Delhi, DIDM. DIDM has the top trainers and learning programs that cover advanced concepts related to blogging and its marketing. To contact us today, call us at 8800505151, or email us at info@didm.in.

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