Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in India [Updated List 2024]

Top 10 digital marketing institutes in India

Are you searching for the list of the Top 10 digital marketing institutes in India? You are at the right place. Here you will find all the related details regarding digital marketing courses and institutes in India. 

Before going towards the list of Top 10 digital marketing institutes in India, check out the important points of the digital marketing career field. As you know Digital marketing has had quite a good impact in the world of online marketing related to products and services. With all this information, it will be easy to make the right decision for your career.

In India, all small, medium, and large businesses need online marketing services to fulfill the needs of customers. It is an actual need of today’s businesses to connect with their target audience and promote their services, businesses, products, or brands. To know everything about the realm of digital marketing, enroll in digital marketing institutes in India.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a combination of different techniques that will help you promote your services and products online with the help of digital platforms. The techniques are paid social media ads, search engine optimization, display ads, affiliate marketing, YouTube marketing, and others. These marketing techniques give more coverage and customers than traditional methods of marketing. These are some of the important benefits of Internet marketing services:

  1. Enhanced Reach And Targeting:

With the help of digital marketing, you can reach your customers from all over the world. There are many techniques by which you can create different ad formats to reach potential customers only. To understand the concepts of reach and target enroll in any of the below-mentioned digital marketing institutes in India. 

Digital marketing techniques give you enhanced reach and you can target as per your interests. You can use Facebook, email, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms to promote your goods and services all over the world. Internet marketing is also more affordable than traditional methods to cover large audiences.

  1. You can measure results:

The digital marketing field gives you a platform to measure your results easily with the help of different analytics tools. Google Analytics tools give you insights, and performance indexes regarding your running campaigns by which you can measure your results easily. These insights will help you to know about traffic conversions, ROI, engagements, and other measures. These indexes can be useful to make future campaigns more effective in reaching potential customers. 

To know more about how to measure results in online marketing, learn with any of these top digital marketing institutes in India.

  1. Increased engagement:

With the help of ad campaigns, you can reach a large amount of audience in very little time. These ad campaigns help customers to know about your business, and brand directly and they can connect with you easily. You can easily make ads for your services, brand, or product on different platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, or Google. Ads are one of the best methods to increase your engagement and reach your potential clients. 

These platforms provide you with interactive services like live chats, and messaging, to engage with your customers directly. Interactive communication methods will increase and build the customer relationship well. Learn the concepts of engagement with us at DIDM one of the top digital marketing institutes in India.

  1. Flexible & Adaptable:

There are a lot of digital marketing channels that are used to promote your business or brand to reach globally. The best part of these channels is that they provide you the flexibility to change your methods as per the industry’s needs and trends. You can change your campaigns easily and adapt to the new features. You can adjust your campaigns easily in real-time too.

  1. Global Brand Awareness:

Internet marketing services help you to increase your brand awareness to reach a large customer base online. It will help you to increase your brand awareness globally. With the help of internet marketing channels like search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and many others you can effectively reach your potential targets and showcase your identity strongly to the world.  

What are the benefits of enrolling in Digital Marketing Institutes in India?

If you want to spread any kind of online information around the world as fast as possible the right answer is Digital or Internet marketing. To learn the art with the important tools and methods, you should look for the best digital marketing course in India whether it is online or offline.

Internet marketing is a combination of various other strategies and techniques. These strategies provide you with the platform to reach your target customers more easily and in no time. It will directly increase your business and reach. 

On the other hand, with the help of traditional marketing techniques, there is a very limited approach to reaching your target audience. But with online marketing, the approach becomes wide which you can learn by enrolling in one of the digital marketing institutes in India.

Top Benefits of Digital Marketing Courses

  • Easy to learn
  • Global reach
  • Important tools
  • Cost-effective
  • Higher engagement
  • Strategy planning
  • Target Effectively

Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in India 2024

Here is the list of the top Digital Marketing institutes in India:

  1. DIDM (Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing)

DIDM is a renowned Digital Marketing institute in India, established in 2015. DIDM is a top learning platform where you can find the best digital marketing courses in India. The trainers here have more than 15 years of experience in the industry and know about all the important tactics and measures of the field. Our curriculum is updated with almost top and advanced strategies of online marketing which helps you to gain good growth in top companies. 

