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Follow these 4 Steps to 5-Star App Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews help every size of business to grow in the market, thus Digital Marketing professionals try to make its strategy according to the nature of the business. A world where first impressions are everything with the rapidly growing consumer base. (Learn about the most affordable Digital Marketing Course in Delhi)

Recommendations in the form of app store rating and reviews play a major role in getting prospects and conversions. In a recent report entitled, “The Rise of Review Culture”, Trustpilot discovered that 88% of shoppers stated star reviews were important, and 84% read product reviews pre-purchase.

92% of consumers consider star ratings to be an essential part of their evaluation of a new app. And 42% consider reviews equally or more trustworthy than personal recommendations. Ratings and reviews become very crucial for building apps that are more attractive and discoverable which attract higher sales.

Before you can take control over your ratings and reviews, it’s essential to understand why you are not able to get those ratings and to know why the audience is underwhelming. If you put your efforts on finding the loopholes, then you can make the necessary changes in your plans to achieve a good score.

Ratings and Reviews

To achieve better ratings and reviews you can focus on these 4 points which we will get into today’s post:

Use ratings Prompt

Rating prompt is the best to gain all the good ratings online. If used correctly, rating prompts can increase your app’s rating, but if abused, can lose you, customers. Before you get into using it, make sure to understand customers sentiment. Segregate customers accordingly and target those who love your app to boost ratings and reviews.

Set up analytics

With analytics, you will be able to understand who your customers are, what they care about, and how to talk with them. Once you collect data around your customers, you can consider it and start to communicate more personally and more effectively in-app. Analytics platforms can also be created on your own, or you can integrate a third party to help fit your needs. (Reach out to the best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi)

Target satisfied customers

As mentioned earlier, it is crucial to understand the customers and their sentiments before guiding them to the app store to leave a review. If a customer gave a good response to your question, then they’re likely to leave a positive review. (Know more about the best digital marketing course in Gurgaon)

Also, customers who respond negatively are more likely to leave a negative review. To help keep your ratings above and to provide unsatisfied customers with a better outlet for feedback than app store reviews, you can use a rating prompt to provide a more appropriate channel of communication.

Use a friendly tone

Relevant and respectful communication is always suggested, which is considered appropriate when it comes to in-app communication, especially when you’re asking customers to rate your app for you. Do not use a tone that might sound presumptuous or demanding. You can also follow your brand’s voice and style throughout all aspects of customer communication, especially when reaching out to customers in-app.

Ratings and reviews are important to app store visibility, but great reviews are difficult to accumulate. To receive positive reviews from customers, developers must ask for them in a way that makes the experience pleasant for the customer, no matter what. Hopefully, these tips will help you in your future ratings and review efforts.

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