What are the Best YouTube SEO Tips to Rank 1?

Youtube Seo tips

You would probably have neglected YouTube SEO Tips till now, thinking that it did not exist. We are here to help you in understanding the importance of YouTube Video SEO in getting you a higher number of views. Many people think that YouTube is just a social media platform. Well, that could be true to some extent, but it is not the complete information. YouTube is both a social media platform and a search engine platform where you can do YouTube Optimization to Rank #1. As a matter of fact, it is the second-largest search engine platform in the world, ranking after Google. Additionally, it is owned by Google only. 

After reading this blog post, you will be completely aware of what YouTube SEO Tips are, how doing YouTube SEO will benefit you enormously, and what steps you will need to take to begin doing YouTube Optimization right away. So before you move ahead to read this blog post, commit to yourself that you will not close the tab before finishing the entire post.

YouTube Video SEO

What is YouTube SEO?

Just like the blog or website’s SEO, YouTube SEO Tips also stands for YouTube Search Engine Optimization, which means that just like your blog posts and website, you will have to optimize your videos in such a way that they start to rank at the top. 

Just like the different search engines like Bing and Google, YouTube also follows certain criteria to rank the videos published on it at the top. 

If you religiously follow these YouTube criteria, then there are very high chances that your YouTube videos will start to rank higher at the top. We will learn about these YouTube video SEO criteria further in the coming sections.

What is Youtube Seo tips ?
Different search engines like Bing and Google, YouTube also follows certain criteria to rank the videos published on it at the top.

How doing the YouTube SEO Tips will benefit you tremendously?

Doing YouTube optimization rightly will help you get a large number of views and engagement on your YouTube videos. We know for sure that it does not matter what industry it is and who the target audience is, people, do not like to scroll down and go to the next page, whether it is on Google’s results or whether it is on YouTube search results. 

A large number of people click on the top-ranked videos on Youtube because they believe that those ones would be the best suited for their needs or to solve their problems. 

This is the reason why people choose to pay YouTube to run their YouTube videos as ads so that they can be ranked at the top and, thus, their videos will get viewed by a lot of people.

If you do the YouTube keyword research and YouTube SEO Tips the right way, then you will see a lot of free traffic coming in to watch your videos as they will rank at the top of YouTube and people will definitely watch them.

Here are the best ways to do YouTube SEO Tips to Rank your videos at the top.

When you are just starting out, put more emphasis on low-competition keywords for better YouTube SEO.

We creators are always in a hurry. We don’t want to wait to come to the top of the YouTube Search Results. Instead, we want everything instantly. We want to come out on top just right after we post our first YouTube video, but things related to YouTube, or related to the internet for that matter, do not work this way. 

Arriving at the top has a lot of benefits, and surely to reap those benefits, you will need to have some patience. So, start from the low competition keywords with the YouTube Keyword Research as they will be easier to rank on in the beginning stage and slowly move forward towards the higher ones on which only the top authority channels of your niche are ranking, this way you will be doing the YouTube SEO the correct way.

Best ways to do YouTube SEO Tips to rank your videos at the top
Put more emphasis on low-competition keywords for better YouTube SEO.

If you perform this YouTube Optimization method, you will see better results, and additionally, you will have a complete YouTube Video SEO strategy formed on what to do next to rank at the top. To check and analyze the low-competition keywords for YouTube SEO, you can use YouTube Optimization tools like VidIQ.

Make an attempt to increase the number of comments on your video for YouTube SEO.

Most of the comments that you see on YouTube videos are positive ones, where people thank the YouTube video creator for creating such an interesting and valuable video. And YouTube Optimization algorithm considers this as merit. 

The more comments that you have on your video, the better your YouTube optimization will be for you. And if you like and reply to those comments in a positive way or answer people’s further queries that they ask you in the comment section, you are surely going to outdo your competitors in doing YouTube SEO.

As you probably know, several of the video creators who upload content on YouTube tend not to see the comment section of their videos after uploading them, and even if they do, they do not engage with their viewers, which is a negative aspect when it comes to YouTube Optimization.

Youtube Seo Tips
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If you choose to do that for YouTube Video SEO, you surely will have a competitive advantage. Increasing the number of comments on your YouTube videos is not as hard as it seems to be. Even if you simply ask the viewers to leave a comment after watching, you will see rapid growth in the number of comments, and your YouTube SEO Tips will be positively affected.

This is because some people will be new to YouTube and don’t know that they have to leave a comment to appreciate or condemn the YouTube video creator. Or even the general public does not think about leaving a comment, but if you ask them to, some of them will definitely leave one.

Make an effort to increase your click-through rate for better YouTube Video SEO.

YouTube is such a popular video marketing platform in today’s world that nearly all the people who use the internet also use YouTube, and why wouldn’t they? 

It is such an easy and cost-effective way to teach and learn a wide array of topics that it becomes a no-brainer to use it on a regular basis, and as so many people use it, including you. Let us know: whenever you search for something on YouTube, which video do you pick to see? Do you always pick up the first video? ‘NO’. 

Unconsciously, you choose to see the specific video that has the most unique title or the most catchy thumbnail, as these two make human beings curious to click on the video and see what is inside it. 

