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The List Of Top 5 YouTube Channels will boost your growth in Digital Marketing!

Nowadays, Visual content is beating the theoretical content as people are likely to search Videos for their queries. Thus there are many Digital Marketing course professionals started focusing on creating videos and visuals to attract the masses via Youtube Channels.

The Internet brought a revolution and change towards the approach of the learning process. Sharing of information became a trend looking at the accessibility, reach and engagement. There came awareness about free education and benefits with it. Video Marketing is one such way to promote the brand in all the social media platform. (learn how to earn money with video marketing by joining the best digital marketing course in delhi)

Work pressure has reduced. It became easier to complete the task by having accessibility to all the information.
It had impacted our personal lives. We are inclined and used to having access to videos for all different reasons. Search for recipes, directions, learning online courses, Youtube Tutorials and places to hangout.

The Digital Marketing has introduced the concept of Youtube Marketing to strengthen the strategies of Marketing professionals.  Using a search engine to learn about different subjects is not a new practice. It had evolved long back with the inception of the Internet. The new thing is the abundance of video resources available with Google Search results. This is partially a result of Google’s ownership of YouTube, it’s also because of the enormous amount of video content produced these days. Now most of us turn to YouTube instead of Google for any answers.

In this blog post is sharing the list of Top 5 YouTube channels for recruiters and sales professionals or Digital Marketing Professionals. (Learn how to make money with Youtube Channel by doing Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi)

1. Social Triggers Tv
social trigger tv
social trigger tv Youtube Channel

Youtube channel Social Triggers Tv educates entrepreneurs video content who want to excel in today’s market. It covers the fields of psychology, marketing, and human behavior. Also, it shows notes on when exactly one should check out the videos on this channel.

2. Marketing 360
Marketing 360
Marketing 360

This YouTube channel produces high-quality video contents on branding to entrepreneurship to product reviews. This channel will benefit anyone needing to boost up the Digital marketing game. This is a must-watch channel.

3. Duct Tape

The Youtube channel, Duct Tape Marketing is a small Digital marketing agency run by marketing experts. Their quality video reflects their expertise and mostly produces short videos on Duct Tape Marketing podcast. Though this channel is classified as a podcast, it releases valuable content.

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4. Jon Loomer
jon loomer
jon loomer

John Loomer is a youtube channel shares advanced marketing or Digital Marketing tips and techniques on Facebook that will add to the skills of marketing experts. If you are an individual keen to learn about the Facebook advanced marketing tactic, this is a must-watch blog.

5. Capterra

This YouTube channel has lots of valuable content with whiteboard style videos, important videos concepts and much more. Check this out for inspiration and advice.

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