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In Windows 11, Microsoft adds AI-powered Bing, iPhone integration, and more

Microsoft’s highly anticipated Windows 11 update is finally here, bringing a host of new features and improvements to the world’s most popular desktop operating system.

One of the standout additions to Windows 11 is the integration of AI-powered Bing search technology. 

This new feature, known as “Windows Search,” is designed to provide users with more personalized and contextually relevant search results. 

By using artificial intelligence to learn from user search habits, Bing can now offer more accurate and useful results.

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Another major addition is the integration of Apple’s iPhone to the Windows 11 desktop. 

A new app called “Your Phone” allows users to connect their iPhone directly to their PC and access their photos, messages, and notifications directly from their desktop.

It’s also important to note that Microsoft has promised one more thing, which is that the next version of Windows 11, when it comes out, will be the most powerful and fastest version ever!

The upcoming update will include some new features, such as integration with the iPhone, a redesigned user interface, and improved gaming capabilities. 

Essentially, what Microsoft has declared with Windows 11 is that there will be something for every type of user regardless of whether he is tech savvy or not, a game enthusiast or not, or whatever other type of user he might be.

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