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What is the future of Affiliate Marketing in India? 2024

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ideal sources of side income in India by which you can make a good income without doing much work. There is a great future for Affiliate marketing in India as you can work here as you want in the hours you like.

If you are into blogging, affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money as top-earning bloggers generate most of their income with affiliate products and services.

Leading e-commerce websites and apps become one of the highest paying affiliates in this digital marketing world. Big organizations and companies spend crores of rupees on marketing platforms to market their product or services with the help of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry with millions of affiliates worldwide and it is growing rapidly after years and years. Now, in recent years, Affiliates become very smart and trendy with advancements. There are many new technologies are there like hyper-targeted partnerships and interest-based recommendations.

If you want to check the popularity and future of affiliate marketing in terms of income, there are so many affiliates with whom you can work. ClickBank is one of the affiliate platforms that have paid around 5B dollars to its affiliates in the last 20 years.

It is the right time to start your career in the field of affiliate. The future of this marketing technique is very bright so are you ready to dive into it in detail?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing strategy that helps you earn rewards based on commissions that you earned by selling other websites’ products or services. You are called affiliates and you are responsible for driving traffic to your blog or website. Affiliates are also known as partners, or publishers who promote other’s products or businesses with the help of affiliate links.

Affiliates can be anyone whether a blogger, content creator, company, or other entities who can drive traffic to click on the links to purchase that generate a commission for the affiliates. You can say it is a mutually beneficial partnership between companies and affiliates to increase sales.

With affiliate marketing, everyone profits as the creator earns the commission, the brand increases its sales, and consumers get their product easily without searching.

Types of Affiliate Marketing in India

There are mainly three types of affiliate marketing used in India which you can check to earn money online.

1.   Unattached Affiliate Marketing:

As the name indicates, you mean affiliates don’t share any connection with the product or service that you want to promote. The affiliates are not experts and do not have any authority in the field they are affiliating. In this type of marketing, you promote any service or brand by applying the services of content marketing and social media promotions. This is one of the most uninvolved types of marketing.

2.   Related Affiliate Marketing:

You have the idea by the name as it shares a form of relationship between the product or service and affiliates. This type of marketing becomes successful only because of the relationship present between the affiliates and the product, or service.

In related affiliate marketing, you will get unique links for the service and be able to track sales with other important data with the help of any type of promotion. Here the affiliates already have a serious traffic base which helps them to generate sales with their affiliate links and present themselves as the authority.

3.   Involved Affiliate Marketing:

In involved affiliate marketing, the affiliates and the products or services share a deeper connection which helps them to promote it with expertise. Expertise helps the affiliate to share data based on their own experiences, and confidence. If you have used the product already, you can discuss it in detail which helps in generating sales confidently.

Expertise makes the affiliate a trusted source that makes the audience try the product once as the information is legit or seems like it. Since a reputed person is recommending the product or service it will directly affect the mentality of the customer. Here affiliates can be from consulting services, feedback, influencers, and reviewers.

Some other common types of Affiliate Marketing are:

4.   Service Affiliate Marketing:

Service-based affiliate marketing promotes services instead of products. The services are offered by advertisers to increase sales and generate leads. In this, you don’t promote any kind of physical products. Services can be software subscriptions, courses, hosting services, referrals, or consulting. In this kind, the commission will be released when consumers sign up for the services to make a purchase.

5.   Product Affiliate Marketing:

In this type of marketing, physical or online products are involved. This is one of the traditional forms of affiliate marketing as you will get paid with a commission after the sale of the product. Advertisers can sell the products with the help of blogs, videos, or any type of content creation by giving customers knowledge about it. By learning about the product, users can purchase with the help of an associated affiliate link that generates direct commissions that are added to the advertiser account.

6.   Lead Generation Affiliate Marketing:

In this type of affiliate marketing the advertiser or publisher is responsible for bringing the traffic to the website or landing pages where they can able to collect the information of the users. The main purpose of collecting the information is to connect with the users and convert them into customers by providing them with services and products that they like. The collected information can be in the form of email addresses or contact details.

