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Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi explained Motion Graphics

You might have seen motion graphics many times before but didn’t realize it. Motion graphics are those with short videos that include information to engage your audiences and for the entertainment. The best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi is DIDM is explaining what is the importance of  Motion Graphics in your every day digital marketing task. Let’s deep down with it and explore the upcoming days with Motion Graphics content.

Nowadays, motion graphics or Video content are a must-have in a business’s digital marketing strategy. According to statistics, video attracts and engages the audiences and in turn claims 80% of all web traffic. You can see motion graphics everywhere across the internet, and obviously with a good reason. The best digital marketing institute in Delhi also focuses on this topic as a traffic bringing factor for the website.

Discussed below are the reasons why motion graphics are sure to improve the digital marketing strategy of your company or business:

1.   Motion graphics helps in increasing sales

It seems impossible that a small video could convince your customers to spend their hard-earned money on your product or services. But, this is indeed true.

A study showed that having a video on your landing page can instantly increase conversion by 80%. Is draws towards your company within one minute or less. An interesting video can not only bring a product or service to life but it can also make a meaningful difference in your bottom line.

2.  Motion graphics also helps in SEO- a major part of Digital Marketing

Studies related to Digital Marketing show that people spend twice longer on a webpage that contains videos attached than the ones that don’t have one. When your audiences spend longer on your page, Google gives you a higher ranking in the SERP.

Motion graphics can help you overtake the competition and reaching your targeted audiences by attracting them to your page and also keeping them there for a long time.

3. Motion Graphics or Videos are eye-catching

Nothing draws the attention of your customers like a motion graphic. Studies show that relevant images draw the eye more than plain text content will. If you share information about your product or services with interesting graphics, your targeted audiences will definitely pay attention to it. They are likely to stick with a video to the end, receiving your whole message and your sale might be closed.

4.  Videos are the best social media content- learn it with Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

Whether it’s cute videos of babies or animals, make-up tutorials, or movie trailers, you may have noticed that videos tend to dominate your Facebook and Instagram feed. This is because organic engagement is always high with videos. Videos are liked, shared, commented on it more than any other content.

A digital marketing team can easily utilize this. A best digital marketing institute in delhi also helps you understand this strategy to bring out the best results in your company or business. Try posting a video and you can just sit back and watch the likes, share and comments roll in while people spread the content for you across the internet without using any paid marketing.

5.  We learn from videos

Videos are good to get information quickly and concisely. In just a minute or two, you can tell your audience everything they need to know about your product or services. It’s a fast and easy way to deliver your content. Studies show that when people only hear information about your product or services, they are likely to remember only 10% of the information not more than 3 days.

However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 70% of the information 3 days later. Our memory for videos is better than audios or images and therefore, motion graphics is an important digital marketing strategy. Help your customers retain information, instead of forgetting what they grasped by using motion graphics.

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