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Amazon Vine 2024 – All You Need To Know About This Amazon Program

When you are in the online market to sell your products, you need to explore several new and legitimate ways to get product reviews. Positive Customer reviews about the products play a very significant role in marketing the product to be successful.

Customer feedback helps to build trust among audiences and works as social proof for the customers. It indicates that the product is worth purchasing.

The Amazon Vine program was launched in 2007 and the Vine members are selected by the Amazon reviewer base only. These vine members are also called Vine Voices.

The products that have positive reviews and ratings, get good recognition than the ones that have bad ratings. Ratings signify the reliability of the products and help the customers understand the product’s best features and strong points.

According to Amazon, products with Vine reviews can boost sales by 30% and it’s huge for those who are new in product-selling.

What is Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program launched by Amazon where the Amazon reviewer base selects the best reviewers to be Vine Voices. Vine Voices has the authority to order free items and share their experiences with other Amazon customers. These experiences will help the customers to make an informed purchasing decision.

Amazon Vine incentive program offers benefits to both the seller and the reviewer.

In 2016, Amazon changed its review policy where sellers could offer free products or products with large discounts to exchange positive reviews. But now, sellers are not allowed to do this as it becomes hard to get early reviews.

Amazon only invites those customers to the Vine Program who have achieved a reviewer rank based on their previous quality reviews on various products which is helpful for Amazon customers. These reviews can be good or bad which helps the customers to make a suitable decision.

How Amazon Vine Works?

When Amazon reviewer base chose you as the Amazon Vine Voice, thousands of brands who sell their products with the Amazon platform shipped their products as per your requests on your door. These products shipped at no cost for you to provide insightful reviews by using the product with honest opinions. The opinions are based on features and quality that reflect unbiased opinions.

The reviews offered by Amazon Vine members are the same as the other people’s reviews and are shown in the same review section. They are labeled with the special badge ‘Customer Reviews of Vine Free Products’ to distinguish the Vine review and offer complete transparency.

Is Amazon Vine Legit?


Vine Voices are the members selected by Amazon’s team who are reputed reviewers already. The program doesn’t allow anybody to be enrolled to do not compromise with the quality. It is based on an invitation-only facility, and Vine Voices needs to review the product within 30 days of receiving the product.

The product you requested to review is shipped to you for free and after receiving it, you have to write a review whether it is positive or negative. The review is based on quality only and it should be genuine to help customers.

How to Become Vine Voices and Product Tester

There is no way to directly enroll for the Amazon Vine Program as a Vine Voice because you should be invited to join. If you are a reviewer in a category, you need to wait to get invited to the program.

To choose you as Vine Voice, Amazon’s reviewer base check your profile and history of product reviews posted by you. If you have a level of expertise in a particular product category, then you can be selected as Voice. There is nothing mentioned about how many reviews you need to post expertise in.

If you are a reviewer, focus on high-quality reviews rather than quantity. Your honest and genuine reviews become helpful for other customers and help you to be in sight of Amazon’s reviewer base.

Benefits of becoming Amazon Vine as a reviewer

If you join the Amazon Vine Program as a reviewer, you have these benefits:

  • Get access to exclusive products to try to give reviews. These new products are not available to general Amazon customers.
  • Enjoy free products without worrying about returning them. The catch is that you need to provide a review in exchange for them. From July 2015, you need to pay tax if your received product value exceeds the amount of $600. There is no tax on foods, cosmetics, supplements, and some other items.

Eligibility criteria to become Vine Voices

Here are some tips to become eligible as Amazon Vine Voices.

  • Write high-quality reviews and feedback. Your detailed and informative feedback helps the other customers to know about quality and functions. You should focus on honest reviews unbiased. Do not use derogatory remarks or any kind of promotional language in reviews. Be honest and original.
  • Be the first and the best true reviewer. Ensure the quality that draws the attention of Amazon customers.
  • Focus on providing good-quality images, and videos. Check for grammatical and spelling errors always before submitting your review.
  • Be active on the Amazon platform. If you regularly post reviews about products in particular categories helps you to become an Amazon Vine Voice. Participate in discussions, and engage with other customers’ queries. Post good-quality content in a variety of categories with the exchange of knowledge.
  • Make sure to follow Amazon’s community guidelines. It is very necessary when you writing a product review to avoid promotional and misleading feedback.

