Top Digital Marketing Course in East Delhi with Placement Assistance

Top Digital Marketing Course in East Delhi with Placement Assistance

If you are interested in learning digital marketing and searching for the best digital marketing course in East Delhi, we have made this list that covers the top digital marketing institute in East Delhi. We have collected all the details that are required when you decide to enroll in the course.


In this modern era, digital marketing offers the services that are required by almost all businesses, marketplaces, and brands. To market the products and services, you need a platform that will reach your target audience in the most convenient and fast way. 


Traditional marketing is also there but the coverage provided by digital marketing is huge with very little budget as well. Traditional advertising methods can be costly and they only cover some of the area at the same time as online marketing. 


Digital marketing opens a lot of opportunities when it comes to marketing possibilities for businesses, organizations, and brands. For a new business, online marketing opens a door to reaching their target audience without investing a lot of money.


Any business person can learn digital marketing strategies without any problem. There are many online marketing courses available where you can enroll with online or offline platforms and build your skills in digital marketing. The top digital marketing institutes in Delhi will provide you with learning in practical and advanced ways to cover all the digital marketing concepts. 


Digital marketing is also becoming a good profession and offers a lot of opportunities to make your career. There are a lot of Digital Marketing Jobs available in India and across the world and you can prepare for them by learning with the top institutes. If you are residing in East Delhi and searching for the best digital marketing course in East Delhi, we have made the list for you. You can check but before that let’s discuss more digital marketing benefits.


Benefits of Digital Marketing Course In East Delhi


Best Digital Marketing Salaries


When you learn online marketing, you are probably thinking about the job roles you can get for working in Delhi. Every business whether small or big requires professionals to do their advertisement, and marketing work with online platforms. They need a proper dedicated team as there is a wide area in the field of online marketing to cover.


Each industrial work requires a skilled professional to reach various digital goals like lead generation, campaigns, customer retention, and link building. There is a wide range of salaries also available in this industry and the salary is depended upon several factors:

  • Job roles
  • Experience

You can get variable salaries and it is dependent upon your expertise and the jobs you are applying for.


Entry-level digital marketers can get salary packages in Delhi between 1,80,000 to 4,50,000, mid-level digital marketing experts can get salary packages between, 4,80,000 to 8,50,000, and senior-level digital marketers will receive salary in between 8,00,000 to 15,00,000 lakhs.


How to Find and Apply for Digital Marketing Jobs in Delhi for Freshers


There is a wide range of career opportunities available in Delhi NCR for digital marketing professionals and freshers. You can check the jobs available and find the perfect one for you. 


As the digital marketing industry is growing the companies also understand the importance of digital marketing for marketing strategies and advertising. And as the need of the industry is growing the demand for skilled professionals is also on the rise. 


That is why there are a lot of opportunities available and you can grab any as per your expertise and interest. Gain your skills by completing the best digital marketing course in East Delhi under the supervision of top industry experts like DIDM. You can apply for jobs in digital marketing with the help of job portals like or here you can get a lot of job opportunities and connect with the top-level industry professionals to get updates and guidance.


How to Find and Apply for Digital Marketing Internships in Delhi for Freshers


When you are searching for the top digital marketing institute in Delhi to learn some skills to become a part of this industry. You should search for the institutes that can provide you with top-level internship programs. Internships are an important part when you are learning online marketing because they provide you with real industry-based experience and knowledge that will help you a lot when you are working in the industry.


It is important to consider internships because they will provide you with in-depth practical knowledge that will open up a wide spectrum of opportunities for real-world scenarios. Build your portfolio by working on some live projects as it is necessary to gain experience for the resume. Always consider the value of an internship.


How to choose the best digital marketing course in East Delhi?


Digital usage is high in the present time whether it’s in the business, education, or healthcare. Every industry needs the services of digital marketing and advertising. Delhi NCR is a hub for many institutions, hospitals, and businesses, and it is growing significantly towards digital platforms. 


