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To Combat Abuse, WhatsApp Bans 74 Lakh Indian Accounts in April

In a significant move to combat abuse and maintain a safe environment, WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, recently announced the ban of 7.4 million Indian accounts during the month of April.

WhatsApp, one of the most widely used messaging apps globally, has been actively working towards safeguarding user privacy and ensuring a secure communication experience. 

Since its popularity has grown in India, the company has focused on addressing abuse and misinformation concerns.

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In April, WhatsApp made a decisive move by banning approximately 7.4 million Indian accounts. 

This strict action was taken to address the misuse of the platform for spreading harmful content and engaging in unethical activities. 

By removing these accounts, WhatsApp aims to create a safer space for its users, where they can communicate freely without fear of encountering harmful or misleading information.

The banned accounts were found to be violating WhatsApp’s Terms of Service, which explicitly prohibit the dissemination of offensive or abusive content, spamming, harassment, and the promotion of violence. 

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This action sends a strong message that abuse and misuse will not be tolerated, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a respectful and secure online environment.

To enhance user control and privacy, WhatsApp has also introduced several features, including end-to-end encryption and options for reporting and blocking unwanted contacts.

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