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Google introduces Passkeys for Chrome users

As one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Google has recently introduced the feature of Passkeys to its users to make life easier for them. 

Since the month of October, they have been testing passkeys and now they have successfully launched it for the people who use Google Chrome. 

As a result of their belief that Passkeys are the most secure replacement for passwords, Google has introduced Passkeys as a replacement.

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Passkeys: what are they?

Passkeys are a type of authentication tool used to allow access to computer systems or websites. 

They are unique codes consisting of letters, numbers, and/or symbols, and are usually 8-20 characters long. 

Passkeys are generated by a program or website and must be entered correctly in order to gain access. 

Passkeys are an important security measure, as they help protect sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized users. 

Many websites use passkeys as an added layer of security, in addition to usernames and passwords. Passkeys are also used to encrypt data and ensure that it remains secure.

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What is the use of Passkeys?

Websites and apps that support Passkeys can be accessed with them. 

Passkeys require you to authenticate yourself in a similar way to unlocking your device in the first place.

Passkeys are currently available on Android, Windows 11, and Mac OS by Google.

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