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To make searching for users easier, Google is offering its new zooming-in feature

Throughout the years, Google has updated its features in order to ensure that the process of searching becomes more useful and effective for the people who use it to perform their searches.

It is now planned by Google to introduce a new zooming-in feature that will be a new search query list that can be scrolled up and down, making it easier for people to come up with new search queries.

According to the search engine platform, whenever people enter any kind of search query into the search bar, Google will display more suggestions to help them within the search query field.

As per Google, these suggestions will be made based upon the way the search engine understands the way users express their query, in addition to analysing all of the search query results that are available on the internet related to a particular search query.

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If someone searches for anything, a ‘+’ symbol will appear and the user can add more topics to his search query to get diversified results.

 As long as the person is clicking on the ‘+’ sign in the search bar, he will get a variety of different search results as compared to what he searched earlier, this will allow the person to get a variety of different search results without having to type anything again in the search bar.

As an example, if someone types Restaurant in the Google search bar, after tapping the ‘+’ sign, he may get suggestions such as South Indian Restaurant, Affordable Restaurant, etc. He will then be able to tap those suggestions and see different results for what he has typed.

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In the near future, Google is planning to launch this new feature on both Android and IOS devices in the United States of America.

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