In response to account access issues, Instagram comes up with ‘Hacked’ Hub

In response to account access issues, Instagram comes up with ‘Hacked’ Hub

Instagram is a social media platform where many people experience issues with the access to their accounts and to fix these issues, Instagram has created a feature known as ‘Hacked Hub’. Instagram’s team of account access experts claims that ‘Hacked’ is nothing more than a new exclusive destination for people who wish to resolve account access issues related to their Instagram accounts.

In their blog, Instagram wrote: “To support accounts that are experiencing access issues or may have been hacked, we created – a new, comprehensive destination people can rely on to report and resolve account access issues.”

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They wrote the following in the same blog: “If you’re unable to log in to your account, enter on your mobile phone or desktop browser. Next, you will be able to select if you think you’ve been hacked, forgot your password, lost access to two-factor authentication or if your account has been disabled. From there, you will be able to follow a series of steps to help regain access to your account. If you have multiple accounts associated with your information, you will be able to choose which account needs support.”

According to Techcrunch, a leading US based news portal, Instagram is currently developing its vision for safeguarding the accounts of all its users in order to keep them safe. If you are an Instagram user, Instagram wants to make sure you never have any kind of issues related to your account, and if at any point you do have any issues related to your account, Instagram wants to resolve it as soon as possible.

Although Instagram is trying its best to make sure people get their accounts back when they are hacked, it is also making its best efforts to ensure that Instagram users never get their accounts hacked in the first place.

Instagram stated “First, we remove accounts that our automated systems find to be malicious, including ones that impersonate others, which goes against our Community Guidelines. Second, because bad actors often don’t immediately use accounts maliciously, we’re now testing sending warnings if an account that we suspect may be impersonating someone requests to follow you.”

It is also planned that Instagram will send a direct message to those people who are impersonating other people’s accounts in the future, in an effort to stop this type of behavior.

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There are suggestions that are given by the social media platform to people in order to keep their accounts from being hacked. It is recommended that you use a password that is highly strong and enable two-factor authentication in order to protect your account.

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