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Google Advises to Use Supporting Written Content while Uploading Video on a Web Page

Site owners are advised by Google’s John Mueller that whenever they upload any video over the web page, they should provide some written content in support of it.

If this is stated in rather simple words than it means you should leave by just embedding a video on a page or just by providing the title and leave it at that moment.

A video should never be used as a primary content over the web page, rather a video should be used in a way that will make it look supporting the primary written content.

Google Advises to Use Supporting Written Content while Uploading Video on a Web Page

During March 5th, at an event Google Webmaster Central Hangout, Google’s John Mueller provided this advice to people when he was asked about making use of Google’s Video on a web site.

BERT Update

This question was briefly addressed by Google’s Mueller in a brief manner before he provided some tips about using a video from the point of web search and Google search.

Written Content Should Not be Replaced by Video rather it Should be Supported

Google console becomes confused while searching for the web search as it is really difficult for Google to figure out what is needed to do with the web page when there is only a video presentation on it.

Google finds it a little difficult what is useful about the video and the reason the page should be shown in the web search results.

Google Advises to Use Supporting Written Content while Uploading Video on a Web PageGoogle’s John Mueller advised and recommends the use of building content around the video which could a transcription of the video and also adding some comments on the video.

This can be similar to what all the content writer are doing until this moment.

There should be always a transcription followed along with the video and one should always look after commenting on the transcription about the video.

So, this makes it a point that video is not the main content but the video is a useful addition to the main content.

This way posting video becomes more valuable from the visitors and also from Google’s perspective.

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