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Former Twitter Team member’s Post Goes Viral

At the moment, the situation in the tech industry is worse than it has ever been. 

It was just a few years ago that people in their college pursued fields in the Information Technology (IT) industry in order for them to be able to pursue a career in this field. 

Among the main reasons people used to choose and still choose the Information Technology (IT) industry to build their career in was because of the tremendous amount of jobs available in the industry, the fact that the jobs here pay a good wage, and the importance the industry brings to the world as a whole. 

However, we believe that people will now give a lot of thought before deciding to pursue a career in the technology industry because of the current chaos that is going on in the industry at the present time. 

It is a fact that many of the technological giants are laying off their employees at a rapid rate, such as Google, Amazon, Meta, and most notably Twitter, which is resulting in a disruption in the entire technology sector. 

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Speaking of Twitter, it recently laid off the highest number of employees, more than 3500 people, which amounts to around half the total number of employees with the company. 

Further, Twitter sent a message to a few of the employees after it had laid off employees saying that it was their mistake to lay them off and that now it wants to have them back at work because it was their mistake to lay them off initially. 

An earlier Twitter employee who suffered from the same scenario talked about it in an open and honest way in the workplace app called ‘Blind’. 

Those of you who do not know what ‘Blind’ is, it is an application for the workplace that allows working people to give their opinions on matters related to the workplace in unison. 

As a result of that Twitter employee crying his heart out in the post, the post got a great deal of viral power after it was published. 

In his statement, the ex-Twitter team member stated that he was fired by Twitter and received a message from the Twitter executives just a few days after his firing informing him that they wanted him back because he possess a number of special skills. 

As soon as he returned, his senior colleagues asked him to provide a few code samples for Twitter when he returned. 

It wasn’t long before he was fired back again without any prior notice for the second time after rejoining the company. 

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The thing to note here is, when he got fired for the first time, he received 3 months of pay as severance pay, but this was not the case this time around, he only received 4 weeks of pay as severance pay.

The exact words written by the unanimous Twitter employee are as follows:

I was laid off from Twitter in early Nov and was told I will receive 3 months of pay as severance. I was called back shortly after that because they think I am “critical talent” and was asked to do documentation and provide “code samples”. Last night, I was abruptly fired without any reason and was offered 4 weeks’ severance for signing release of claims agreement. Any employment lawyers, please DM me if you can help. I am on H1B and only have 60 days to find a new job during the holidays.

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