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The hashtag #RIPTwitter trends on Twitter

In the wake of hundreds of Twitter employees leaving the company, the hashtag #RIPTwitter is trending highly on twitter. 

The reason they have decided to leave is because of the constantly changing rules that Elon Musk is implementing for the company. 

The company’s new policy requires its employees to work long hours every single day of the week if they want to survive, or they will be left with no option other than to leave. 

It was discovered that 42 percent of Twitter employees said they would be leaving soon after a poll conducted on the workplace application ‘Blind’ about whether they would like to remain in the company anymore or not. 

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7% of them referred to themselves as hardcore and said they would work according to the rules to meet their goal, no matter what new rules come up. 

‘Blind’ enables employees to answer polls and express their opinions anonymously, without revealing their real identities. 

There was just a few weeks back when it was reported that Twitter was laying off thousands of its employees, including the CEO, Parag Aggarwal. 

According to Twitter, these layoffs are due to Twitter’s low profits. 

As a result of Elon Musk’s new catastrophic rules, many people believe Twitter has little chance of surviving in the long run if people continue to leave the company at this rate.

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