7.   Influencer Affiliate Marketing:

Influencers are people who have a lot of followers on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Social media is a very powerful tool and when you have a strong audience based on this, you become powerful. Influencer marketing with affiliate marketing can offer great sales to the company.

When people like you as an influencer they want to become like you or want to use the products you like. That’s why they go to websites and apps to make purchases only because of you with discounts.

Your users love to buy things that you like by signing up and visiting the websites because they respect you and trust your opinions about the products and services. This is the power of influencer marketing when it is combined with affiliate marketing.

8.   PPC or Pay-per-click Affiliate Marketing:

In PPC affiliate marketing, you will get a commission based on individual clicks on the ads or banners that you have placed on your blog, or website for promotion. This type of marketing does not depend upon sales, it is all about getting new visitors and more traffic. This type of affiliate marketing is not common and not easily found.

When you are in the field of marketing you should focus on different types of affiliate marketing to choose what is best for you in terms of revenue and gains. Experimenting with different techniques to deliver the best for your audience to generate maximum value in terms of earnings is what affiliate marketing is all about.

What is the Future of Affiliate Marketing In India?

As the online world is evolving with new methodologies, affiliate marketing is also changing and evolving. This is one of the best platforms to earn more money and reach a new audience.

As the world of online shopping is evolving, affiliate marketing is becoming very popular. In recent years, the growth of affiliate marketing has been tremendous and more than 70% of people use the internet with their phone for shopping and accessing content.

The future of affiliate marketing in India for businesses of all types is very bright as they have a good chance to boost their visibility by reaching new audiences to promote their products, services, or brands. Businesses can drive sales with this marketing type and can earn good profits. You can check the statistics of the affiliate marketing plans with the help of insights.

These insights are very helpful in making significant digital marketing and affiliate marketing strategies. The affiliate marketing sector will be increased expected to $835 million by 2025 which is very huge, according to IAMAI.

It is the perfect time to begin your luck with affiliate marketing by knowing all about it. If you have a passion for this field and want to earn extra money, we can help you.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India?

When you join an affiliate program of any company or business, you become an affiliate. When you market the affiliated products or services on your blog, you become an affiliate marketer. It’s a very easy task until you find the one that suits you.

With the right platform, you can easily start affiliate marketing in India with no resources and money.

Many online businesses offer affiliate programs with many marketing tools like Amazon and Flipkart. You have to choose products from these websites to put on your website or blog for your readers to make some purchase that gives you your commission.

If you have good traffic on your website, you can earn good money with these affiliates. This type of marketing gives you the facility to earn money while you sleep or do some other work. When you have good traffic, you basically can earn 24*7.

To know how to get started with affiliating, use these ways:

  • A personal blog
  • Mobile app
  • Online review website
  • YouTube channel
  • Social media pages
  • Groups
  • Email Marketing
  • Videos

Affiliate Marketing Trends in India

Affiliate marketing is a method where you get a commission for every sale you have made with your audience with the given links. These unique links are important to know about the purchase and click data.

This type of marketing is available for everyone in India and it is very trendy. All of the big shopping websites like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, and many more offer their unique affiliate programs for interested people.

You can share the details of the products or services to your target audience to make a sale and you receive a commission when this commission hits a limited value, you will get your money in your account. These are some of the affiliate marketing trends in India right now:

1.  Virtual shopping

What is virtual shopping?

Virtual shopping means that you can shop and purchase products online by going to an offline retail store. This process is done with the help of different channels like video chat, live chat, or browsing. Virtual shopping can save a lot of time by avoiding crowds and that makes it popular.

The Virtual shopping section is growing in terms of affiliate marketing as many environments of virtual reality are unexplored and they are very big. But shopping giants, leveraging these environments in online shopping to make the experience better.

By becoming an affiliate marketer in India, you can earn profit whether you are an experienced or a newbie. You need a good strategy to reach potential customers to increase sales. The best part of this marketing is that it will not put you at risk if you are not able to make a sale as most of the affiliate programs are completely free.

When you have a good audience base, you should try different affiliate programs.