There is a wide range of opportunities available for digital marketing experts to upgrade their careers or for freshers to find the right opportunities for them to start the journey. DIDM is very popular and Asia’s top promising brand for online marketing education in Delhi with placement opportunities. We have 15+ centers in India with great state-of-the-art training facilities and infrastructure.


DIDM offers you the best training programs to make you an expert and become a part of this dynamic industry. Learn with us to gain your experience and try your luck with knowledge in this industry. These are some important factors in choosing the best digital marketing course in East Delhi.


Curriculum: Check what kind of modules they are providing are they covering trends, tools, and important strategies or not? Hands-on knowledge is very important when you are in the online marketing industry. Your knowledge is more valuable than anything, so you should always focus on real-world strategies with complete practical knowledge. Always check for the top-level curriculum by doing some research on its own. With top-level guidance, you can become completely job-ready.


Age of the Institute: Always check the track record of the institute to know about the quality. This will help you understand how they provide training, the teacher’s qualifications, and the quality of the programs. If the institute is there for a long time that means they are providing quality with experienced faculty.


Infrastructure: Before enrolling in the institute for a top digital marketing course in East Delhi, you should examine the facilities the institute provides. If there is a well-equipped institute with modern techniques, it will enhance your learning experience which is very necessary when you are learning. Ask for the library, labs, and learning material to understand the quality.


Quality of Training Experts: Know about the quality and industry experience of the trainers as it is important to know when you are here to become a professional. Experienced trainers can provide you with real-life examples and insights that are based on work experience in the same industry.


Ratings and Reviews: Before going to the institute, check their ratings and reviews online. This technique will provide you the valuable insights about the reputation, behavior of training experts, quality of teaching, staff working, and student satisfaction. If they have ratings between 4-5 after several reviews that means they are providing quality.


Other Branches: If they have a good number of other branches in the country or the same city that means the institute has good credibility. The institute works and adapts to the changes as per the needs of its students.


Fees: Check the online marketing course fees of different students and compare them based on the value provided by them. Always go for quality over costs because quality is very important while you are out training to become an expert. Always check the easy EMI options offered by the institute or any kind of scholarship.


Location: When you are choosing an institute in East Delhi, choose an institute that is available in a convenient location where you can go easily to attend the classes. Institute within proximity to your home or workplace makes it easy to go for the training and waste a lot of time traveling.


Let’s continue with the top digital marketing course in East Delhi with all the required details to reach the best one for you.


Types of Digital Marketing Courses in East Delhi


There are mainly two types of digital marketing courses in East Delhi.


Offline Courses:


Offline courses are great options for fresh graduates and job seekers for having great career opportunities.


After learning from the top institutes, you can gain good expertise in various concepts that will help you build your career. Offline options are best for you as you can interact with your trainers in real-time. You can contact them after completing your session as well. Your trainer can give you a period when you can connect to solve your queries or they can solve them in real-time as well.


Check for the onboard training or internship-based courses to learn that will help you gain experience based on industry working-level projects. Offline learning helps you have in-depth learning which is necessary to become an expert.


Online Courses:


For entrepreneurs, working professionals, business owners, or students, online courses are the best way to learn digital marketing.


The best digital marketing institutes in East Delhi offer online courses in digital marketing with comprehensive knowledge. Online courses are best for working professionals and students because they give you time efficiency and you can take classes from your college, offices, or home. Your online trainers will cover every concept in detail and make you an expert to have various career opportunities in the future.


Time flexibility is very important when you have other time commitments at college or offices. You will get learning material in the form of ebooks, PDFs, and recorded sessions that will help you to clear your doubts. 


If you want to explore the best digital marketing course in East Delhi, the below list will help you by including important details for you. These are the top 10 digital marketing institutes in East Delhi for you.


