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Twitter’s New Blue Tick Subscription Strategy Is Now LIVE

It hasn’t been a long wait, but Twitter’s new blue tick subscription strategy has finally launched.

A verified Twitter account can now be acquired by anyone for only $8 a month. 

There are some people who are happy about this, but there are others who are concerned about it. 

And the reason behind their concern is quite concrete. 

It’s a well-known fact that everything has some positive and negative effects, and this also applies to this matter. 

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Twitter is nowadays popular among people as it allows them to get verified, but some people are attempting to create fake accounts and obtain verified status on them as well. 

There is concern among people that once fake verified Twitter accounts have a large following, they will scam people by manipulating them into doing something that won’t benefit them. 

Former UK Prime Minister ‘Tony Blair’, Former US President ‘George W. Bush’, and ‘Jesus Christ’ are some of the fake accounts that recently became verified on Twitter. 

Many people are suggesting that instead of giving everyone the same blue tick on their social media accounts, they should have done something else. 

People who want to get verified accounts by paying Twitter should have gotten a different blue tick from celebrities, politicians, and other famous people who already have a blue tick.

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