DIDM course curriculum and trainers were exceptionally brilliant

DIDM course curriculum and trainers were exceptionally brilliant

It was great knowing the insights about Sonam Agarwal, DIDM Ex-Trainee & Seo Executive SISL Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Hi Sonam! Tell me about qualifications and where you are working presently?

Ans: Hello all! I am basically from Rewari and have completed B. Tech (ECE) from Modi University and after completing my degree I came to know about digital marketing and hence I joined DIDM which in return helped me to get a proper placement as a Seo Executive at SISL Infotech Pvt Ltd.

  1. Why did you choose digital marketing as your career?

Ans: Digital marketing is the next big thing and in order to be job ready, you have to be able to know the things which are in demand. So, I decided to choose digital marketing as a career as I needed to work in this industry in the future.

  1. Why did you choose DIDM?


DIDM has an excellent placement record of 100% and I was actively looking for a job in the digital marketing sector. So, I joined it.

  1. Please share your training experience at DIDM!



DIDM’s course curriculum and trainers were exceptionally brilliant.

  1. How would you rate DIDM’s training on a scale of 1-10?



  1. Did you find DIDM’s placement helpful for you?

Ans: I got placed in ‘SISL Infotech’ as an SEO executive with the salary of 30000k/month and it’s all because of DIDM and it helped me a lot to enhance my passion and skills of digital marketing.

  1. Your message to young digital marketers!

Ans: Digital marketing offers people with a lot of earning opportunities and hence I recommended people to join the digital marketing course.

  1. DIDM in one line…

DIDM provides 100% placement and there is no better digital marketing institute across Delhi-NCR than Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing.

It was really great having a word with you Sonam. Have a great career ahead!

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