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Best Free Email Marketing Tools in 2024

When you don’t know how to reach your audience, email marketing is always a great option. To send emails easily and effectively, free email marketing tools can be your best help. 

If you have started a new blog or business, you need a good email marketing platform. It helps to reach and engage with your audience without having any investment.

There are a lot of free email marketing apps and tools available that will offer you great features that you will need to start. These features are more than enough to start the journey. The best thing about email marketing free plans is that they can save you a lot of time and money.

There are some of the best free email marketing tools for you.

  • Hubspot Email Marketing Tool is best for contact management.
  • MailerLite Email Marketing Tool is for advanced Email Marketers to sell Digital products
  • OmniSend Email Marketing Tool is best for E-commerce Stores
  • MailChimp Email Marketing Tool is a growing tool and is best for A/B testing email elements.
  • ConvertKit Email Marketing Tool is for bloggers and content creators.
  • Benchmark Email Marketing Tool is for live engagement reports.

What is an Email Marketing Tool?

An Email Marketing tool is software that helps you send emails to your audience hassle-free with tracking. 

There are some features available in the best email marketing software that make the whole process easy. You can design your business emails easily and quickly with predesigned templates. 

When you want to connect with your audience, email marketing plays a very effective role in promoting your new products or services. It sends the information directly to the customers in a detailed format.

You can push promotional emails with free email marketing tools easily. The best feature is you can track your activities and make reports based on terms like open rates, and click-through rates. 

Several new Email marketing tool offers the features of AI-powered automation, and segmentation that give next-level features to this approach.

Why should you use free email marketing tools in India?

Free email marketing tools are best for small businesses, bloggers, and new brands. Use the free tools to test out new methods with your audience without spending any money. At present time, these free tools also provide a wide array of options that will help you to connect with your audience effectively. You should use free email marketing apps:

  • To test out marketing tactics to increase engagements before going for premium ones.
  • To learn the features and services effectively to know which one is best for you for the future.
  • Try templates and pre-defined formats for the emails to save time.
  • To practice the features effectively for insights.
  • Use multiple options at the same time and prepare for them.

Top Email Marketing Tools and Services

Here you will get a quick comparison and insights related to these best free email marketing solutions.

Tool NameMonthly Email CountSubscriber LimitDoes It have a free plan?Features
HubSpot2,0001,000,000YesAutomation, CRM
MailerLite120001,000YesA/B split testing, e-commerce integration
Omnisend500250YesAutomation, Branding
MailChimp1,000500YesA/B Testing, Reporting, Email Templates
CovertKitUnlimited1,000YesLanding Pages, Sell Digital Products
Benchmark Email1,000250YesAutoresponders, Reporting, Analytics 

How to check for the best email marketing software?

Email marketing software and apps are important as they offer great features to reach your audience. There are many email marketing tools are there that offer their services for free and it is enough for small businesses, blogs, and brands.

You should check for these email marketing services:

  • Check for the unlimited email campaigns provided or not. Check what is the limit for email campaigning and whether is it good for your business or not. If there is a limit or trials then this means your service is not free for long and after some time it will require money.
  • Know about the number of subscribers you can email. There are various free email marketing tools available that are very generous in providing free emails and subscriber lists.
  • Check for both paid and free versions of the tool and compare the qualities and if there is no big difference then there is no need to go for a premium one. 
  • Know about the features like email templates and customization. If you are new in email marketing, these features will help you a lot to design professional-level emails for your business or brand. 
  • Automation is a good feature to check in free email marketing tools to trigger your campaigns at a fixed time or schedule. 
  • There are some other features you can check for like Audience segmentation, editors, A/B testing, ecommerce, drag-and-drop editor, analytics, reporting, templates, and customer support.

Based on these features and services, narrow down the best free email marketing app for you. These apps and services should provide the scalability and ease of use. After knowing the features to check, let’s discuss the best free software for email marketing.

Best Free Email Marketing Tools For Email Marketers To Use in 2024

To help you out in searching for the best email marketing software for free, we have made this list with all the free and premium features.

  1. HubSpot – Best for CRM & Contact Management

If you are searching for the best free email marketing tool for your entire email marketing need, HubSpot is the one service for you. It is best for contact management and you can manage your contacts in advanced CRM. You can store up to 1 million contacts free of cost.

With Hubspot, you can send 2,000 emails a month without any cost. You can add as many users as you want and assign contacts as you want.

This service allows you to have a drag-and-drop editor feature for smooth usage. There is a newsletter and promotional template available to customize and send. You do not get automation and A/B testing features in the free version. 

HubSpot Pricing

The free Plan of HubSpot marketing tool is best for small businesses as it offers great features to start your email marketing journey. The premium plan of HubSpot starts from $20 per month in which you will get email health insights, follow-up emails, and others.

  1. MailerLite – Advanced Email Marketing Tool

MailerLite is one of the easy-to-use advanced email marketing tools that delivers the best marketing services. It offers many features like marketing automation, newsletters, landing pages, forms, and many more. There are a lot of features that you can use for free in this tool and it is the perfect tool for small businesses and brands.

It provides hassle-free features for campaigning and you can easily manage all the controls. The free trial of the software offers you up to 1,000 subscribers and you can send 12,000 emails per month which is great. 

