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What Is DoubleClick (Google) and How Does It Work

DoubleClick Digital selling (DDM) is AN integrated ad-technology platform that permits agencies and advertisers to effectively produce, manage, and grow high-impact digital selling campaigns. DDM integrates foremost solutions to assist patrons to run holistic campaigns
across multiple channels. (Learn practical knowledge of DoubleClick Digital Selling with best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi)

A comprehensive platform that will not manage any digital marketing campaign. It is sketched for creatives, internet publishers, advertisers, and agencies. With its unimaginable options that enable effective management and creation of online ads, it is often a valuable tool for advertisers and is useful in increasing their business.

The platform offers time insights and knowledge from selling campaigns across completely different channels. It can also be useful for internet publishers as the platform can facilitate them to hook up with a network of advertisers from varied elements of the world. DoubleClick will not produce media-rich advertisements in an exceedingly straightforward and swift manner, creating a useful answer for creatives.

DoubleClick Google
DoubleClick Google


Main Features of Double Click

· Ad Inventory Controls
· Automatic Conversion Data Upload
· Access Google AdWords
· Access Display Network for Ads
· Bid Management
· Create Media Rich Ads
· Campaign Management
· Connect to Global Website Publishers
· Digital Marketing Solution
· DoubleClick Search API
· DoubleClick Ad Exchange
· Global Network of Advertisers
· Revenue Management
· Real-Time Bidding
· Set Pricing for Ad Inventory
· Robust Tools and Insights
· Track Offline Conversion Data
The main advantages of DoubleClick are its ad exchange program, CPM ad evaluation
model, versatile ad displays on the web site, its comprehensive digital promoting tool, and
conversion records.

Benefits of Double-Click

Ad Exchange Program

One of the most effective perks advertisers will get once victimization DoubleClick is that the platform’s Ad Exchange Program; a marketplace that enables publishers and advertisers to sell and get ad inventory or ad areas by time bidding or live auction. once it involves wherever to show the ads, advertisers will choose from show network and search network. The latter is advertising through an inquiry engine. The former, on the opposite hand, means that publication advertisements on sites with areas or reserve pages for such ads.

CPM ad pricing model

DoubleClick uses the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ad rating model, giving internet publishers opportunities to earn cash through their ad inventory. In CPM, the advertisers pay the net publisher or website owner for the impressions that their ad gained from the site’s
guests. the net publisher, therefore, can earn cash whenever a visitant views the ads on her/his website.

DoubleClick Digital Selling
DoubleClick Digital Selling


Flexible ways to display ads on the website

The Ad Exchange Program permits internet publishers to put together the admixtures on their web site. Hence, they’re ready to resolve and address considerations associated with time on the website, click-through rates, and bounce rate.

A comprehensive digital marketing tool

DoubleClick provides reports and information and records the client and visitors’ pre-defined actions on the web site. once somebody requests for product info or buys an associate degree item through the web site of the publicize, the platform can mechanically produce and provides reports. The platform conjointly permits advertisers to make, track, and manage their promotion campaigns across search engines. (Learn Digital Marketing Tools with best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi)

Record conversions

When a shopper or client send inquiries or create an acquisition, DoubleClick can record and report the activity as a conversion. Whenever a client will a web action like researching things to shop for, the system makes certain that it’s recorded. However, during this case, the adman still has to transfer the dealing knowledge to the alleged DoubleClick Search. the information conversion may be useful in mensuration the effectiveness of digital ad campaigns.

Technical Specification

It supports Android, iOS, and web-based devices online for small and medium businesses along with enterprises.


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