Digital Marketing Institute in East Delhi with Duration

Institute NameCourse Name & Duration
DIDM (Preet Vihar Location)Master in Digital Marketing (5 Months)Advanced in Digital Marketing (3 Months)
Web Training IndiaInternet Marketing Course (3-4 Months)SEO Training (1 Month)SMM/SMO Course (1 Month)
ITTCD InstituteDigital Marketing Course (3-4 Months)Advanced SEO Course (1 Month)Advanced SMM Course (1 Month)Advanced PPC Course (1 Month)
MSA Digital Skills InstituteDigital Marketing (6 Months)SEO Course (1 Month)SMM Course (1 Month)PPC Course (1 Month)
Ekwik ClassesAdvanced Digital Marketing (3-4 Months)
ISKDM InstituteBasic Digital Marketing Course (3-4 Months)Advanced Digital Marketing Course  (4 Months)Diploma Digital Marketing Course (6 Months)
The Digital Education Advanced Digital Marketing Course (3-4 Months)Advanced SEO Course (1 Month)
DMTE InstituteDigital Marketing Course (3-4 Months)
AOS Digital Marketing InstituteExecutive Program in DM (3-4 Months)Master Program in DM  (6 Months)
Vcare Technical InstituteDigital marketing course (3-4 Months)

Top Digital Marketing Course in East Delhi


1. DIDM – offering the best Digital Marketing Course in East Delhi


Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing or DIDM was established in 2014 and growing to offer the best digital marketing courses in India. This institute has more than 15 branches all over India and is one of the most trusted brands to learn online marketing courses. 


DIDM is offering offline and online courses for the students to choose from, as some of the students can’t come to the institute directly. Online training helps distant learners the options to learn from marketing professionals and become certified under the most trusted brand in digital marketing. 


We have designed our courses by including almost all the trending modules like SEO, SEM, PPC, SMO, SMM, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, and more. Our trainers offer practical-based training with a small combination of theoretical concepts. Our institute provides live-project-based training that covers all the advanced concepts. Live projects are compulsory to provide you with knowledge that provides you with skills to be in the real industry.


If you are looking for courses that help you to grow your business, or organization through online platforms, our comprehensive courses are best for you. We cover everything from complete scratch and make you a complete professional in the subject. We will provide you with knowledge regarding the online marketing tools that are necessary to have a good understanding of techniques.


Why Join our digital marketing training in East Delhi?


They are experts in digital marketing training and have been offering courses for over 10+ years.

  • They have trainers who cover everything from scratch to advanced levels in concepts and tools.
  • The institute designed an industry-oriented course curriculum.
  • DIDM’s digital marketing courses in East Delhi offer live project-based training to give you knowledge as per industry standards.
  • They offer online and offline marketing classes for students, graduates, and working professionals.
  • This institute has designed all the courses within an affordable fee structure with EMI options.
  • They offer various digital marketing tools in our courses to provide best-in-class knowledge.
  • The digital marketing training programs offered by DIDM are recommended for those who want proper career growth by mastering the concepts of marketing and advertising.
  • DIDM’s training programs are based on top trending methods that open great high-income opportunities.

Don’t miss the chance to have Professional Training in Digital Marketing


Website Development: Learn how to make a fully functional website with the help of no coding way. The trainers will help you to build your website step-by-step and you can use these techniques to build a website for your business, or brand. 


SEO: Learn with DIDM to understand how the search engine works with its algorithms. Learn keyword research, on-page optimization, title, description, heading tags, the hierarchy of headings, internet linking, anchor text, sitemaps, robot files, alt tags, and many more in detail with a practical approach.


Local SEO: Learn how to use the local listing feature of Google to submit your business there to have a local audience and geo-targeting.


SMO: There are many SEO techniques like keyword research, building quality content, optimizing posts and searches, increasing followers, inbound linkings, and others to increase your social media you can learn with DIDM.


SMM: Why you should use social media for marketing to benefit your brand or business. DIDM’s trainers will offer you in-depth training in social media marketing.


Search Marketing: Learn how to improve your business by increasing results with Google Adwords, and Bing Search Marketing. You can increase your ROI with DIDM’s proven methods.


Mobile Advertising: Learn to promote your apps to reach your potential customers to increase the ROI for your business. 


Email Marketing: You need to learn good email marketing techniques and campaigns to have good customers. It is one of the finest customer-building techniques.