DIDM provides the best internship programs and 100% digital marketing courses in India with placement. They are the best knowledge provider in the industry. If you need more skills, you should enroll in DIDM under top digital marketing specialists to make your career and a place in the industry. They have designed the courses as per the high demand of time which are best suited for freshers, professionals, business experts, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

DIDM is one of the top digital marketing institutes in India that provides:

  • High-quality training
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Practical learning
  • Doubt clearing sessions
  • Live projects
  • Internships
  • Experienced trainers
  • Google certifications
  • Backup sessions
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Best tools and software
  • Flexible timings and approach
  • Freelancing sessions

Features of the best digital marketing courses in India

  • The best course curriculum is updated with the latest content with dedicated mentorship.
  • Expert career guidance with sessions
  • In-depth sessions with a practical approach to make you job-ready.
  • 50+ advanced modules to make you industry-ready to have an edge over your competition.
  • Entrepreneur-led modules to make you shine in the industry.
  • How to earn money online 
  • Special sessions on SEO and dropshipping

DIDM’s Digital Marketing Course Modules

DIDM falls under the category of top digital marketing institutes in India at no. 1 position. The course modules are:

  1. Introduction to digital marketing
  2. Basics of branding and marketing
  3. What is content marketing
  4. Content planning and creation
  5. What is professional blogging
  6. Dynamic website designing
  7. Chatbots
  8. Practical approach
  9. What is email marketing
  10. Search engine optimization basics and advanced concepts
  11. Local business listing
  12. What are search engine algorithms
  13. Know about Google Search Console
  14. What is bing webmaster
  15. Google Analytics
  16. What is Black Hat Technique
  17. Live practical session
  18. Know about creative content
  19. Social media optimization (SMO)
  20. Learn more about social media marketing (SMM)
  21. What is YouTube Marketing
  22. What is media buying and planning
  23. Explain the parameters of Social Media
  24. Google Adwords
  25. Online display advertising
  26. What are remarketing concepts
  27. Explain Gmail ads
  28. What are Bing ads
  29. Explain optimization conversion rate
  30. What is competitor analysis
  31. What is eCommerce marketing
  32. What is eCmmerce store creation
  33. Know about affiliate marketing
  34. Special session for Dropshipping
  35. Assignment sessions
  36. Mobile marketing
  37. What is online reputation management (ORM)
  38. Lead generation for all businesses
  39. Podcast marketing
  40. Google AdSense
  41. Digital marketing tools
  42. Inbound Markeitng
  43. Artificial intelligence is important in the digital marketing field
  44. Some agency skills
  45. What is personal branding and influencer marketing
  46. Case study discussions
  47. What is placement session
  48. How to build a resume?
  49. Interview preparation for digital marketing
  50. How to create marketing strategy
  51. Freelancing as a career/ earning as a freelancer

Duration of Digital Marketing Course at DIDM

The three main courses of DIDM are the Master in Digital Marketing Course, Advanced Digital Marketing Courses, and Customized Digital Marketing course.

All three courses have different durations.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course has a 3-month duration

Master in Digital Marketing Course has a 5-month duration with onboard training 

Customized Digital Marketing Course can be done in a month.

Digital Marketing Course Fee at DIDM

The digital marketing course fees at DIDM range between 10,518 INR to 57,218 INR. There is a 0% EMI option is also available for the course fees.

DIDM’s Contact Details

Address: 3rd Floor, Plot No. 12, opp. Venketeshwar, Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi Delhi 110021

Phone Number: +91-8800505151



2. KDMI – Kolkata Digital Marketing Institute

KDMI has emerged as one of the top digital marketing institutes in India and was established to provide the best courses in online marketing in India. They are providing placement-led courses that help their students to make their careers easy. They have the best professionals in the online marketing industry which helps the students to build their confidence in the industry. They mix their training with practical learning. The students get blogs, presentations, and case studies in their learning modules which helps them to understand the techniques of the current market. 

They also provide several masterclasses to the students who are interested in upgrading their knowledge. They help you get various certifications from Google.


  • In-depth Learning Sessions
  • Updated Curriculum
  • Internship and Placement Opportunities
  • Case Studies
  • Best Industry Connections

Contact Details:

Address: BK-147, Ground Floor, Near SOS Children’s Village, Sector II, Kolkata, 7000091

Phone: +91-9007746211



3. Digital Paradize Institute

Digital Paradize Institute is at #3 on the list of top digital marketing institutes in India. This institute provides the top Internet marketing course in India and opens top-level opportunities for students and trainees. They have India’s best trainers at the institutes that provide in-depth knowledge with upgraded content and modules. The institute provides various special sessions on digital marketing strategies to make its students superior in the world of online marketing. 