2.  Native Advertising

Another key trend of the future of affiliate marketing in India is Native advertising. To enhance user experience, blend visual and functional elements for the advertising. These are also less expensive than many other forms of advertising as the average CPC is 49.68 INR for desktop ads and 24.84 INR for mobile devices native ads.

You can also reduce these costs as they only show the average with the help of optimization. The main benefit of native advertising is that it will be reviewed by the content review teams manually which increases the chances of fewer ad rejections.

With diverse ad designs and landing page options, it is connected perfectly with affiliate marketing as well.

3.  Product Awareness

Awareness is when you know the product already. With this, you can convey familiarity and details to your target audience which helps in better conversions.

In the world of online shopping, there are a lot of customers who research a lot online before purchasing any product and they are in search of the best review website or influencers. For this, you can create content where you educate your audience about particular products and services.

You should use high-quality images, content, videos, or infographics for awareness. You should be consistent with your content for better promotion. To increase product awareness, try these:

  • Product reviews with compelling details
  • Comparisons of products
  • Video tutorials
  • High-quality infographics with proper details

The main thing about product awareness is to educate your audience about any particular product or service online.

4.  Influencer Marketing – Future of Affiliate Marketing In India

Today, influencer marketing is on the rise in India as customers want niche-specific information that fulfills their needs. Influencer marketing builds the trust between your customers which is very important for affiliate marketing.

Create content with your strengths and skills and find ways to communicate with your audience about the products with expert details. Your posts and media should reflect your quality as an influencer. With this, nano-influencers (500 to 10,000 followers) and micro-influencers (10,000 to 25,000 followers) build a loyal following that helps directly in affiliate marketing.

5.  AI and Automation

The affiliate marketing trend in India is using AI or Artificial Intelligence techniques to provide more convenience. AI is the future for all types of marketing and it will be a game changer if you want to increase your sales in less time and effort.

You can use AI and automation techniques to analyze the data for the campaigns in terms of demographics, age, keywords, and others. It will save you time and allow you to think about more sales ideas and business growth.

6.  Crypto and NFT

The future of affiliate marketing in India is connected with the cryptocurrency industry as well. This is one of the recent trends of affiliate marketing where you can promote different cryptocurrencies with different platforms to increase investors.

There are many cryptocurrency affiliate programs available that allow you to increase your income by selling digital currency and NFTs.

7.  Video content is in demand

It is a fact that 50% of online users use video content to look for any product or service before purchasing. People love to watch videos whether they are long or short which is why it is growing rapidly.

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for video content but other social media platforms also enhance the features of watching videos hassle-free. If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, learn to create high-quality videos.

YouTube gives you the platform to earn a lot of money. Many big bloggers use video content to increase their reach and audience. The average income of a youtuber in India is huge that is completely depends upon the demographics, content, and audience.

Videos with affiliate marketing programs are a great way to earn money as it is one of the latest affiliate marketing trends in India.

How does affiliate marketing work?

1. Affiliate Partners

Individuals, businesses, and companies who build websites or blogs to promote the services and products of other companies based on commission are called affiliates or affiliate partners. These commissions will be credited to you after reaching a fixed limit or per sale basis too. It depends upon the affiliate types. Affiliate partners can be any blogger, vlogger, influencer, website owner, content creator, or company.

2. Performance-based commission:

This type of affiliate gets their actual commission based on performance. It is calculated after a fixed criteria based on a commission structure. As an agency, blogger, or any content creator, you can sell the products of others on your website, and on the commission structure decided by the company, you will get the commission. The performance-based commission exists because the company or brand wants to pay you for measurable outcomes.

3. Multiple Objectives:

As an affiliate marketer, your goal should be to increase sales by having a large traffic on your website or blog. But there are other objectives are there for which you can have a large audience like website clicks, sign-ups, downloads, free trials, or social media engagement.

4. Cookie Tracking:

Every affiliate partner needs to work on unique affiliate links which helps them to track the sales and these links use cookies. Cookies contain a small code that can track user interaction. These cookies help to store the user interaction with the link if any user purchases with the link, it will be recorded. To determine commission, this tracking is very necessary.