YouTube Video SEO Tips .
Most catchy thumbnails draw a lot of attention in Youtube videos

The most catchy thumbnails usually draw in a lot of attention, so even when a video is unrelated to us but its thumbnail is attractive, we choose to click on it. 

Therefore, your focus should be on getting the most catchy thumbnails designed for your video, for YouTube SEO  Tipsso that whenever someone searches for your targeted keyword, they will choose to click on your video and not on your competitors. 

It will result in an increase in your rankings on YouTube’s search results page because it is an aspect of YouTube Optimization. The more people choose to click on your video, the more authoritative channel you will be considered for YouTube.

Optimize your YouTube title and description for better YouTube SEO.

As we stated earlier, having a catchy thumbnail along with an effective title will get you a lot of clicks as it is good for YouTube SEO purposes. However, when it comes to the title and description of the YouTube video, if you optimize them, you’ll see rapid growth in your rankings. 

To optimize your title according to our YouTube Optimization method, you will have to include the targeted keyword in it. It would be very good if that keyword were at the beginning of the YouTube title. The recommended title length for a YouTube video is 5–6 words. Now you might be thinking, how will you insert the keyword into such a short title length?

 YouTube SEO Tips
Optimize your title according to our YouTube Optimization method

Let’s understand this through an example. If your keyword is “Best Recipes”, you can come up with a title like “Best recipes for kids to prepare”, and your YouTube title is optimized. For the description part, we recommend you to choose a length of 200–250 words, and here also you need to keep the primary keyword in the first line of the paragraph for better YouTube Video SEO. 

Incorporate the keywords 5–6 times in the description. There is one thing to keep in mind while inducing them: you have to make the keyword insertion seem effortless. Don’t try to insert the keywords forcibly, only use them in the places where they are needed. YouTube Keyword Research is a crucial thing to do, use tools like VidIQ for YouTube Keyword Research.

So, it will appear to YouTube that you are genuinely trying to help the viewers with your video, and hence, your YouTube description is optimized for YouTube SEO.

Let another YouTube content creator talk about you for better YouTube Video SEO

You know, when your website gets ranked at the top of Google’s search engine results, it is for many reasons. One of them is backlinks. Backlinks mean that other websites do link to your blog or website in their content as a reference to share with their readers. 

They provide a link to your website when your content is either too good and they want their readers to see through it, or when your product or service is related to the piece of content that they have written. 

These links give a signal to Google that your content is too good for people to see and based on this, they start to rank your website

or blog higher. 

In exactly the same way, when you get interviewed by someone on their YouTube show or when they talk about you on their channel, YouTube recognizes it, and they start ranking you higher on their results page as you start being considered an authority for YouTube. This is one of the best things that can choose to do for YouTube Video SEO.

Attach subtitles of more than one language for YouTube SEO.

Even if you choose to add English subtitles to your YouTube video for YouTube Optimization, you will see a better level of engagement from the audience than before. People enjoy those YouTube videos which have subtitles given to them. 

They engage better with them. And it does not mean that if your content has been written in a specific language, it will be viewed by only those who speak that language. For instance, if your content has been spoken in the English language, it does not mean it will be viewed in English-speaking countries only. 

 YouTube SEO Tips
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If your content is unique and only a few people have covered the same topic, your video will be viewed in non-English countries as well, and if you have the subtitles rightly placed for other languages, it will be huge merit for you in terms of YouTube SEO. 

And even your audience will start to grow, also you will be viewed by people from other countries as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does YouTube use SEO?

Answer: Just like Google and Bing, YouTube is a search engine too. The only difference is that YouTube is a video search engine for videos. And just like every other search engine platform, YouTube follows its search engine optimization practices or YouTube SEO practices too. You will see an increase in your video rankings if you follow these practices and do the YouTube optimization correctly.

2) Which are the best YouTube SEO  Tipstools for YouTube optimization?

Answer: There are many YouTube Optimization tools that are present in the market, and there are a few of them that work best for YouTube SEO. These YouTube SEO tools are VidIQ, Tubebuddy, and YouTube AutoSuggest.

3) What is YouTube Optimization?

Answer: To do YouTube Optimization the right way for ranking your videos, you need to optimize your video title and description, choose the right meta tags and create new playlists, among other things.

4) What is the best way to find seed keywords for YouTube optimization?

Answer: The two best ways to find seed keywords for YouTube Optimization are through Google Search Console and Keyword Explorer. You can also find seed keywords by researching your competitors’ YouTube videos.

  1. How can I make my YouTube videos searchable?

Answer: The two best and most effective ways to make your videos searchable are to target the right and relevant keywords for YouTube Optimization and to add the channel name to yours as a tag in every video that you publish.


If you choose to follow the YouTube SEO  tips  that we have given you through our blog, we can guarantee that you will witness a lot of viewers and new subscribers to your YouTube channel. However, there is one thing to keep in mind that only a few people will tell you about, and that is that you need to keep the viewer in mind while making and publishing the video. 

The reason Google comes up with a lot of updates for itself and also for YouTube is just to make life easier for its users. If you aim to make life easier for your viewers and subscribers as well, then surely YouTube will see through it and your ranking will automatically get increased. 

This is the basic principle that most people neglect. They just get so busy doing YouTube optimization that they don’t think about the main aspect of their video, i.e., helping their viewers, which if you will do, you can outdo your competitors.

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