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How To Search On Google? Best Tips And Tricks To Get The High Results in 2021

If you are someone who uses Google many times a day. but if you are not a technical geek, you will be using google in the simplest form. If your google use is limited to searching by typing for words and changing your query until you find exactly what you are looking for: Below are listed the better way to optimize your search — and it is easy to learn to understand. (Learn Google Ads with Best Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon)


1. Explicit Phrase


Let’s consider you are looking for content about Inbound marketing on Google. Rather than typing inbound marketing in your google search box, It will be better to search particularly for the phrase. This can be done simply by enclosing the search phrase with double-quotes.




2. Exclude Words


Imagine if you want to search for content related to inbound marketing but want to remove all
the results that contain the term advertising. This can be done by simply using this – sign in
front of the term you want to remove



3. This OR That


When you conduct a search on a dual basis, Google will indulge all the terms which are specified in the search. If you are searching for any one of one or more terms to match, you can do it simply by using OR operator. (P.S: The OR need to be capitalized) (Learn online earning with blogging by Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon)





4. Words in the Text


If you are looking for a webpage where all the terms you are finding appear in the text of the page. You can simply do this by typing in allintext: which is immediately followed by words or phrases.

For Example allintext:Beechwood Estate Resort

5. Words in the Text, Title & URL, etc.


If you are willing to find a webpage where one term is incorporated in the text of that page and the other term appears somewhere else on the page, Same as Title or URL, then what you can do is type in that first term which is followed by intext: followed actively by the other terms. (What Is Google Ads in Digital Marketing and How Does It Work)

Example Search: Neil diamond intext: red sox

6. Words in the Title


When you try to find a webpage with certain words which are incorporated in the title but are not placed with each other, then what you can do is type in allintitle: followed by words or phrases

For Example: allintitle: Dejavu house

7. Words in the URL


If you are trying to find pages with the search query mentioned in the URL, then you can type allinurl: followed by your search query.
For Example: allinurl:xplore zone



8. How to Search Within a Website


Most of the time you search for a specific website that contains content that matches a certain phrase. Even if your site is not a supporter of the built-in search feature, You can take the help of Google to search the site for your term. You can do this by simply using the site: somesite.com modifier. (Learn Digital Marketing Course with Digital Marketing Institute in Gurgaon)


9. Related Search


If you looking to search for a new website with similar content of a website you are already aware of, use the related: somesite.com  modifier.


Google News Update
Google News Update


10. A Page That Links to Another Page


If you want to consider a search for every website that cites a Buzzfeed article on their website. You can do this by using the link: command, followed by the name of a page. Google will provide you with all the pages that will link to BuzzFeed official website. The more pointed your URL is, the fewer and more specific results you will get.


11. Similar Words and Synonyms


If you are willing to include a word in your search, but at the same place you also want to include results that incorporate similar words or synonyms. You can do this by using ~ in
front of the word.

For Example: inbound marketing ~ professional


12. Word Definitions


If you only want to have a look at the definition of a word or a phrase, then you can do it simply by using the define: command. You can give listen how to pronounce your word by
simply pressing the megaphone icon.
For Example: define:syntax

13. Missing Words


If you anyday forget to mention a word or two from a specific phrase or a song lyrics, movie dialogue or anything else. you can take help of an asterisk as a wildcard, which will access
you to the missing word in the phrase.


14. News in a Specific Location


If you are looking for news of a particular region, you can use its location: command to search for google news for finding stories that are coming from that location.
For Example: Civil lines Location:Bareilly


15. Phone Listing


If you want to check any specific number which appeared on your mobile phone, you can check easily on it. You can copy the number you want to search, and you can ask Google to look it up on search engine google while using the phonebook feature. (Digital Marketing Course Near Me is connecting you to a great learning option)

For Example: phonebook:8982445193


16. Area Code Lookup


If you want to search for an area code for your phone number, then all you need to do is just
enter three-digit area code and Google will inform you where it is from

Example =: 114


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