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X Will be the New Name of Twitter

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, recently announced his plans to rebrand the popular social media platform and bid farewell to its iconic blue bird logo. 

In a tweet, Musk hinted at replacing the logo with something that reflects his fondness for the letter “X,” which is his all-time favorite symbol. 

He even stated that if a suitable “X” logo is posted, the change will be implemented worldwide the following day.

The rebranding includes not only the logo change but also a shift in terminology. Musk mentioned that the traditional “tweet” will be renamed to an “X.” This decision aligns with his vision of creating an “X everything app,” similar to China’s WeChat, where various services, including mobile payments and social media, are integrated under one umbrella.

Musk’s obsession with the letter “X” is no secret. He acquired Twitter last year for a staggering $44 billion and merged it into a new entity called X Corp. When asked by a Twitter user if the platform’s users would be called “Xers,” Musk responded that they would have no specific name, further emphasizing the mysterious allure of the letter “X.”

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The tech mogul’s ultimate goal with this rebranding is to transform Twitter into a multifaceted app that offers a wide range of services, making it a one-stop shop for users. However, some users expressed curiosity about the upcoming changes, prompting Musk to address their queries and shed light on his vision for the future of Twitter.

Although Musk’s tweets displayed a sense of humor and light-heartedness, it was evident that he was serious about his commitment to the rebranding. He has consistently referred to the new venture as “X,” and his past tweets have hinted at his intentions to create the “X everything app” by acquiring Twitter.

Furthermore, when welcoming the new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, in April, Musk made it clear that he was eager to work with her to turn the platform into the comprehensive “X, the everything app.”

Despite the changes, Musk has not revealed specific details about the new logo or the timeline for the rebranding. Nonetheless, the anticipation among users is high, as they eagerly await the launch of the revamped platform.

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