Google Analytics: At DIDM, you can create an Analytics account for your website, campaign, or blog to collect related data. With this data, you can build future marketing techniques to attract a large amount of users to increase your sales or awareness.


Duration of Digital Marketing Course at DIDM


The three unique courses in online marketing at DIDM are the Master in Digital Marketing Course, Advanced Digital Marketing Course, and Customized Digital Marketing Course.


These different courses have different durations:

The duration of the Advanced Course is 3 months, the Master Course is 5 months with the power of onboard training and the customized course duration is a month only.


Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing, Preet Vihar, East Delhi


Address: 2, 3rd Floor, Park End, Vikas Marg Preet Vihar, East Delhi, (Metro Pillar No. 99), New Delhi, 110092.

Call: +91 8800505151

Email Id:


2. Web Training India


Web Training India is a group of professionals who are experts in digital marketing and one of the top digital marketing institutes in East India. This institute makes batches of around 3 to 5 students and they will be taught by experts of the industry who have good experience. They regularly update their course material as per the industry updates. Web training India is known for practical-based training which is very good for students to have the best industrial knowledge.


During your courses, you can prepare for different certifications like Google Adwords, Search Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Analytics Certifications, and other important Google Certifications.



  • Advanced 50+ Modules
  • Internship
  • Live Projects
  • Tools for Digital Marketing
  • Assignments & Case Studies
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Professional Trainers

Contact Details:

Address: WA-84A, 2nd Floor, Shakarpur, Near Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, 110092


Contact Number: +91-9871430039



3. ITTCD Institute


ITTCD Institute is offering the top digital marketing course in East Delhi that helps you build your skills and opens up a lot of opportunities for you in the future. They are offering top-level courses with broad modules of online marketing. They have online and offline training programs for students who are interested in becoming an expert with top-level knowledge. This institute’s courses are very valuable and affordable as well as they have one of the best teams. If you are looking for the best curriculum, you can check their courses.


The trainers have industry experience which helps them to build a structure to teach that will provide you practical learning with live projects. They are offering around 51 advanced-level modules.



  • Top practical-based training
  • Experienced faculties
  • Job placement assistance
  • Online and offline classes
  • Real-world based training
  • Live Projects
  • Top-class assignments
  • Certifications

Contact Details:


Address: Office no. 205, 2nd Floor, Balaji Business Complex, Near Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110092


Contact Number: +91-9971050903



4. MSA Institute


MSA Digital Skills Institute is a training institute that is situated in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi and it is one of the top digital marketing institutes in East Delhi. This institute offers top-level advanced courses with a specialization in internships and placement support. If you want to check the quality of the course, you can take the demo classes as well and it is completely free of cost. This institute provides placement opportunities to their students and providing industry-based training programs.


After completing our courses, you will get various lucrative job opportunities to make your career with top companies and organizations. This institute offers courses with the help of live projects that will cover all the important concepts that are used in current industries.



  • 100% practical-based training
  • 45+ Advanced Modules
  • Certifications
  • Top-level live classes
  • Online and Offline Modes
  • Internships
  • Best Curriculum
  • Best Reviews

Contact Details:

Address: U-158, Vats Complex 2nd Floor, Shakarpur, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, 110092


Contact Number: +91-7303377975



5. Ekwik Classes


Ekwik Classes is offering top digital marketing course in East Delhi with 100% job assurance. This institute focuses on practical skills and provides you with complete digital exposure that will help you build your career. There are various career opportunities available in Digital Marketing Field but to get one, you need to build your skills with proper knowledge. Ekwik classes cover almost all the important modules of this field and make you an expert in the industry. 


They provide 100% practical-based training in SEO, SMO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, and other advanced 20+ modules that build your skills like no other institute. You can enroll in our classes to make your career in online marketing.



  • 100% placement assistance
  • 20+ Modules
  • 12+ Certifications
  • Advanced Concepts
  • 7+ Years in Industry
  • Hiring partners
  • Top Infrastructure

Contact Details:


Address: A-20, Gurunanak Pura, Laxmi Nagar, Near Nirman Vihar Metro Station, Block A, New Delhi, 110092


Contact Number: +91-9717666076 


6. LSKDM Institute


LSKDM Institute is offering intensive digital marketing course in East Delhi that help students to become professional digital marketers. This institute covers all the important topics that are very important to be a part of the Internet marketing industry. They have the best training experts in the industry as mentors who will provide you with training that builds on in-depth concepts to make sure each student can start their journey in online marketing.