MailerLite Pricing

MailerLite Email Marketing Tool offers great services to reach your target audiences through emails. The premium version of the tool starts from $10 per month where you will get additional features like promotional popups and more.

  1. Omnisend – The best tool for e-commerce emails

This email service helps you by providing the features to handle your e-commerce email marketing campaigns. Omnisend has great features that include automation, a newsletter, and templates. There are some other important features offered in free versions like 24/7 support, landing pages, and reporting. 

With this software, you can send up to 500 emails per month, with a total of 250 subscribers. 

Omnisend Pricing

In the free version of Omnisend, you get the features of live chat and 500 free emails. The premium version starts from $16 per month where you will get automation splits, segmentation, and others.

  1. MailChimp – It Makes Email Marketing Easy

MailChimp can help you to make email marketing campaigns with its user-friendly features. Mailchimp is one of the popular email marketing tools in India and around the world. You can easily integrate Mailchimp with your website or applications. 

In the free version, they offer up to 1,000 emails per month and can send emails to only 500 contacts. There is also a daily limit of sending emails which is 500 emails a day only. 

There are free landing pages, forms, and reporting features are available. You can also do e-commerce tracking and make reports on the stats of conversions. It is very easy to use and quite efficient software.

MailChimp Pricing

MailChimp is one of the best, most fun, and most professional tools that provides great features in its free version. To use it at its full potential, MailChimp’s price starts from $20. You can use retargeting ads and social post-scheduling.

  1. ConvertKit – Best Email Marketing Tool for Bloggers and Content Creators

This is another awesome email marketing tool that is greatly suitable for bloggers, and content creators. There are various features available in ConvertKit like landing Pages, subscriber segmentation, digital product selling, and many more. 

This service is best for bloggers or business individuals who have less than 1,000 subscribers. 

ConvertKit offers a quick and friendly customer support system which is an impressive feature. They allow you to manage your subscribers as well as start your conversations effectively. 

They have a landing page design feature that lets you design your social media campaigns easily without having a website. It is one of the best ideal tools for social media campaigns.

To sell digital products online, it also has a monetization feature which is not easily available in other free email marketing tools in India.

ConverKit Pricing

The free plan of ConverKit is best for bloggers to start their email marketing journey and social-media campaigns. The premium plan of CovertKit starts from $9 per month where you will get automated email sequences and third-party integrations.

  1. Benchmark Email is Very Simple and User-friendly

Benchmark Email Marketing Tool is one of the user-friendly software with a sleek design. It offers you features like marketing automation, surveys, reporting, and forms in the free version. This software is very fast and can integrate with 300+ tools like WordPress, and others. 

This service has very innovative and modern-looking templates with drag-and-drop editors that make it very user-friendly. It is suitable for text-based emails that can be designed easily.

This marketing tool gives you the facility of lead generation, and basic reporting, is and famous for the best features to make email drip campaigns.

Benchmark Email Pricing

There are great features you will get in the free version but they are limited. To use a fully operational tool with all the advanced features, the paid version starts from $9.99/month.


These are some of the important frequently asked questions regarding free email marketing software.

Q. To get started in Email Marketing, what features do I need?

When you start the techniques of Email Marketing, you need proper email marketing software to design an email effectively and send it to several contacts at the same time. You can use free software or paid software as per your needs. You will get many great features like automation, templates, A/B testing, and campaigns in free versions as well that are well enough to get started in Email marketing to grow your audience.

Q. What are the limitations of free email marketing tools?

When you use a free email marketing tool, it will provide you with many features that are good for your first 1,000 subscribers. But free software comes with many restrictions on subscriber count, email limit per day/month, and more. Most of the tools do not provide detailed reporting in their free trials with marketing automation strategies. 

If you have a big subscriber list, you need premium versions for reporting that are affordable and provide you with more robust features.

Q. What are the best free email marketing tools in India?

There are many free email marketing tools used in India. Some of these are:

  1. HubSpot
  2. MailerLite
  3. Omnisend
  4. MailChimp
  5. ConvertKit
  6. Benchmark Email

For more details, read our full article.

Q. Can you send bulk emails for free?

Yes, there are many software are there that offer bulk emails as free services. With a limit setting, you can send bulk emails per day. To send bulk emails, you need to make a subscriber list with the right emails. Bulk emails save a lot of time and can send emails to different people at the same time. You can send bulk emails in MailChimp, MailerLite, HubSpot, and other free email marketing software.

Q. Is Email Marketing still effective in 2024?

There are a lot of Digital Marketing services are there to use as your main marketing campaign. But email marketing still holds a great stand. It helps you to promote your business in various effective ways. There is a great engagement rate in email marketing and 78% of marketers can see a great boost in engagement after using these services. It will help you build good revenue for your business and increase customer retention. That is why email marketing is still effective in 2024 and will remain on in the coming years.


That’s it for the top free email marketing tools for now.

Email marketing tools at trial periods come with good features that can be good enough for small businesses, bloggers, and brands. These businesses can save their time and money with this software and connect with their audiences easily.

If you have gained a good audience and customers, you can upgrade your plans anytime and enjoy the full version of your loved email marketing tool. Email Marketing is a very necessary technique for new businessmen and bloggers which is why you should use this in your marketing campaigns.

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