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Instagram’s New Text-Based App Set to Rival Twitter, Introduces 500-Character Limit

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform, is gearing up to take on Twitter with its upcoming text-based app, which is expected to feature a word limit of 500 characters. 

The move is aimed at providing users with a more extensive space to express their thoughts and engage in conversations. What many people believe is that Meta (the father company of Instagram) is trying to develop a direct competitor to Instagram.

According to a recent report by Live Mint, Instagram’s new app seeks to revolutionize the way users share textual content by offering a significantly higher character limit compared to Twitter’s 280-character constraint. With this new feature, users will have the opportunity to delve deeper into their ideas, opinions, and experiences, all within the Instagram ecosystem.

Instagram is trying to do in the same way Twitter did it more than a decade back. They are trying to revolutionize the microblogging ecosystem.

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The introduction of a text-focused app by Instagram marks a strategic shift for the platform, expanding its offerings beyond its signature visual-centric format. By allowing users to express themselves with longer text-based posts, Instagram aims to cater to a wider range of content creators, including bloggers, microbloggers, writers, and storytellers.

With its massive user base of over a billion active monthly users, Instagram’s new text-based app has the potential to create a significant impact in the social media landscape. By combining the power of visual content and extended text, the platform aims to foster even deeper connections and conversations among its diverse community.

While the launch date of the text-based app is yet to be announced, Instagram’s move signals a growing trend in social media platforms expanding their capabilities to meet the evolving needs and preferences of users.

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