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Is Google’s ‘Bard AI’ incapable of standing up to Chat GPT’s power?

There are times when one single mistake can lead to disastrous consequences, and the story that we are going to share with you here is an example of how this can happen.

Stocks worth $100 billion were lost by Google’s parent company ‘Alphabet’

As you may have heard, Google is coming up with a new product called ‘Bard AI’ that would be directly competing with Open AI’s ‘Chat GPT’ which would offer a similarly engaging user experience. 

In the same way that Chat GPT tries to inform people with an answer to any of their questions, Bard AI also intends to do the same.

The parent company of Google, Alphabet, hosted a live online event on Wednesday where they informed their audience about ‘Bard AI’ through an online promotional video.

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It was what happened after that that will remain in the minds and hearts of the people for a very long time to come.

Bard AI gave inaccurate answers to the search queries in the online promotional video of the company Alphabet, and this mistake by Bard AI has now come to be regarded as a major problem now for the company Alphabet.

Within just a few hours of this, ‘Alphabet’ lost more than $100 billion in sales as a result.

As a matter of fact, Open AI’s Chat GPT is being backed by Microsoft Corporation as Microsoft has invested $10 billion in it.

The stocks of Microsoft rose around 3% on Wednesday, the same day in which ‘Alphabet’ lost its $100 billion worth of stock values.

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