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Data of WhatsApp users is being Sold

Here is the most terrifying news of the week so far. 

A hacker from the anonymous group is selling the data of over 480 million WhatsApp users across the world. 

As one of the most popular news websites on the internet, Cybernews has confirmed this shocking news through their website, which is one of the most popular news sites on the internet. 

The anonymous hacker owns a whatsapp database that contains the data of more than 487 million WhatsApp users, and the database isn’t even old; it is 2022 updated, so the data is brand new. 

On a popular hacking forum, the anonymous hacker confirmed that the database he owns has data on millions of people from over 84 countries all over the world. 

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And the countries are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, France, Egypt, Italy and India among several others. 

We can estimate how shocking this news is by knowing that Whatsapp has around 2 billion users all around the world and out of them data of 487 million people is on sale. 

Also, it has been claimed by the anonymous hacker that the 487 million people’s WhatsApp data he has, has more than 32 million WhatsApp users of the United States of America, 45 million WhatsApp users of Egypt, 35 million WhatsApp users of Italy, 29 million WhatsApp users of Saudi Arabia, 20 million WhatsApp users of Turkey, 11 million WhatsApp users of the United Kingdom, 10 million WhatsApp users of Russia, and the remaining data from the rest of the countries. 

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The anonymous hacker is selling the data on dark web where you will usually see illegal things like this getting sold. And the price for the Whatsapp data he has set is, the US dataset he has set for $7000, UK and Germany datasets he has set for $2500 and remaining country datasets for $2000.

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