The Digital Paradize Institute has good industry connections which help their students to get placement in top organizations across India. They teach students to make them industry-ready with top-level fundamentals and skills by providing them with different tools and techniques.


  • Experienced trainers
  • Live Projects and Case Students
  • Internships Programs
  • 20+ advanced modules
  • Practical approach
  • Placements Assistance

Contact Details:

Address: G 36, Block G, Connaught Place, New Delhi, 110001

Phone: +91-9582634403



4. Digital Scholar Institute

Digital Scholar is at the #4 position in top digital marketing institutes in India list. It was founded in 2019 by Sorav Jain who is a known Instagram influencer. Digital Scholar is a leading agency-styled online marketing training institute that provides one of the top platforms for digital learners. They teach you to make your career and provide you with various certifications. They also provide several short-term courses with the best fundamentals of the online marketing field. The institute opens the best opportunities for freshers and professionals. You can learn at Digital Scholar Institute with an online platform too.


  • Opens Multiple Opportunities
  • Network with top industry leaders
  • Lifetime support
  • Tools and Library
  • Practical-based training
  • Entrepreneurship-led training

Contact Details:

Address: 1B, Sapna Trade Centre, 135, Poonamallee High Road, Pursaiwalkam, Chennai, 600084.

Number: +91-9513632705



5. Seven Boats Academy

Seven Boats Academy is at the #5 position among top digital marketing institutes in India and it was established in 2011. They provide professional Internet marketing training to students who are interested in becoming top-level industry experts for their businesses or being a part of top-notch corporate companies. This academy is known for its full-fledged live classroom training programs which makes you a complete professional with knowledge of current marketing trends. This institute has the best industry experts as their trainers who will teach you how to be the best marketer who shines bright in your career. 


  • Practical led training
  • 25+ Awards
  • Online and offline sessions
  • Top-level job opportunities
  • Internships
  • Certifications
  • Scholarship
  • India’s Best Trainers

Contact Details:

Address: Unit no. 304, Diamond Arcade 1/72, Cal, Jessore Rd, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700055.

Phone: +91-8017049042



6. Academy of Digital Marketing

The Academy of Digital Marketing Institute is at #6 in the top online marketing institutes in India list made by DIDM based on several records and management. They provide the best affordable digital marketing courses in India which are the best in the market with placement opportunities. The institute offers you several certifications for top brands in the industry which helps you directly in the placement opportunities. They teach you based on a practical learning approach with several live sessions that help students clear their concepts in the best way possible. The course modules are fully upgraded which meets all the industry standards. They have the best trainers in the industry providing you with the best skills in the field of online marketing.


  • Top-Notch Certifications
  • Award-Winning LMS
  • In-depth Programs
  • Best Support
  • World Class Trainers
  • Top Curriculum with Upgraded Modules
  • Industry-led training
  • Best in industry case studies

Contact Details:

Address: 3rd floor, Vasudeva Building 1, Iswar Ganguly Street, Kolkata, 700026. India

Phone: +91-6290445044



7. Naresh I Technologies

Naresh i Technologies is one of the top digital marketing institutes in India and it comes at #7 position in our list. They have the best industry trainers who will provide you with knowledge related to different digital marketing skills and sets. This institute is known for its curriculum as it includes the best marketing trends related to social media marketing, content marketing, and others. They will provide you the training in terms of practical and theory-based approaches which is a good combination to understand the concepts in the long run. The trainers will provide you with industry-based challenges to compete which helps you to grab the opportunities that come your way. Learn with the best today.


  • Industry-led lectures
  • Case studies best in the industry
  • Practical-based approach
  • Best fundamentals 
  • Live projects
  • Placement assistance
  • Best career support

Contact Details:

Address: 2nd Floor, Durga Bhavani Plaza, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Phone: 040-23746666



8. Kraftshala 

Kraftshala is one of the top digital marketing institutes in India and comes in the #8 position in DIDM’s list. Kraftshala was founded by Varun Setia and Esha Sharma in 2016 and stands strong now in the online marketing industry. They have designed their courses for the students who want to get placed in top companies. The trainers will provide you with unmatched digital marketing tactics and techniques that will help you directly grab any opportunity that comes your way. They have launched many programs at their institute for different purposes and you can choose as per your interest. In their courses, they have used many concepts and projects that will help you to cover all the areas of the online marketing field easily. 