This institute is partnered with top organizations in India that will help the students build their careers and kickstart their journeys. They are offering flexible courses that will help you understand the advanced topics and clear your objectives.



  • Hands-On Classes
  • Regular Q&A Sessions
  • Online and Offline Classes
  • Best Environment
  • Job Assistance
  • Special Sessions
  • Certifications

Contact Details:


Address: 69, 2nd Floor, Regal Building, Connaught Place, Delhi, 110001


Contact Number: +91-9818677820



7. The Digital Education Institute


Digital education is one of the top digital marketing course in East Delhi provided in Delhi for job seekers, and working professionals to improve their skills. Digital marketing is the need of current time and to be a part of this enhancing industry, you need to have great skills. For that, you need to enroll in the institutes that are providing quality education. Digital education is one of them and providing online and offline classroom training to make you a renowned digital marketer of the industry.


You will learn techniques that can be used to advance your career in the field of online marketing. We provide 18+ advanced modules to the students to make them an expert.



  • Domain and hosting for 1 year
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Certifications
  • Job placement assistance
  • Live training
  • Best trainers
  • Hands-on training

Contact Details:


Address: WA-119A, 3rd Floor, Easy Day Building, Main Mother Dairy Road, Near Shakarpur School, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, 110092


Contact Number: +91-9971667110



8. DMTE Institute


DMTE is one of the top digital marketing institutes in East Delhi and they are providing top online marketing course in East Delhi for students who want to make their career in the same field. This institute offers top-quality online marketing programs that cover all the important modules related to the online field. After completing your course with DMTE, you can make your career with the help of professional skills that you have made by working on live projects here at the institute.


Accelerate your career with DMTE as we have the best curriculum in the industry based on the current industry trends and tools. They have the industry’s best trainers that will help you to build your skills.



  • Live Project Based Classes
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Free Membership
  • Technical Support
  • Certified Trainers
  • Small Batches
  • Assignments and Assessments
  • Quality Learning Programs

Contact Details:


Address: U-197, 2nd Floor, Shakarpur, Laxmi Nagar Metro Station, Delhi, 110092


Contact Number: +91-9873158964



9. Academy of Success Institute


The Academy of Success is a top digital marketing institute in East Delhi that provides the best courses in the industry. This institute has made courses that are based on exclusive trends and techniques. If you do not understand any technique in this field, you should be a part of a reputed institute to gain skills. These skills you have developed will help you to be a part of this industry. AOS Institute regularly updates its syllabus to be relevant to the industry. This also helps the students in a lot of ways to gain knowledge, and build skills.


AOS Institute made its courses short but with the best modules in the industry. This institute teaches you from complete basic to advanced level to impart knowledge that is very necessary for the modern world.



  • Industry-relevant Programs
  • Professional Trainers
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Google Certifications
  • Best Infrastructure
  • Internships
  • Live projects
  • Lifetime Query Assistance

Contact Details:


Address: Baba complex, U 135, 1st Floor, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, 110092


Contact Number: +91-9717900635



10. Vcare Technical Institute


Vcare Technical Institute is a training institute that will help you build your skills in the field of online marketing. In this modern world, you need digital skills to become successful as it provides a big spectrum to have success. If you have a business online, you need online marketing services to reach your target audience, that is why you need skills to apply the online techniques in the real world. Vcare Institute will provide you with training to become a professional digital marketer.



  • In-depth training
  • Best-in-class infrastructure
  • Internship
  • Case studies
  • Job assistance
  • Certifications 

Contact Details:


Address: E7, 101, Pradhanji Complex, Hira Sweets Street, Vikas Marg, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, 110092


Contact Number: +91-8319004365



Who can learn digital marketing course in East Delhi?


