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Average Income of a YouTuber in India with 100k Subscribers

You are reading this piece of content and there are 90% chances that it could be due to two reasons. 

Either it’s due to the fact that you are so much interested in learning about other people’s income.

And second, it could be due to the reason because you also want to become a YouTuber and you want to know how much money will you be making after you end up having 100k subscribers. 

No matter what the reason is, you will know everything you need to know about the average income of a YouTuber in India with 100k subscribers. Ready? Let’s go.

What is the average income of a YouTuber in India with 100k subscribers?

Okay, so before we get started with telling you how much does a YouTuber earn in India with 100k subscribers, we would like to burst once misconception of yours.

There is nothing in the YouTube world such as earning as according to the subscribers.

YouTube earnings are not dependent on the number of subscribers, likes, comments, or anything like that.

YouTube earnings are wholly dependent on the amount of views you are getting and on the niche and industry you are working in.

So, if you want to know the YouTube earnings of a person who has earned 100k subscribers, we can assume that he also gotten 1 million views on his YouTube videos.

Taking that into consideration, on average, a YouTuber who has reached 1 million views on his YouTube channel earns the following.

A YouTube channel dedicated to roasting

A YouTube channel dedicated to tech-related stuff

Let’s start with those YouTube channels that are dedicated to providing their audience with roasting content. 

We are starting with this because every type of YouTube channel has a set of audience but roasting is a form of niche that has a wide range of audiences. 

The channels that are dedicated to uploading roasting videos have different set of audiences.

The fact that roasting videos are among the most popular ones in India can help you estimate this fact.

A person who has a roasting-related channel on YouTube, on an average earns between INR 20,000 – 30,000 in India.

A YouTube channel dedicated to food-related stuff

A youtube channel dedicated to food related stuff

India is a home to foodies and we all sometimes watch food recipes and other food-related stuff on YouTube. 

As we move on to the next category, we would like you to know about the earnings of a YouTube channel devoted to food.

A person who is dedicated to uploading food-related videos on YouTube, on an average earns between INR 8,000 – 12,000 in India.

A YouTube channel dedicated to music-related stuff

A youtube channel dedicated to music related stuff

Now let’s talk about the one thing that totally relieves us whenever we feel distressed. 

Our best companion, our best friend of all times, ‘Music’.

Music is something most of us can’t live without.

In earlier times, to store music we had to buy different sets of recorders, music albums, etc.

But in today’s age, our favorite music is just one click away.

We can listen to our favorite music as many times as we can on YouTube that too on a high-quality and for absolutely free.

And we do so. We just to go to the YouTube application whenever we feel the urge to listen to music.

A person who has a music-related channel on YouTube, on an average earns between INR 8,000 – 12,000 in India.

A YouTube channel dedicated to comedy

A youtube channel dedicated to comedy

Whenever we feel bored, we know where to go, on the comedy-related YouTube channels.

Just seeking some entertainment, we go to comedy-related YouTube channels to spend a little bit of time there and then end up spending hours in there, this happens to us all.

Comedy channels are one of the most popular in India.

And a person who is dedicated to uploading comedy stuff on YouTube, on an average earns between INR 24,000 – 32,000 in India.

A YouTube channel dedicated to gaming

A youtube channel dedicated to gaming

Gaming channels are one of those that get the most amount of results in the form of views, subscribers, and likes in a comparatively short period of time.

A person who is dedicated to uploading gaming videos on YouTube, on an average earns between INR 8,000 – 16,000 in India.

A YouTube channel dedicated to tech-related stuff

A youtube channel dedicated to tech related stuff

Tech-related YouTube channels get updated more frequently as compared to other types of channels and they never face any challenge related to content unavailability.

A YouTuber who uploads tech-related content on Youtube earns between INR 24,000 – 40,000 in India.

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Before you move forward on your journey to growing your YouTube channel to 100k subscribers, you should know these hard facts

In the beginning, you won’t receive any income

The harsh truth is, YouTube is not easy at all. 

If it would be easy and all it would take to succeed on YouTube was a great video camera and a superb mic then everyone around us would be a successful YouTuber.

YouTube is tough but you can beat its toughness by posting great high-quality videos on a constant basis.

Also, you need to keep this thing in mind that no matter how much informative your videos are or how great of a quality they possess, you are not going to earn even a single penny during the initial months.

It takes many of the YouTubers at least one year to fully monetize their channel. 

However, those who are exceptional like those who upload a lot of videos constantly that too of a high quality get able to monetize their channel in as less as six months.

As your YouTube channel grows, it will continue to grow

Although it takes several months and sometimes years to start earning from YouTube but be noted that once you start to earn, the income will be unstoppable.

Then the money will come like wind. 

Obviously, people then become aware about your channel, and they start to see many of your videos. 

