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Which default traffic source dimensions does google analytics report for each website visitor?

Would you like to know which default traffic source dimensions does google analytics report for each website visitor? In this blog post, you will be informed about that.

In the digital age, analyzing website traffic has become essential for businesses and website owners to measure their online performance, optimize marketing strategies, and enhance user experiences. 

Google Analytics, a powerful web analytics tool, provides valuable insights into website traffic patterns.

One of its key features is the tracking and reporting of traffic source dimensions, which offer valuable information about how visitors arrive at a website. 

In this blog post, we will explore which default traffic source dimensions does google analytics report for each website visitor and understand their significance in gaining actionable insights.

What are Traffic Source Dimensions?

Before diving into the specifics, let’s define traffic source dimensions. 

In Google Analytics, traffic source dimensions refer to the data points that reveal the sources through which visitors reach a website. 

These dimensions help identify the various channels and campaigns that drive traffic, enabling website owners to optimize their marketing efforts accordingly.

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Default Traffic Source Dimensions in Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides several default traffic source dimensions that shed light on the origin and characteristics of website traffic.

Let’s explore some of the most important dimensions:


The Source/Medium dimension reveals the specific sources and mediums through which visitors reached the website. 

For example, it might indicate that a visitor came from Google (source) through an organic search (medium) or from Facebook (source) via a referral link (medium).


The Campaign dimension tracks the marketing campaigns or promotional activities that led to a website visit. 

It helps identify the effectiveness of different campaigns and allows for campaign-specific analysis.


The keyword dimension shows the search terms or keywords used by visitors to find the website.

This information is valuable for SEO optimization and identifying the keywords that drive the most relevant traffic.

Referral Path

The Referral Path dimension displays the URL of the website or page that referred visitors to the website. 

It helps identify external websites or partners that generate significant traffic.

Landing Page

The Landing Page dimension indicates the first page visited by a visitor upon arriving at the website. 

It offers insights into the entry points and user behavior at the initial stages of their website journey.

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Importance and Insights

Understanding default traffic source dimensions is crucial for website owners and marketers. 

By analyzing these dimensions, you can gain the following insights:

Marketing Optimization

By identifying the most effective traffic sources and campaigns, you can allocate resources to channels that generate the highest-quality traffic and optimize your marketing strategies accordingly.

SEO Enhancement

Analyzing keyword data allows you to refine your SEO efforts by focusing on high-performing keywords and improving your website’s visibility in search engine results.

Referral Partnership Opportunities

Identifying top referring websites or pages presents opportunities for partnership or collaboration with influential sources, thereby expanding your online reach.

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Customizing and Additional Dimensions

While default traffic source dimensions offer valuable insights, it’s worth mentioning that Google Analytics allows customization to meet specific business needs. 

You can create custom dimensions to track additional data points that align with your unique objectives, such as tracking specific ad campaigns or demographic information.

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We hope after reading this post, you are now pretty well informed about which default traffic source dimensions does google analytics report for each website visitor.

Default traffic source dimensions provided by Google Analytics play a vital role in understanding the sources and channels that drive traffic to your website. 

By leveraging these dimensions, you can gain valuable insights into your marketing effectiveness, optimize your SEO strategies, and enhance overall website performance. 

Make sure to explore Google Analytics and dive deeper into the wealth of information it provides to maximize the potential of your online presence. 

Understanding and analyzing traffic source dimensions will empower you to make data-driven decisions and achieve better results in the digital landscape.

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