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Best Online Digital Marketing Courses In India 2021

Best Online Digital Marketing Courses In India 2021: There was a time when people felt the internet was another world, but now people have realized it is a tool that we use in this world. Technology will never equal a learning outcome. It is a tool that enables learning outcomes. There is a huge difference in both. “I dream of a Digital India where quality education reaches the most inaccessible corners driven by Digital Learning”: Narendra Modi. (Join DIDM, digital marketing training in Gurgaon for the best digital marketing course)

The answer to everything is the understanding & learning of an online digital marketing course. Below is the list of comprehensive online marketing course, mentioned courses are free or almost free. Best Online Digital Marketing Courses In India 2021

  1. Facebook
  2. Alison
  3. MIT Open Courseware
  4. Udemy
  5. EDX
  6. Hubspot
  7. Coursera
  8. Quintly
  9. Quick sprout
  10. SkillShare
  11. Lynda
  12. Canva
  13. Copy blogger
  14. Code Academy
  15. General Assembly
  1. Facebook 


Facebook Blueprint


You might be very much familiar with the term Facebook. You know what it is and what it does and how do I get Facebook traffic? But what you might now know is. It offers a training and certification program. Facebook Blueprint proffers Live E-learning courses to people and marketers in order to help them grow their business using Facebook. Facebook Blueprint is not limited to one language it guides in different languages. It gives classes on proper usage of Facebook and Instagram.






Alison provides free online digital marketing course to its users to promote education. Alison’s belief is to break the boundaries and transform lives through education. Alison offers free online digital marketing course but the diplomas ad certificates are chargeable. Alison offers teachings by world-leading experts. To be a part of ALISON you just need to register yourself, find the right course, and get enrolled.


  1. DIDM



The main objective of the Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing (DIDM) is to give birth to new Marketing strategies so your business can stand effectively in the growing market competition. DIDM offers Masters, Advanced and customized courses. It gives you the opportunity to customize your course by releasing the need of your market & company. DIDM has delivered over 600 batches to date. DIDM provides you 34 Modules with 500+ hours of training. DIDM promises you 100% placement.


  1. MIT Open Courseware



The idea behind MIT is simple; to publish all course material online and them available to everyone. MIT focuses on Empowering minds and unlocking Knowledge. MIT provides some online courses and free online digital marketing course. MIT also offers translated courses in traditional Chinese, Turkish and Korean.

  1. Udemy


Best Online Digital Marketing Courses In India 2021: Udemy offers the World’s largest selection of courses. Udemy gives you the opportunity to choose from 130,000 online video courses with new additions made to them every month. Udemy helps the Best instructors to reach students. Udemy conducts classes in 65+ languages. It has made a record by 35M learners, 57K instructors, and 130K courses. Udemy courses are divide into different categories, some of them are mentioned below:
⦁ Design
⦁ Development
⦁ Marketing
⦁ IT and Software
⦁ Personal Development
⦁ Business
⦁ Photography
⦁ Music

  1. EDX

The mission of EDX is to provide the increment in the access of high-quality education to everyone and everywhere. EDX was founded in the year 2012, & by then its impact on education is very strong.

EDX believes in building and promoting a software platform that combines you with the recognized universities from all over the world to create educative courses for everyone around the globe.

EDX offers Informative courses from institutions with 2800+ courses in subjects which include humanities, math, computer science. If you are a business or corporation you can use EDX to train and develop your employees.

  1. Hubspot

Hubspot provides you with complete guidance on the CRM platform with all the tools and integration that your business may require to grow better – whether it is increasing leads, accelerating sales, or streamline your customer service, or building a powerful website. Hubspot offers pocket-friendly courses and free online digital marketing course to spread education. If you are willing to invest your time in learning about digital marketing, sales, and advertising. Hubspot is a great option for you as it offers various courses :

⦁ Digital Marketing or online digital marketing course
⦁ Web Development
⦁ Customer Service
⦁ Sales
⦁ Advertising
⦁ Hubspot Software


  1. Coursera

Coursera helps you get ready for your career by giving you proper guidance on business analytics, graphic design, Python, and more. By enrolling in Coursera you can a degree from a leading university in business and computer science. Coursera also offers courses at the Beginner level. It expands its language in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Korean, and more. ( Grow career in digital marketing with digital marketing training institute in Gurgaon )


  1. Quintly


Whether a company needs training for their team or technical requests, Quietly provide solutions to all your company needs so that your organization can make the most use of advanced social analytics. Quintly is considered a social media analytics tool that offers free online digital marketing course via Quietly Academy.