Digital marketing is for everyone as it is one of the essential skills of India in this digital age. If you are in any industry, you will require the techniques of online marketing to be the top challenger in the game. There is no need to have a solid background related to computer science to gain admission in digital marketing. If you have passion and want to learn the techniques with current trends with a little knowledge of computing, you can learn easily. 


Students or Freshers


This is the best field for students to earn skills for their resume to enhance their chances of career opportunities. You should go to the top institute to learn the course. If you are already a student at any university or field, you can enroll for online classes or weekend classes that will provide you the opportunity for time flexibility. Learn with the top trainers to gain a skill set in online marketing with proper knowledge.




Small business owners or entrepreneurs can learn digital marketing courses in East Delhi to gain skills to offer benefits to their businesses or brands. This digital platform will offer you a greater reach and possibilities in the market for potential audience and awareness. After getting the best skills, you can enhance your business and compete with your competitors in better ways. You can reach a larger audience to promote your products or services online.




If you are looking to enhance your skills or change your industry, you can enroll in any top digital marketing institute in East Delhi. Upgrade your skills by taking classes under the guidance of top industry experts and gain knowledge. This industry will open up a lot of career opportunities for you and if you are already a professional, then helped you to increase the chances for higher positions in your organizations.




Q. Which is the No. 1 Digital Marketing Institute in East Delhi?

DIDM is the best digital marketing institute in East Delhi based on several reasons, like the learning environment, best curriculum, industry-expert trainers, infrastructure, and affordable fees. DIDM is offering the best comprehensive digital marketing course in East Delhi for students who want to develop skills in this field by having practical knowledge. The top 10 institutes for digital marketing in East Delhi are

  1. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing (DIDM)
  2. Web Training India
  3. ITTCD Institute
  4. MSA Digital Skills Institute
  5. Ekwik Classes
  6. ISKDM Institute
  7. The Digital Education
  8. DMTE Institute
  9. AOS Digital Marketing Institute
  10. VCare Technical Institute

Q. Is digital marketing a good career course?

Absolutely. Digital marketing is the basic need for every business and organization to compete in this digital world. It is required by every industry for promotion, reach, and awareness. There is a growing demand for digital marketing professionals in the industry who have the actual knowledge. To fulfill the demands of the industry, you should acquire the skills with a reputed institute that will teach you hands-on methods. 

This will open a door to a lot of opportunities for your career.

Q. How can I join the Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing?

To join DIDM, you need to visit our website or any institute that is nearest to your area. We have 9+ branches in Delhi NCR with experienced faculties and the best learning environment. Reach our institute, and the staff will proceed with the admission process. You can take demo sessions as well with our experienced trainers to check the quality of our sessions. You can contact us by calling our helpline no. +91-8800505151.

Q. Is digital marketing a good career field for freshers?

The digital marketing course in East Delhi is best for the fresher students to enhance their skills to open up a lot of opportunities for themselves. You should choose the best institute for you to gain the knowledge and experience that is required to work in the industry. This will help you to sharpen your skills and you will become up-to-date after learning from the top courses. It is an ever-growing skill which is why you need to be updated all the time with the guidance of top faculties.

Q. Can I learn digital marketing in 3 to 4 months?

Yes, you can learn digital marketing in just 3 to 4 months but you need proper guidance for that with all the required knowledge-related tools and trends. Learn from the top industry experts who have great experience in the working industry. DIDM has the best trainers in the industry who will teach you based on the experience they have by offering you real-life scenarios, live project-based training, and advanced tools.




If you are looking for the most trustworthy and advanced institute to learn and earn the top certifications in the industry, DIDM is the best choice for you. Our blog is designed in a way that will explain to you why digital marketing is best for you to make your career with and which institute is better for you. 

We hope that our blog helped you find the right choice for you in the top digital marketing course in East Delhi. To be a part of this ever-growing industry, you need to develop skills which is only possible when you enroll in the best institute like DIDM.

If you want to connect with the team of DIDM, come visit our institute or call us to have a demo session with our best trainers at +91-8800505151 or email us at

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