They like and comment on your videos and also share your channel with various other people.

And once your YouTube channel grows even to the slightest extent, it continues to grow like that and your YouTube earnings as well.

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What are some of the factors that contribute to a YouTuber’s income?

The number of views 

Even if a YouTuber has fewer subscribers than another, they can still make more money if their videos get more views. This is because YouTube rewards creators with a larger cut of advertising revenue when their videos are successful.

The country they live in 

YouTube advertising rates vary from country to country. So, a YouTuber who lives in a country with high advertising rates will automatically earn more than one who lives in a country with lower rates.

The type of content they create 

Some types of content are simply more valuable to advertisers than others. For example, beauty videos tend to have high advertising rates because beauty brands are willing to pay a lot to reach their target audience.

Their audience demographics 

Advertisers are also willing to pay more to reach certain demographics, like teenagers or women aged 18-34. So, a YouTuber whose audience falls into one of these groups can expect to earn more than others.

What can YouTubers in India with 100k subscribers do to increase their income?

YouTubers in India with 100k subscribers have the potential to make a lot of money from their channel. 

To maximize their income, there are several strategies they can employ. 

First, they should make sure that their videos are optimized for monetization. 

This means including relevant keywords in their titles and descriptions, as well as making sure that the videos are engaging and interesting. 

Secondly, they should take advantage of YouTube’s monetization opportunities such as Adsense, Super Chat, and Merchandise. 

Finally, they should look for opportunities to collaborate with other YouTubers or companies in order to gain more exposure and potentially increase their income.

With these strategies, YouTubers in India with 100k subscribers can maximize their earnings and get the most out of their channel.

Tips to grow your YouTube channel to 100k subscribers

Here are some of the best tips to grow your YouTube channel to 100k subscribers.

Be consistent with your YouTube videos

The best thing you can do to grow your YouTube subscribers to 100k is posting videos regularly and consistently.

YouTube’s algorithm has been designed in such a way that if you will post your videos regularly, surely you will see YouTube promoting you immensely.

Because when you post regular videos, it seems to YouTube that you are serious enough about your stuff and also are deeply knowledgeable about it.

So, the platform itself starts to promote your videos organically.

Take Advantage of YouTube Shorts

The lately arrived feature of YouTube called YouTube Shorts is such a great thing that you can take a good advantage of.

In the first point, we talked about being consistent.

The good news is, YouTube shorts can help you remain consistent because the duration of a YouTube short video is 1-minute and it is not so hard for anyone who makes YouTube videos to create a 1-minute YouTube video.

Additionally, even if you will upload short 1-minute videos consistently, YouTube will start considering it positively and you will surely see a rise in your growth.

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Keep in touch with your existing subscribers

One thing to keep in mind for all the YouTubers out there is, “you never have to consider the likes, comments, and views that you get in your videos like likes, comments, and views only”.

Are you getting the point?

Behind every single like and comment you get on your video, there is an actual person sitting out there who is doing it.

They are engaging with you and it is your responsibility to engage with them back.

What you need to do is that, you need to like as many comments as you are getting and give replies to the most of them.

Because you currently have less than 100k subscribers, it is suggested that you give replies to each and everyone of them.

This will develop your relations with your audiences and they will be much more leaned towards sharing your video to others. 

And that will result in the growth of your channel.

You must promote, promote, and promote

Growing a YouTube channel to 100k subscribers requires a lot of hard work and dedication, as well as an effective marketing strategy. 

The most important element is promotion. You need to make sure that your videos are visible to as many people as possible.

This means using social media to promote your channel, as well as engaging with other content creators in your niche. 

You can also use YouTube ads to reach a wider audience. 

Additionally, you should be mindful of optimizing your videos for YouTube’s search algorithm, as this will help more viewers find your content. 

Lastly, you should be active in the YouTube community by commenting on other videos and interacting with viewers.

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As we are on the end of this article, we would like to inform you of one more thing about YouTube earnings. 

When we initially think of starting a YouTube channel, the first thing we think about is earning from adsense only. 

Although, the thing to note here is that adsense is just one part of the YouTube income and there are other ways as well. 

Ways like affiliate marketing and paid promotion. 

You can promote someone else’s products by giving a link to those products in your YouTube videos’ description box which is called affiliate marketing. 

And you can promote other people’s products in your YouTube video and get paid for it, this is called paid promotion. (Generally, if you reach around 100k YouTube subscribers, companies reach out to you for paid promotions. The more you grow, the more companies reach out to you.)

YouTubers generally earn more from affiliate marketing and paid promotion than they earn from adsense on their YouTube videos. 

You should not just guess how much you will earn once you have 100k subscribers with adsense since you don’t know how much you will earn with affiliate marketing or paid promotion.

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