If you follow all the guidelines properly, there is no guarantee that you will get invited by the team of Amazon Vine. They are very selective when they choose reviewers but these tips help you to increase the chances. Always post reviews by following community guidelines and policies and it’s very important.

How to Join Amazon Vine as a Seller

If you want to join the Amazon Vine Program as a seller for your products, there are some requirements you need to fulfill.

Amazon Vine Cost to join the program

To join the Amazon Vine Program, the cost is $200 which is charged as an enrolment fee as per parent ASIN. You have to enter the number of products or units that you want to be available for the Vine Voices. Sellers can enroll up to a maximum no. of 5 Parent ASINs.

Requirements of the Amazon Vine Program

  • You should be a brand-registered seller on Amazon.
  • Give away your products for free to reviewers.
  • Your product category should not come in the ‘adult’ one.
  • The product category has no more than 30 reviews.
  • Maintain the inventory for your products.
  • Products should have proper descriptions with high-quality images.
  • You should sell in the Amazon store with FBA as a ‘New’ listing.
  • Your product should have already launched before enrollment.

Benefits of the Amazon Vine Program

There are unlimited benefits of the Amazon Vine Program by receiving program reviews. Check some of these here:

1.   Offers greater reach and visibility on Amazon

When you are new in Amazon product listing, you don’t have good reach or sales and it impacts directly on reviews too. With the help of the Amazon Vine Program, you can have greater reach and visibility which leads to good sales.

2.   Positive reviews boost sales

Most Amazon Buyers first read reviews before making any purchase. Reviews are an important factor in building trust and credibility about the product. The Amazon seller needs positive reviews for the products with proper quality details. It helps in increasing Amazon sales.

3.   Cost-effective

Amazon Vine program is cost-effective and offers you a way to do product marketing by receiving reviews and feedback from genuine customers. This program offers you greater reach and visibility than any other traditional methods.

4.   In-depth feedback helps Amazon Shoppers

Amazon reviewers and Vine Voices write a product review after using the product for days. They write high-quality and detailed feedback with the inclusion of important details. These reviews are very insightful to make a purchase decision for customers. The details in the feedback also improve the future designs and functions of the product.

5.   Vine Voice’s Reviews are Genuine

When you are using an online platform for selling, the main worry is about review fraud. The Amazon Vine Program helps to down fake reviews as Vine Voices gives every piece of feedback that is high-quality and given after the use of the product. These reviews are genuine and help consumers and sellers both.


Q. Is the Amazon Vine Program available in India?

Amazon Vine India has a dedicated page for the services but they are not accepting any sellers in India. This means the Amazon Vine Program is not available in India.

Q. Is Amazon Vine still going?

Yes, Amazon Vine is still going impressively. This program helps the sellers to get genuine reviews on the products which helps them to build credibility. These reviews help in selling and improving.

Q. What does Amazon Vine do?

Amazon Vine Program helps Amazon customers learn about product characteristics in the form of high-quality reviews. These reviews help the customers to make purchasing decisions. Reviewers receive the product before the release for customers. That is why these reviews are greatly helpful for the sellers and customers.

Q. How much does Amazon pay to be a reviewer?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an Amazon content reviewer is 2,76,750 INR per year. With this, you will also get the products for free. The salary can range from around 1.50.000 to 7,00,000 INR per year. It is dependent upon the product category and popularity.

Q. How do I become an Amazon tester?

You can become an Amazon tester by simply joining the Amazon Vine Program. But you cannot join the program on your own, The Amazon team will contact you based on your performance of the history of reviews given by you. This is an invitation-only program where reviewers called Vine Voices receive Amazon products for free to give feedback.


In online selling, more reviews simply mean more sales.

To get genuine positive reviews and feedback, sellers use different methods and Amazon Vine is one of the genuine tactics that work amazingly. This marketing method for your product sustains the competition and gives confidence in selling. Keep in mind that this platform is not free and you should pay for the reviews by Amazon reviewers.

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