  1. Quick sprout

Quick sprout helps you grow your business online and get more traffic. Quick sprout provides its comprehensive guide on how to create a website, finding the best web hosting provider, and digital marketing guides in-depth. It provides 500+ guides across 10 subjects. Quick Sprout provides the best learning on the mentioned below topic:

⦁ Best Web Hosting Providers
⦁ Best Email Marketing Services
⦁ Best Website Builder
⦁ Best Dropshipping Companies
⦁ Best Ecommerce Platforms
⦁ Best Domain Registrars
⦁ Best Blogging Platforms to make money online
⦁ Best WordPress Plugins

  1. Skill Share

SkillShare conducts classes that help you make creative projects. Classes provided by skillshare include prompts and resources. It helps you build your future by unlocking strategies and styles. It provides the best online classes. A few of the categories are mentioned below:

⦁ Illustration
⦁ Design
⦁ Photography
⦁ Video
⦁ Freelancing


  1. LYNDA

Best Online Digital Marketing Courses In India 2021: Lynda is well known for being one of the best online video learning resources for mastering everything It marks from Adobe Photoshop to CAD software. Lynda is strongly recognized for its abundant software video tutorials, they also provide free online digital marketing courses, AdWords (amazing tips for AdWords), Facebook, and more.


  1. Canva

Canva is the design platform your classroom will require the most. The belief of Canva is to Pass on the creative and collaborative skills that will mark a lifetime impact with our intuitive drag-and-drop tool. It makes visual learning and communication for learners easy and fun. Plus Canva helps people to make beautiful images for web design, and Canva provides design courses that are valuable for any kind of storyteller. Canva offers its courses for free to all.


  1. Copy blogger

Copyblogger is considered as a content marketing company that creates content about content. Copy blogger’s blog provides a huge amount of resources about digital marketing, and its class, “Internet Marketing for Smart People,” is built of ebooks and emailed lessons, and other course materials. Copyblogger comprises four pillars of content marketing success with creative ways to boost content, which it delves into over the course of this class. The Certified copy blogger Content Marketer program has been developed by leaders of the content industry— Brian Clark and Sonia Simone.

  1. Code Academy

Code Academy works with the mission of building the education the world needs Code Academy provides a course that is beginner-friendly. Code Academy is categorized into various subjects listed below:

⦁ web Development
⦁ Data Science
⦁ Computer Science
⦁ Developer Tools
⦁ Machine Learning
⦁ Code Foundations
⦁ Web Design
⦁ Game Development
⦁ Mobile Development
⦁ Data Visualization

  1. Buffer

Buffer’s Social Media Week of Webinars is exactly not a course — it is a series of live webinar recordings available on YouTube — but the videos are full edged with current and valuable information for social media marketers gathered from the experts. Topics comprise marketing of Instagram and Facebook and how to promote public relations on social media. ( learn digital marketing with digital marketing training Gurgaon)


We have seen a major change in Modern Technology in recent years. Along with the growth of technology, the technique of businesses has also changed. In this regard, Digital Marketing takes the lead position. Modern Generation is one big reason to bring this change, they believe is getting served by sitting online. Keeping this in mind major companies has paved their way to the online platform. Companies stay connected with their customers through the internet.

Through Digital Marketing, you make customers aware of the product you sell or the service you provide. Digital Marketing provides you good Promotional and advertising strategy to perform well in the competitive market. Online promotion is the new prevailing air. It is considered good enough as the world and the internet never go to rest.

By being digital you are available to your customers 24 hours. Digital Marketing helps you expand your customer reach by keeping no geographic boundaries. Digital Marketing is considered as pocket-friendly if compared to traditional marketing channels, which comprise of TV, Radio, Newspaper, Banner and etc. Digital marketing activates your promoting strategy by social media.

Social media nowadays is playing a vital role in promoting digital activities. It also offers merchandisers to evaluate and audit their online movement for quality purposes.


Q1- Digital Marketing works with which sorts of businesses?

Digital Marketing works with businesses of all sizes, from local companies and start-ups to national and multinational brands. Digital Marketing is friendly to all business environments. It deals with every sector, from software companies to local vendors and photographers.

Q2- What role Social Media plays in Digital Marketing?

Social media act as a consultant in Digital Marketing. Social Media plays a vital role in communicating with your customers on behalf of your company. The social media act as a face of internal teams which convey company’s message about product, services, offers and more. Digital Marketing helps you in giving training about which strategy you should choose for promotion on social media channels according to your client.

Q3- What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a marketing tool that uses the internet or online digital platform to advertise a company’s service. Digital Marketing fits itself in all sorts of Marketing definitions, but in a particular case, it covers anything based online which includes:

  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Analytics and conversion rate optimization
  4. Content creation and marketing
  5. Social media
  6. Email marketing
  7. Marketing automation


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