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Case Study- How a Brand Cinthol Promote Its Campaign Online?

Cinthol is a brand under the Godrej Consumer Products Limited portfolio that means to represent experience and investigating life. It plans to cause its customers to feel invigorated and magnificent through the newness of its items and character. (Learn social media marketing with Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon)


The brand understood that as a movement in this year turned out to be increasingly more of a removed dream, the majority of the populace was encountering was a solid longing to remember the movements and experiences of bygone eras. There was additionally a powerful urge to vicariously feel the rush that another experience or another investigation vows to offer. This prompted Cinthol to make a movement local area – which unites individuals who love travel and experience.

In accordance with the brand theory, this local area is called #CintholAwesomeExplorers. While launching the local area, the brand reported #CintholAliveAdventures, a UGC computerized crusade offering individuals an opportunity to remember the past bold encounters and get remunerated with Virtual


Case Study- How a Brand Cinthol Promote Its Campaign Online

Reality (VR) headsets

Issue Statement/Objective


The brand’s goal was to make space for individuals who love travel and experience, to meet up and share their accounts. This would help them get away from the real world, remember their most magnificent minutes, and satisfy the craving to encounter the adventure of voyaging once more. (Be A Digital Marketer with a high payroll, join Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon)




The concise given to the group was to assemble a mission that brings back the delight of experiences and causes individuals to feel invigorated, at a time where everyone is stuck in a dullness. The point was to make individuals get away from reality by practically encountering their previous experiences and getting an increase in truly necessary newness.

Case Study- How a Brand Cinthol Promote Its Campaign Online

Inventive Idea


To once again introduce the brand declaration of Alive is amazing utilizing enticing the symbolism of a daily existence pre-Coronavirus, where the rush and surge of experience caused minutes to feel strongly invigorated.



To have a feeling of the local area and draw in purchasers for all intents and purposes, with no disconnected gatherings or on-ground enactments. The test was more unique thinking about the brand’s destinations of movement and undertakings.




As a component of this mission, the brand made elite of influencers across different foundations who share the soul of experience for all intents and purposes. The group experienced every one of their profiles to ensure they lined up with Cinthol’s soul and addressed them about their excursion. After a nitty-gritty investigation, 16 individuals were finished to join the local area and offer their moving stories.


The influencers included the list of Fulsunge, Anunay Sood, Trishita Bhattacharya, Sathyaraj, Harish Kumar, Shramona Poddar, Siddharth Joshi, Satya, Candidalouis, Manali Jain, Jees George, Footloose Dev, Wayanadan, Prakriti Varshney, and Srishti Tehri.


Case Study- How a Brand Cinthol Promote Its Campaign Online


With this, the mission unfurled in 5 stages across online media.


As the initial step, the brand once again introduced the Alive is Awesome statement through
mysteries via online media.


As a piece of the subsequent advance, they declared the Cinthol Alive Adventures challenge. Instagram was the essential stage for this stage yet the mission was intensified across friendly stages including Facebook and Twitter.


The third step for the UGC lobby spun around the influencer push. The taking part influencers (16 of them) were a blend of entertainers, bikers, picture takers, and explorers. (Learn how to join the best Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon)


On Instagram, they were each approached to share what causes them to feel invigorated and why are partaking in the Alive Adventures challenge. They urged their devotees to partake as well, thus intensifying the range and support.


The last two stages/periods of the mission included challenge intensification for getting the client-produced content, trailed by the victor declaration for the Cinthol Alive Adventures challenge.
The activity finished up with a wrap-up video, epitomizing the whole mission.



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