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Using Apple’s iPhone 14, a person gets rescued from the Alaskan jungle

One of the most anticipated mobile phones of the year was Apple’s iPhone 14, which was released in September. 

This was mostly due to the new SOS feature that it launched. That was one of the primary reasons behind that. 

There has been a new SOS feature introduced into the latest iPhone 14 version, which has just been launched in the United States of America and Canada just a few weeks ago. 

As a matter of fact, just a few weeks after the launch of this SOS feature, a man from the United States of America is giving all the credit to this SOS feature for saving his life in the situation that he found himself in when he got lost in the mountaineous forests of Alaska.

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Here is the story:

During his journey from Noorvik to Kotzebue in Alaska, a man was suddenly lost in a mountainous jungle that was so far removed from any place in the world. The place was so unknown that he was terrified of never being able to escape the place.

However, he was an iPhone 14 user, and he set off the brand new SOS feature on his iPhone as soon as he realized what was happening. 

After Apple’s emergency response center handled the situation, Apple let the United States search and rescue department deal with the situation, and the search and rescue department of the United States took care of the rest.

There was immediate action taken by the search and rescue department, which led to the man being rescued without any injuries. 

There was one good thing about the man getting rescued, and that was the fact that no part of his body had been injured.

In our opinion, one of the most impressive things is the fact that Apple’s SOS feature worked in a situation where it was not supposed to be working at all.

There was a statement later made by the rescuers stating that they had never seen a feature of such a high quality in any mobile phone before and that they were highly impressed by it. 

The SOS feature was more than impressive for the amount of information that it provided, and the fact that it was very complete.

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