  • 100% placement guarantee
  • Special training sessions
  • Live projects
  • Top-level case studies
  • Best Curriculum
  • Industry’s best trainers
  • Affordable cost

Contact Details:

Address: A-16, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, 110044

Phone: +91-7827135490



9. IIMSkills Institute

IIMskills institutes come at the #9 position in the list of DIDM’s top digital marketing institutes in India. They provide the best digital marketing courses in India and abroad. This institute has designed the best curriculum for their company and provides the best knowledge to the students who are eager to learn top-level industry concepts of online marketing. In the course, they have included 40+ advanced digital marketing modules which will cover almost all the important areas of this industry. They have live interactive classrooms designed for the students to have hassle-free learning experiences. IImskils also offers you interactive tools related to the industry for no cost which are worth more than 79000 INR. They will cover almost all the concepts like Facebook Ads, Certifications, Google Analytics, Keywords, SEO, YouTube, Google Trends, Updates, SEO, security, and others on the advanced level.


  • Best in industry course material
  • Industry expert trainers
  • Certifications
  • Placement support and assistance
  • Paid internships
  • Online courses
  • Live projects
  • Special sessions

Contact Details:

Address: H B Twin Tower, 8th floor, Max Hospital Building, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi 110034

Phone: +91-9580740740



10. Godigital Institute

Godigital Institute is one of the oldest and best institutes for IT courses in India. It is #10 on the list of DIDM’s top digital marketing institutes in India. If you want to master your skills in the field of online marketing with complete placement assistance, you should join Godigital Institute. Godigital Institute has one of the industry’s best trainers who will help you attain mastery in your online marketing domain with deep learning concepts and methods. They have been here in the industry for almost 10+ years and have transformed the lives of many students. If you are a professional, you can do the course and add new skills to your portfolio to double your overall growth.


  • Outcome-driven learning programs
  • Live sessions
  • Industry level assignments
  • Project development
  • Placement support and assistance
  • Job-ready skills
  • In-depth training

Contact Details:

Address: 430, Avadh Arena Mall, VIP Road, Nr. Shyambaba Temple, Opp. Marvella Corridor, Vesu, Gujarat, 395007

Phone: +91-8780799202




Q. What is the duration of top digital marketing courses in India?

In India, there are three types of digital marketing courses available which are short-term courses, long–term courses, and online courses. Generally, the duration of all these courses lasts between 3 to 6 months. At DIDM, three courses are available which are 

  • Advanced Digital Marketing Course having a 3-month duration
  • Master in Digital Marketing Course having a 5-month duration with onboard training 
  • Customized Digital Marketing Courses can be done in a month

Q. What are the main concepts of top Digital Marketing Institutes in India?

In digital marketing institutes in India, trainers provide all the upgraded concepts related to the online marketing field. At DIDM, our trainers will provide you with the concepts of SEO, SMO, SMM, Adwords, Dropshipping, Email marketing, and many more. We will make you a complete professional in the field of online marketing. Enroll in our courses today.

Q. Do you provide practical knowledge in online marketing?

Yes, at DIDM, we provide practical-based training to our students. We cover almost all the concepts practically which helps you understand every concept in the long run. We also provide you with several case studies that give you a different scenario about the industry.

Q. Are mentors of top digital marketing institutes in India certified?

DIDM (Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing) only has certified trainers in the industry. Our mentors have 15+ years of experience in the working industry. They will teach you to make you a complete professional that will help you get placements in the top industries of India and across.

Q. Do you provide online digital marketing courses as well?

DIDM is one of the top digital marketing institutes in India with over 15+ branches. We provide three top-level courses that are based on the top industry-based concepts. We also offer online digital marketing courses as well for the students who don’t come to the branches easily. Online courses are done under the supervision of top-level industry experts. 

To become a full-fledged digital marketing expert in India, enroll in DIDM’s top digital marketing courses in India. Give us a call today.


These are some of the best digital marketing institutes in India as per our research in terms of course modules, placement records, and training experts. If you want to learn anything about Internet marketing, you should enroll in any of these top institutes for the best digital marketing courses in India.

Each of the above-mentioned institutes has the industry’s best trainers, providing you with world-class training to develop top-class skills. These institutes have great learning environments and curriculums that combine practical and theory in the best way possible. They will make you a complete professional.

Delhi Insitute of Digital Marketing tops our list as they provide the best in class training programs with an on-board training facility. This will help you understand the standards of the current industry. To become the best in the online marketing industry, enroll in DIDM’s digital marketing courses by contacting us at 8800505151 today. 

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