If you want to learn how to make money through blogging, you need to start thinking like a CEO and develop a plan to scale your blog like a start-up and not as a hobby.

Only then, a few years from now, you will finally have enough traffic to your blog website to monetize your blog through Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, etc.

It will not take you years to reach your goal.

To make life-changing money from your blog you need to know the right tactics which you can learn by joining a digital marketing institute as this module is included in the digital marketing course.

Through this blog, you can get some tips on how to start a blog. The first step is to get web hosting and a domain.

Now let us discuss how to scale your new blog like a start-up.

Firstly, choose your blog’s niche based on market factors and not by what you like the most.

If you are passionate about a lot of things – playing guitar, playing badminton, traveling, astronomy, etc. However, if you write an endless amount of blog posts about one of these topics without making any money, you are wasting your time.

Hobby bloggers are just nothing but bloggers that don’t know how to make money yet. In any creative digital field; whether it’s web design, web development, photography, content writing, or video editing, there are two types of categories: the beginners and the experts.

And bloggers start as beginners by writing about topics they like the most and try to figure everything else out later, they are sure to fail at the start.

Many advices given for blogging are also outdated and is written only to rank on Google that affects the blogger. Bloggers never fail because of a lack of passion. They fail because they can’t transition from blogger to business owner.

Before launching your blog, you must choose your niche based on the the business factors mentioned below and not on your passion:

1. Audience budget potential

As a blogger, you should deeply understand the challenges your potential customer’s face so that you can offer them the most in-demand solution. So, start by looking at niches where you are a member of your target customers yourself.

To monetize this niche, you must create a new blog by:

2. Professional leverage

The next step is to discover the strategic advantages you may have over others.

For this, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my current level of professional experience?
  • What connections do I have in my industry?
  • Can we convert our experience into a profitable blog?
  • If we could pitch any website to contribute a guest post, who will take me seriously from the start?

To build a successful blog, you first need to build influence. For this, you need to step outside of your comfort zone and leverage your connections, professional experience.

When you first start with this step, you may not have many connections or published content out there. Leveraging your background helps tremendously.

How to make money through blogging
How to make money through blogging

3. Market demand

Before you get started, you must always put some time into research and see if people search for the topics you want to publish and pay for solutions.

Once you understand and take your chosen niche, then you can come up with the top 10 keywords to target.

4.     Scale Your Content Creation

There are 5 main components to this process:

  1. Outreach
  2. Guest Post
  3. Outsource
  4. Backlinks
  5. Repeat indefinitely

One year after launching, your blog will receive thousands of backlinks if you go through this topic. You will see a huge gain in traffic over the year. Don’t focus on writing, consistency, passion, and habits.

There are a lot of options when it comes to making money by blogging – affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored posts, etc. Some of these income streams require more traffic than others.

Bloggers make a lot of money in all kinds of ways. If you want to learn in detail on how to make money through blogging, join a digital marketing institute. The digital marketing course includes a separate module on blogging where you can learn from the start on how to book your domain, choose a niche, and start with posting to monetize your blog.


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