Affiliate marketers are important for businesses or companies to increase sales and promote the product or services. It provides mutual benefits to both companies with high sales and affiliates with commissions.

What are the significance & benefits of affiliate marketing in India?

There are a lot of benefits of affiliate marketing are there in India for businesses, and individuals who want to grow in their careers and look for ways to earn more money.

1.  Cost-effective

You can join affiliate programs without investing any money, and businesses who use affiliate marketing do not need to spend money on campaigns which makes it very cost-effective. With these programs businesses of all types can reach a higher audience and higher sales.

2.  Higher Reach

Affiliate marketers use their blogs and other platforms to promote affiliate links for higher commissions. With this, the companies get higher reach and sales in exchange for some commission. This makes it beneficial for both of them.

3.  Targeted Promotion

All the products and services provided by the companies are niche-related which gives the opportunities for the affiliate marketers to target specific audiences. This targeted audience as per the niche of the product is more likely to be interested in your product or service.

4.  Easy Tracking

Every affiliate marketer needs to promote affiliate links that use cookies for promotion. These links make it easy for businesses to track every sale. Affiliates can also track these links to check which of their campaigns are working fine and effectively. You can use the insights for the betterment of your campaigns in the future.

5.  Brand Awareness

As affiliates are working continuously to reach larger audiences to promote products or services, it helps increase the company’s brand awareness. Most of the affiliates are content marketers and they know about all the important techniques to reach potential audiences on a large scale. This makes the brand automatically promoted.

6.  Return of Investment

Affiliate marketing can provide you with a better return on investment than any other techniques of online advertising. The whole structure of affiliating is dependent upon the commission base for which affiliates do hard work to convert into income. Businesses and affiliates both get rewards for this and can see rapid growth in profits and commissions.

7.  Reliability

As long as your affiliates are working in your favor by doing promotion, it is a very reliable and consistent source of income and advertising. It can increase your sales like no other online advertising method can.

Affiliate Marketing Income in India

If you want to know about affiliate marketing income in India, you will be amazed by the results. This field has an immense potential of earning and you can make in lakhs every month with this amazing marketing method in India.

Affiliate Marketing Income

AM is one of the smartest earning methods as it can give you the power to earn money while you are asleep. Yes, you read it right. Many popular affiliate programs in India give you opportunities to earn and discover money from every sale.

Many online stores offer you the opportunity to choose thousands of products to sell online and you can earn a commission for every sale. The sale commission is different on every category, and website.

There are a lot of E-commerce stores where affiliate marketers in India can choose products and sell through websites or blogs. These online stores provide different categories like books, clothes, holiday packages, medicines, electronic equipment, movie tickets, insurance, and many others.

You can earn money with these affiliates without having any experience. This is one of the best opportunities to earn money with affiliate programs for those who want to make some extra money by making a lot of extra effort.

As with the statistics given by Glassdoor, affiliate marketers can earn potential income and earnings in the field. The average earning an affiliate marketer can make is around 1,99,356 INR, and it can range from 1,80,000 INR to 3,32,000 INR to the highest.

Some of the most popular affiliate programs in India are

Amazon’s Affiliate program

Flipkart’s Affiliate program

Myntra Affiliate program

Ajio Affiliate program

Hostinger Affiliate program

Bluehost Affiliate program

ShareASale Affiliate program

Clickbank Affiliate program

BigRock Affiliate program

Reseller Club Affiliate Program and many other.

What is the Affiliate AI revolution?

The rise of artificial intelligence is a revolution for most of the strategies of digital marketing. It become insanely popular as it can do complex tasks very quickly and easily. AI is used in the commercial field as well to make everything easy like affiliate marketing.

There are many AI writing tools available like Jasper AI that help you create long-form content when it comes to promoting blogs for digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate AI can give boosts to online sale that saves time and effort as well. AI-based systems can help you create new growth strategies that can help you navigate the right measures for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Challenges of Affiliate Marketing in India

Affiliate marketing is a fruitful career but comes with some challenges as well.

