Facebook and Instagram Down, Users Struggle to Stay Connected

Facebook and Instagram down

On Tuesday (5-March’2024) evening, users across India and various other parts of the globe encountered a frustrating scenario as both Facebook and Instagram experienced unexpected downtime. 

Reports flooded in from users who found themselves abruptly logged out of their accounts on these platforms, with some even encountering difficulties in refreshing Instagram pages. 

The situation escalated when users were prompted to reset their passwords, adding to the confusion and concern.

The outage, swiftly recognized by the outage tracking website Downdetector.com, revealed a significant disruption in services provided by Meta Platforms, with Facebook bearing the brunt of over 300,000 outage reports and Instagram trailing with more than 20,000 reports. 

This sudden halt in service left users puzzled and seeking answers on alternative platforms.

Microblogging sites like X (formerly Twitter) became the go-to destination for users seeking clarity and solidarity amidst the chaos. 

Tweets poured in, echoing frustrations and sharing experiences of the outage. 

Some users, perplexed by the sudden logouts and unresponsive pages, jokingly questioned whether they were being hacked, while others engaged in a light-hearted race against the hypothetical hackers, likening the situation to a movie plot.

The disruption not only affected individual users but also sparked a collective conversation online, as people sought reassurance and updates on the status of the platforms they rely on for communication and connection. 

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