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An Indian-American Guy Is Interested In Becoming The CEO Of Twitter

You are going to hear the name Shiva Ayyadurai a lot in this post, so it is fair to say that this is a post that is somewhat dedicated to him and he is the person you are going to see a lot in it.

On Twitter, Elon Musk recently conducted an online poll in which he asked the public if they felt he should remain as Twitter’s CEO or if he should step down from the position.

In the end, the results of the poll were as we expected, and more than 57% of the people who participated in the online poll expressed their desire to see a new Chief Executive Officer of Twitter and that Elon should step down as CEO.

In our opinion, the Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing team personally believes that most people feel that Elon Musk should step down from his position due to the unusual and inappropriate rules and regulations that he has implemented for the company, which are not being liked by many of the Twitter users who use the platform.

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According to a report by a major news platform, Elon Musk is actively looking for a new CEO for his individually owned company ‘Twitter’ after seeing the results of this online poll.

In the recent past, an American guy who has Indian origins applied for a position at Twitter to be their Chief Executive Officer, and he let the world know about this through a tweet he sent out to the world recently.

As a matter of fact, the name of this person is Shiva Ayyadurai, and he is a scholar of MIT.

This is something he has mentioned in his tweet as well. It has been mentioned in his tweet that he has four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and that he has been able to build seven successful high-tech software companies.

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As well as that, he also signed himself as the inventor of the electronic mail after the tweet ended.

The following is the full transcript of his tweet:

Dear Mr. Musk (@elonmusk):

I am interested in the CEO position @Twitter. I have 4 degrees from MIT & have created 7 successful high-tech software companies. Kindly advise of the process to apply.


Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD

The Inventor of Email

Here are some brief details about Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai in case you’d like to find out more:

The origins of Shiva Ayyadurai are solely from India. He was born in the city of Mumbai and grew up in a small village in Tamil Nadu. It wasn’t until much later in his life that he moved to the United States, which was a profound change in his life. There are four degrees he has obtained from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which include both an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and computer science, as well as a master’s degree in both visual studies and mechanical engineering.

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Aside from this, he made another tweet in which he thanked Elon Musk for his support.

He tweeted: Thanks for your support on my recent tweet @elonmusk re: the CEO position @Twitter. I believe anyone wanting THIS role must be fully transparent and publicly post their qualifications. My experience began when I invented email at age 14, long before I earned 4 degrees from MIT.

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