  • Low commission rates sometimes give you a headache. Low commission rates are not good for generating consistent income without having a large audience. It needs a lot of volume to create sales for fruitful results.
  • Some niches are hard to promote as there is a lot of competition that makes it difficult to make any sales to earn money.
  • Without having a good audience base, this online advertising method can be very time-consuming to create content to promote.
  • There are many companies are there who are working with this online advertising method which makes it difficult sometimes to find legitimate partners.


Q. How to use clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing?

Clickfunnels allows you to sell your products online by driving traffic with lead generation funnels. Affiliate marketing can help you promote your click funnels with your audience with the help of email marketing, blogging, or video content.

Clickfunnel gives you a 30% recurring payout for signup and active accounts. Clickfunnel affiliate program offers great earning potential to those who have a consistent audience. If you want to sign up for clickfunnel, you can go to the website and get started.

Q. Is Affiliate Marketing a pyramid scheme?

No. It is not a pyramid scheme.

The pyramid scheme charges money for signing up the process and recruiting more members. These models focus on recruit-to-earn models.

Affiliate Marketing is a business model where you can earn commission by promoting and selling products after joining a free program. It is very transparent, cost-effective, and scalable, and can provide you with a low-risk high-income platform. It is very straightforward as well to provide you with the commission with every successful lead and sale.

When you reach a point for a fixed pointer, you can transfer the money into your account. With a good audience base, you can make this income consistent by updating your affiliate links with time by updating new products and services.

For every sale, you will get one one-time commission, not like MLM schemes. To make a good income, you need to have a new audience every time.

Q. What are the best niches for affiliate marketing in India?

If you are thinking about which affiliate marketing niches are best for earning, to answer that all niches are profitable but some can drive better results. As a beginner, you should focus on promoting online products that can deliver results in a short period.

When you grow your potential audience base, you can start with special niches that provide high commissions.

  1. Saas and Technology: The average commission can vary between 5% to 30%.
  2. Health and Wellness: It is a very wide market that will increase to 7 trillion USD by the year 2025.
  3. Education and E-learning: It will reach nearly 8 billion USD by 2027 and is considered one of the best niches for affiliate marketing in India.
  4. Travel: There are many affiliate products in the same niche like hotels, travel accessories, apparel, travel insurance, rentals, tour packages and many more give you a lot of opportunities as an affiliate marketer.
  5. Personal Finance: It is a very profitable marketing method, that offers you around 100, 500, and 1000 INR for each lead generation.
  6. Parenting and Childcare: The commission potential is between 10% to 40%.
  7. Beauty and Fashion: This niche has a very high earning potential.

Use these niches to make your blog or website to earn money with the help of the popular online marketing technique.

Q. Discuss Digital Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing.

Digital marketing is a type of marketing with a combination of several techniques used to sell and promote products online. It involves SEO, SMO, SMM, and many others. Here you can promote your product through various channels.

Affiliate marketing is a process of digital advertising where you promote products of other businesses in exchange for commission. You need relationship-building qualities for this to make sales.

Q. What is high-ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High-ticket affiliate marketing involves the promotion of products or services that have large payouts. This type of marketing is used generally by entrepreneurs to make high payouts with fewer sales. These high-ticket platforms can offer you more profits that can reach up to 4-5 figures.

High-ticket affiliate marketers can have commissions vary between 30% to 50% or even higher sometimes. You need to drive a lot of website traffic for many clicks and sales to earn money. Some of the high-ticket products are

  • Electronic appliances
  • Jewellery items
  • Expensive metals
  • Software and computer programs
  • Education programs


The Internet is growing rapidly which makes searching for quality content and the right services hard, which is why you need affiliate links from authoritative people. There’s a big and shining future ahead in the affiliate marketing field in India as more and more people are looking for affiliate partners and referral links.

In countries like India, it is growing very rapidly because of the increased mobile usage and online activities. If you are thinking of making a career in this field, this is the right time to become an affiliate marketer in India.

If you want to be a part of this field, make sure you have a strong online presence with a great website to help you reach a larger audience.

To learn all about affiliate marketing, you can join our digital marketing course. To join, dial +91 8800505151 today.

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