Whether you are a blogger, news publication, or an advertising platform, being aware of what drives users to your website is a Digital marketing skill that is essential for any successful business. One of the main features of whether a website is good or not is user engagement. A good website is the one that keeps your users engaged and one of the reasons your customers don’t respond is because of irrelevant content.

There are many strategies to improve your engagement rates amongst which one of the most important is to ensure your website has interactive and unique content. Interactive content boosts user engagement.

In this blog, we will talk about some of the strategies for making your web content interactive.

  • Asking Users For Ratings

Asking your users for feedback is a good step for increasing user interaction. It can be through ratings or comments. Many websites use pop-ups to ask for ratings but it can be annoying for the users. To make a great user experience you can place it at the end of your content pieces rather than as a pop-up so that it does not interfere with the user experience. Using emoticons rather than the typical 5-star rating is also attractive and an everyday digital language.

  • Incorporate Polls, Quiz, and Stories

Incorporating a quiz is one of the great ways to draw the attention of the users. You can use WP Pro Quiz which is one of the most popular quiz plugins with lots of customization options. Apester is another platform that lets you incorporate visual storytelling along with polls and quiz.

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  • Post-User-Generated Content

Incorporating user-generated content is a way of telling users that their feedback and engagement is highly appreciated and valued. This feeling will encourage users to engage even more. One way to incorporate user-generated content is to write articles or blogs that specifically address top-rated comments. You can even start the article by directly writing the user’s name who gave the feedback or comment. This will give users an additional
the incentive to be on the top comments on your website.

  • Include Social Media Buttons

You should always have the option to share your content with your friends or followers. Therefore, social media buttons are necessary. Tools like  Addthis.com let you install social media for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social channels on your website. Remember that the buttons should be placed in locations like at the top or bottom of a blog post, or on the sidebar of your website.

  • Internal links

To increase user interaction with your website, you must provide relevant links in each of our post that helps users to navigate to other articles on your blog. When users see a link to your post that says you will provide further information about the same topic, they are likely to click to learn more about it.

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