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WhatsApp Introduces Redesigned Sticker and GIF Picker for Enhanced User Experience

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is set to introduce a redesigned sticker and GIF picker, aimed at enhancing the user experience. 

According to a report from WaBetaInfo, this new feature will provide users with an improved keyboard interface, allowing for easier exploration and search for GIFs and stickers.

The redesigned sticker and GIF picker will be gradually rolled out to all users with the WhatsApp for iOS 23.13.78 update. 

To access this feature, iPhone users can simply update their WhatsApp app through the Apple App Store.

The latest update introduces the ability to scroll the picker upwards, enabling users to conveniently view a larger grid of items. 

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Additionally, the buttons for accessing the GIF, sticker, and avatar sections have been relocated, while the tabs have been redesigned to provide clearer navigation. 

Moreover, WhatsApp has enhanced the categorization of avatar packs, offering users a wider selection of avatar stickers.

Once the feature is fully deployed, users will have the option to link a device using their primary account phone number and a one-time code generated by WhatsApp Web. 

To complete the login process, users will need to enter their phone number with the country code and input an 8-character code. 

This new method reduces the dependency on scanning QR codes to log in to WhatsApp Web, addressing issues that some users have faced, such as problems with the camera while scanning QR codes. 

The introduction of this feature aims to provide a convenient solution for overcoming such challenges.

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